Invisible thread.

Our ancestors perceived the world in a more holistic and harmonious. It being understood that the nature of the day never fights at night, black white only supplements, and even good and evil necessary for the full development of the human soul. Especially the relationship between man and woman is never seen as antagonistic struggle.
Generally shared relationship into three types:

1. karmic connections.
In this alliance, we are working on the error. Our soul is learning, and polished. Close karmic connection means that we have met many times in their previous incarnations, is in close relationships and may have been guilty of something to the person or it before us. Perhaps we were the cause of a great misfortune for him in the past and are now paying the price for their mistakes, etc. If we are in such circumstances, therefore, there is a reason. The greater the distance karmic connection, the less we met and had contacts in the past, energy, and less of them will have in real life.
2. Kindred Spirits.
This family life shower - "classmates" school of life, which are companions in life. With partnerom- "Classmates" you have common ideas, common understanding, and respect, you go through life together. In this pair you limited in scope, its purpose, learn new qualities, but quietly, without tears. Still do not have that flame which, like the sun lights the way for you and the people around you. If you are in such a relationship, do not rush to break them. This means that your spiritual couple is not ready to accept you now, she still needs to pass its often brutal, life (somewhere to get lost, and she sneaks through the thicket to you). In case you still met and she held out her hand to you - do not waste the chance. So, it is ready, and your life in a pair with another half will soon become unbearable for you.

3. Spiritual (star) halves.
As the Creator, dividing us into two parts - both male and female, left in all of us 10% of our qualities halves, the distance to the souls does not mean anything: even if you are very far apart, you can still relate invisible but very strong thread. Between the two halves of the true constant is the energy exchange. They influence each other: it is impossible that one of them was a genius, and the other - stupid and foolish. But we must be prepared for the fact that not all spiritual halves can connect. Meeting with his half occurs when a person suddenly internally realizes that he without his spiritual half of anything (money, fame, career) is not necessary. The meeting takes place when winning the realization that in reality we live only for their halves. Your spiritual half - it's always your opposite. Although the community of interest may be present, but the inner world of your stellar halves different from yours. She loves the work that seems heavy for you. She sees in the world is the existence of what you did not guess. You know her thoughts, and she - yours. In these respects, there is no leader - leadership is constantly moving from one to another. And most importantly - your weaknesses do not suffer because your half they just the most powerful. And the work, and recreation, and communication - is the highest pleasure. It seems that it is impossible to say enough, there is always a need to communicate, stay close, but it has nothing in common with addiction. Only together can achieve the highest state of spiritual burst if work on this.


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