Shower at the earth and Zvёzdorozhdёnnyh - various tasks in the world!

Zvezdorozhdennye, you came from the stars simply forgotten about it.

Each one of us "came from the Source," but we all have different experiences and past incarnations at different levels of consciousness. It is for this reason that in the world there is now such a distinction and separation of tasks that are Soul.

Often, understanding of what kind of experience you have passed, it helps to understand the causes of many of the present - this is the synthesis process and gaining integrity, connecting in the mind and heart of all aspects of yourself.


Earthlings - those souls who were first to incarnate it in the world. There are many theories about the origin of the earth race, which essentially boils down to the fact that in the "birth" of the race involved a lot of Beings from different Star systems, and the main contribution was from the Pleiades and Sirius.

The Earth's race as part of the universe, very young, and in fact at the level of consciousness - are children. Those hundreds of lives that could be held Earth soul - a very small number of incarnations, for which he received limited historical experience, given that the soul passes incarnation experience only one level of consciousness, the consciousness of the three-dimensional world.


This is a special category of souls that came to Earth to assist in raising the vibration of the planet, as well as to aid in healing and expansion of consciousness of people. This Soul, begins its embodiment in the solar systems and stars such as Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus.

First Team Zvezdorozhdenyh came to Earth in spaceships in the days of Lemuria, it relates to the teams Pleiadians.

As a rule, well-known scholars and writers, the spiritual master, the discoverers - is Zvezdorozhdennye. As a rule, those who are healers in many lives - it Zvezdorozhdennye souls who came to help in healing.

Some of these souls started their realization at very high levels of consciousness in the etheric bodies and are the custodians of Planets. And in further lowering their vibration started to pass the Incarnation in the star system, and in the future - in the world.

The difficulty for Zvezdnorozhdennyh and came from other planets is that they do not know about it, to be more precise - simply "forgot".
Many souls living on Earth right now - it Zvezdorozhdennye, Soul, came from the Pleiades star system, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, "light" side of Orion - from places with vibrations higher than on Earth. And the Soul came from planets such as Mars, Venus, Maldek. These vibrations correspond planet Earth, but these planets planetary catastrophe occurred, and the Soul moved to continue their evolution on Earth.

These Souls are trying to adjust to Earth standards and requirements, social standards and, as a rule, do not get what you want. In any case, even if there is a favorable material base have no peace of mind or have serious health problems.

The main problem - following false priorities: money, social status, career, rather than spiritual evolution!

Shower For high vibration important task - is to restore links with their heart chakra - the energy of the Heart, and later with his higher self, and then the Spirit and the energy of the Creator.

If Zvezdorozhdennaya Soul "hangs", that is, begins to depend on material goods, focusing mainly on the money (in this case it does not matter, there is money or not - the range of attention is directed to this area !!!), or dependent on the willingness of relations including a strong need for love, there is a serious imbalance vibration. When that spirit of man begins in different ways "switch" attention to the fact that a mandatory life Zvezdorozhdennoy Souls requires the use of spiritual practices: spiritual development and evolution.

Spiritual practices - a huge variety of everything that helps to develop, making kinder that develops a sense of inner strength and beauty that reveals the highest possible, and compassion for others and a desire to help.

What spiritual practice can be used: the cleansing power of his field and the space around the restrictions - austerity for raising the strength of will, for example, giving up meat, sugar, daily exercise, adherence of the day - it is the simplest and most basic level of spiritual practices.

Even the kind of spiritual practices can be divided into practice for the earth souls - is something that has more to do with the physical body: adherence of the day, limited food, strong drink, the use of exercise. Spiritual practice for Zvezdorozhdennyh - more energy practices related to the contact with the Spirit: communication with the higher self, the development of the energy of the Heart channel.

On the one hand, we can say that the text I write about the division on earth and ethereal soul, it is not quite that. It is necessary to distinguish between that of Earth and Shower Zvezdorozhdennyh - perform very different tasks. On the one hand the problem at all one - is the evolution of the Soul, gaining experience, but it is important - what level of the evolutionary ladder YOU continue this experience!

For Earthlings important work and discover their lower three chakras: to express their sexual energy, learn to provide for themselves, to feel security and safety, to express themselves actively in social life.

But Zvedorozhdennyh that not one life spent on the ground, and have already passed the experience of wealth and poverty, fame / power and obscurity, now, in this incarnation, not the task again and again to solve the problem of money, relationships, now faces the task - set and develop your contact with Spirit. It is through knowledge and self-understanding through the ability to ask questions and get answers from the Higher Self, the person will follow the path that is best for him! And just come finance, to the extent necessary, harmonious relationships, health, and the realization of yourself in your favorite business.

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to deny the desire to have the finances or relationships, but in the first place, the priority is the spiritual life and spiritual development, and then everything else. First of all attention is directed to the range of self-improvement themselves, then everything else. Thus it is necessary to strike a balance and do bindings, dependencies on spirituality that did not begin to develop spiritual pride. The difficulty is that you need to live your life in balance, without distortions in various areas of life.
ZVEZDOROZHDENNYH FOR PRIMARY AND PRIMARY SPECTRUM attention is directed to spiritual development CONTACT spirit, and only after that all the other TASKS.

Why do I write about the difference between ground and Zvezdorozhdennymi?

Tools and ways of living, working for the Terrans - do not work for Zvezdorozhdennyh!

Earthlings can with great perseverance "punching" the same problem, and for them this is an important way because it develops and strengthens the solar plexus chakra. Zvezdorozhdennym to solve the same problem, we must use other methods if there are obstacles: the contacts with your higher self, to use energy methods to eliminate barriers.

The questions that I get asked:

 - Can you understand yourself, you Zvezdorozhdenny?

Of course available! But you need to develop your contact with the Higher Self, better yet, if you know how to work with past life, then alone will be able to see and make sure what planet you come from and where incarnated. Although - the more ancient incarnation, let alone in the world, the harder and more energy must be expended to access the personal Akashic Record.

Best way to start - the development and sensations through the energy of the heart - it is not fooled. In Zvezdorozhdennyh childhood powerful sensitivity, great compassion, non-violence and its complete failure!

Another simple criteria - when you're just at the level of cells clearly know and feel that your soul is not from here, not from Earth.

In Zvezdorozhdennyh may experience difficulties with acceptance of life on earth, but rather the complexity of low vibrations, which differ from the level from which came the Soul.

The advantage for Zvezdorozhdennyh that it is much easier than Earthlings held upward path of evolution - the high vibration that we are now undergoing. For Zvezdorozhdennyh this path - returning home, at a comfortable level of vibration for the Soul!

Difficulties for Zvezdorozhdennyh and souls that came from other planets, also are available. If Earthlings to feel more or less comfortable, it is necessary to heal the trauma of this life \ past lives + further evolution here for earthlings have difficulty, because they need to learn how to develop all the energy centers.

For the souls that came with the other planets, it is necessary to heal the trauma of this life, past life trauma, and added injuries on other planets.

For Zvezdorozhdennyh - trauma of this life, past lives injury, added injuries on other planets, while reducing vibration injury, activating the failure of life on Earth, codes and restrictions creations negative implants.

 - Whether there are at * Zvezdorozhdennyh contracts with humans?

* Contracts - a different kind of "agreement" to each incarnation, such as contracts for the amorous relationship, having a child, in the testing of injuries the past lives on spiritual growth.

In the course of many incarnations, between different people it had formed a plurality of karmic knots, due to the law of causality. In Zvezdorozhdennyh with humans, no doubt, may be contracts, and in this embodiment, these contracts are easily possible to work, for example by immersion in a past life, because these contracts received during earthly incarnations and do not have such a powerful complexity, such as the contract concluded between the souls on other planets.

WHAT higher levels did the souls come, the more difficult, confusing and energy Powerful concluded between them contracts.

As a rule, it is not a contract, and the complexity of many different contracts, which for the vast number of incarnations overgrown energy unresolved emotional trauma. The difficulty is that it is necessary not only to heal the injury, is often difficult to even understand what the problem is because the root of the problem not form on Earth and on other planets and high vibration levels, and there is absolutely distinctive from EARTH "game rules" .


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