How to find out its purpose by date of birth

We advise to carefully study this difficult material, try it yourself and make corrections in my life.

Many people seem to live righteously, do not do evil to others, keep the commandments to the best of their power, working at full capacity, but the success of them that is not in a hurry, their life is full of hardships, the problems that are rolled like an avalanche. These people are increasingly asking themselves: "Why all this to me?" If the question is asked, and the answer will come to it. More and more people are beginning to ask themselves the question: "Why do I live in the world? Really, to eat, drink, work, play? "And it's great! People are asking themselves this question have "grown out of short trousers", moved to a new stage of its development. More and more people want to learn about the destiny of man to want to carry out the tasks of this embodiment, not to live a life wasted. And it is also great! One can only understand and catch the tail of his destiny. It's time to start living consciously.

The main task that confronts us in every incarnation on Earth, is to continue its development, gain a new positive experience, to get rid of their vices. This is a common problem for the realization of all human beings. But this problem is very extensive, therefore, that people should not be dissipated, everyone picked the main task, which we must devote most of the time and a few additional tasks. The main task is determined by our karmic debts and its solution is urgent. Our soul knows these tasks, but the trouble is that we are so enthusiastic about the charms of material goods that have lost sensitivity to subtle energies and no longer hear the voice of his soul.

How do I know my karmic task?
There are many signs that can help us to understand the human condition: zodiac signs, under which we were born, we analyze the data in this life, talents and aspirations, building psychogram by the method of Pythagoras and others. Today I want to introduce you to a method of digital analysis of our birth date. The date of birth of many hidden secrets. Let's try to lift the veil on this mystery and find the code of our destiny. This knowledge gave us the Spiritual Teacher and Trainer KH.

Karmic task by date of birth
Record the date of our birth, from the year, month and ending with the day.

For example: in 1965, 05 months and 15 number (19650515).

The latter figure - 5 is the code of your karmic task, the remaining digits indicate the date of birth of the codes, which you already are turned out quality in past incarnations. For the harmonious development of personality in this life, they should not pay much attention, but the turned out poorly or not at all the turned qualities have to pay a lot of attention.

Their numbers, we calculate for the missing digits from 0 to 9 and write them in descending order. In this example, it would look like this: 8, 7, 4, 3 and 2. These figures show us the code problems that will also have to deal with in this life, along with the main karmic task. The smaller the missing digits in the task, the closer to the harmonious development of man is.

When compiled for each individual program of life, laying the situations that it is for the code number will be perceived as a problem, which we must learn to deal with. And until we learn to deal with them correctly, and will bring them to the correct solutions of automatism, they will be repeated in different ways and with different degrees of complexity. Therefore, the difficulties encountered in life is regarded as a problem. It's just a problem for our training and development. And the task of every man are such that it is able to solve. The higher the level of human development, the problem is naturally more difficult.
Challenges and lessons of life are to consistently disrupt our peace, creating the very notorious black stripes of life. But if it is to let life take its course. If you begin to live deliberately, to take that knowledge and use it in your life, you can avoid many troubles. You can more consciously choose a profession, though not fashionable, and high-paying, but relevant to their tasks. You can consciously begin developing on their weak areas and develop those talents are, and not those that are not. Then we can turn life into an amazing adventure full of the joy of victory, success and happiness.
For example, the man given the ability to teach or to heal people, and wages in these sectors are small and a person decides to go into business. That was then, and begin life lessons. The business will crumble, revenues will not, although other more stupid business to be successful. If a person does not understand the lessons, and will persist, will begin the disease. In addition, the person will get sick soul, he will feel dissatisfied with their lives and are unlikely to be happy. While at work on the mission can be attained glory, honor, success, and live in harmony with your soul, and she would find a way how to make life successful and self-sufficient.

The interpretation of numerical codes
Study tasks will be associated with the development and opening of the first chakra. Man must learn to overcome all the difficulties of life with joy and love, without anger and finger-pointing, without fear or excitement. His motto should be the words: "I have overcome all difficulties with joy and love in the soul." These people need to constantly overcome resistance, to be very active to develop physical strength, willpower, to comprehend the mechanism of self-restraint in the family, at work, in society. They will have to learn to care about others, to develop a sense of duty to society and people turn out discipline and responsibility. Man should earn control of animal instincts, learn how to manage them, and not vice versa.

In choosing a profession should be given preference to work where you want to attach the hand to the change and improvement of the material world, where a lot of traffic, which require strength and endurance: sports, martial arts, dance, geology, any form of physical labor, surgery, traumatology, massage. Humanitarian activities will bring into their lives a lot of difficulties. Not worth it to engage in spiritual practices, work with the subtle energies.

Study is on the second chakra. Creating a family, the ability to build relationships with parents, relatives, spouses, children, this is their main task. Development of the mechanism of sacrifice in relation to close people, wisdom, patience, sensitivity to the surrounding people. Welcomed the creation of a large family.

The profession should be chosen such that will turn out qualities such as self-sacrifice, patience, and mercy. It's such as: teaching, teachers, staff in hospitals, in nursing homes, in children's homes, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics. You can find yourself in the professions related to nature, ecology. It is not necessary to seek the leadership of large groups, small groups permissible guide the development of their relations in the type of family. To suit Tantra spiritual practices.

Study of this problem is on the third chakra. The most important thing for these people to learn to control their emotions, to understand that control over them provide a stable development in many aspects of life. If you give free rein to their emotions, here and start BITIE different adverse situations and problems of life. These people need to seriously start to develop mental telo.Im must learn to be guided by emotions in my life, and logical analysis of the events and situations. These people need to understand and realize that their material well-being and success depends on a stable emotional state.

It is also necessary to understand the difference between constructive and destructive activities and make their creative activities. People with missing Seven to be in this life to learn how to earn money, learn to appreciate them, to be able to rationally spend. They need to understand and master the laws of the cash flows, learn to subordinate this power for their own benefit and live comfortably and happily in the cash flow. When choosing a profession, it is necessary to take account of its focus on the creation of something. This is any production activities in all sectors of the economy from the worker to the head, folk crafts and trade. These people can be managers of large groups, but for this they have to come through work and merit. Making a career in any way for them to be in violation with the subsequent lessons of life.

Study of this problem is associated with the development and opening of the fourth heart chakra. The tasks that have to deal with these people, like the eight tasks, but more complex and multifaceted. There is no longer hinder the passions and emotions, so there is an active and informed accumulation of such qualities as mercy, compassion, empathy. But it broadens the horizons of the application of these qualities to the families and relatives, to large groups of people. And these qualities are not open at the level of emotions and feelings, and deliberately, on a loss of soul. A man must open his heart to people and the world, to accept, to realize the beauty and harmony of the world and carry it to others. These people need to know the laws of love, the love of the stage of development and constantly expand the circle of unconditional love in different aspects of life.

Well, if a professional activity is connected with the medicine (therapy, neurology), psychology, education, drug, work with difficult teenagers and other activities related to the problems of the soul. These people understand the beauty and art, but they can not do it professionally, as there running the show emotions and illusions that can knock down a desired direction. It is undesirable to these people to choose a profession related to technology and science.

Study of this problem is directly connected with the development and opening of the fifth throat chakra. Here, the main direction is connected with the knowledge and creativity. The main objective of these people to understand the knowledge of love, beauty and harmony of the world, and then transfer this knowledge to people through work or teaching. In addition, these people need to set a rule for myself "golden mean" in all aspects of life and not to break it under any circumstances of life. These people need to learn to build relationships with all people, without exception, on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. These people need to define their talent in this area and develop it to perfection. You can not bury their talents for the sake of some false ideas and illusions.

Professions of these people are often associated with art: artists, writers, singers, artists, art historians and many others. You can encourage them and professions such as diplomacy, interpreters, trade-related travel, and good teaching, but not at school and at university.

There already is a study on the sixth chakra. This chakra is responsible for clairvoyance, and man will have through many different problems and situations to learn to see the cause of what is happening, to get rid of all illusions. Everything that is happening to him should be linked as a result of some cause that we must find and understand. It will allow people to reach the level of a stable and prosperous life. Otherwise, the fate will throw a man "out of the fire, but in wormwood┬╗.

You can choose any profession, if only they were not associated with monotonous and repetitive labor. Very nice to work in public organizations, volunteer movement, welcomed the work related to the creation of employment and creative teams.

Here, working out associated with the highest crown chakra. These people have to learn to obey the law and order throughout. And they have to know not only the public but also the divine laws, and understand and accept them only at the level of the soul. One can understand the material mind can not be. Therefore, these people have to improve their mental body is no longer at the level of the individual, as it was for people with problems in a seven incarnations, and at the level of the soul. This is a more difficult task. To solve it, these people will be lifted restrictions on obtaining any knowledge, including first-hand. They will present a constant thirst for new knowledge. But the more is given, the more wonders. Their task is to grasp the hidden knowledge, and bring them to the humanity without distortion and its own delusions. Since they themselves will demand strict for non-divine laws and misrepresentation.

Given their relation to the information field of the Universe (to the extent that allows them to level of development), they will always have sufficient knowledge for the development of all professions in which they will be able to show themselves worthy. But best of all, they opt for mathematics, astrology, physics, they can successfully engage in scientific activities. They do bad jurisprudence, social and legislative activity. But the main thing for them to be law-abiding by and not to violate the order and harmony of the world.

The numbers 0, 1, 2, already belong to the divine energy and embody the help that people get to realize their tasks.

Help is on the ray of Will and Power. Ray requires constant updating of the people, then he plays a positive role in the lives of these people. If this does not happen, it starts a powerful cleansing of the physical and mental toxins. Ray teaches man to humbly accept the blows of fate, to be able to read their signs and avoid the blows of fate. Teaches sacrifice. Man must recognize God, his strength and power. If a person does not do this and do not change, then begins a tough upbringing: loss of job, family, loved ones health.

Help is on the ray of love and wisdom. This beam exerts its activity only in the case when a person has a firm belief that the source of power in himself. When he opens his heart to the people, talking to them honestly, without fraud. When a man takes an inner transformation. Otherwise, this beam thickens the fog of illusions, self-deception, and man often falls into the obscure and incomprehensible situation. It stimulates the inner transformation, freedom from self-deception, the return to reality.

Activated by using a beam of active intelligence. If a person seeks to knowledge, it provides a ray of knowledge through revelation helps to make discoveries, gives energy for activity. Ray taught seriously in any detail, what is happening in the person's life. For any little thing could well spoil the fate of those people that does not seem little. This person should know and recognize the power of the laws.

Therefore, if the date of birth has these numbers, then there is extra help for one or the other beam. But remember, having access to the divine energy, increased attention to you and increases the demand for violations. For example, date of birth 06 means that the main challenge is on the karmic number 6, and along the line of Will and Power is a help or tutorials for solving this problem.

If karmic problem (birthday) is only one of these numbers: 01, 02, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, such people should know that they are elected, and demand from them is special. This is a people who came with a mission for the good of humanity, or with large debts in matters of spirituality. Perhaps, in a former life they did not have coped with assigned to them a high mission of the Spirit obeyed flesh, because of what was his downfall, and there were karmic debts that need to be corrected.

Up to 33 years, these people are not very different from the others, except that the ease and good luck with which it all comes. Then, the program included working off debts or fulfill the mission and their life here depends on whether they perform their tasks, or carried away by material goods, using his strength and power to satisfy personal interests. Many politicians and diplomats belong to this category if they are on the way to use his power for personal purposes, that they are waiting for a serious test in accordance with a digital code.

These people need in their actions and theories correspond to the religious movement, in which they were born. For them is an irreparable sin to change religion. Their energy aligned to the dominant religion in the region where they live. From it they get a powerful energy recharge. These people a lot of problems in life will bring as a complete negation of the foundations of the spiritual order of the world and participate in a variety of false teachings, sects, occupation magic, fortune telling different. At the heart of these people are aware of their situation and often experience unexplained sadness, anxiety and feeling of being lost. I hope you realize that these people need to fully serve God and bring his ideas to people.

So now you will be able to determine the date of birth of his destiny, to calculate the main karmic task and a number of additional tasks of this embodiment. It should be borne in mind the fact that the non-fulfillment of its main task, the lessons of life and problems arise in the subject of the greatest number.


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