9 signs that you have found your "mate"

The most obvious and conspicuous signs, which worked on drafting a team of experts on love and relationships.

Sometimes it suffices to mention the "soul mate" in a decent society, anyone hearing the word, picturesque rolled his eyes upward. The idea that each of us there is the most fantastic people, which can be instantly fall in love, and then to live in perfect harmony, it seems unrealistic.

But for many people, though, it may not be for everyone, there is indeed a man whom they know how to themselves, which they are bound at the deepest level, and in a society where they finally feel really happy. And if this man becomes their romantic partner ... and the best is impossible to imagine.

So how do you know that you met in life people - really is the same, the one and only "soul mate"? Below you will find some of the most explicit and conspicuous signs, which worked on drafting a team of experts on love and relationships.

1. You understand each other perfectly - and sometimes even without words.
Soul mates are able to read each other like an open book. As he wrote in one of his articles, a clinical psychologist and expert on personal relationships Dr. Carmen Harra, "They are connected at all levels of existence. They could finish each other's sentences, can simultaneously picks up the phone to call each other, or simply feel that it is bad without each other ».

Dr. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and author of "Feelings of love" believes that your soul mate, she is the "second half" knows how to respond to your emotional cues. "They listen to all your innermost thoughts remain with you when you most strongly in the need to touch your hand when you are a little unsure of themselves, radiant with happiness and contentment when you are well, and very caring and affectionate, When you feel bad, "she said.

2. All of your senses are telling you that she - your "significant other».
Old as the world itself, wisdom "will understand when you find," I have never been so true when we try to question her "second halves". "If you are in doubt and wonder, I do not whether it is your" other half ", then, most likely, it is not so," said the organizer of wedding ceremonies and author Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway. "Typically, when you find your true love, it is accompanied by some kind of sign from above, whether the voice in your head, feeling as if you knew this man all his life, or from nowhere who took the knowledge that it is very important to you ».

3. Communication between you almost can touch ...
... And when you touch each other, between you as if a spark jumps - and not only when you are in bed. "It should only take you by the hand of your other half, your soul rises to the seventh heaven of happiness, even if your relationship has lasted for many years", - he says about Harrah.

4. Are you comfortable in each other from the very first day of your acquaintance.
From the outset, you realize that you can not be shy with each other, and just be themselves without fear that they will condemn you for it. "When you find your soul mate, then almost immediately you understand how you familiar and comfortable to be in his or her presence," - said Brockway. "Many people say that close to such people it is much easier to relax and allow yourself to stay vulnerable».

"Your second half - this is the man who, without fear, bares his soul in front of you" - adds Johnson. "This is a man ready to risk everything, to share with you their inner world, their emotions and their dreams».

5. Your attitude - this is not entirely sunny days and iridescent butterflies. Sometimes you have difficulty with this man as anyone else.
The relationship you and your other half, no matter what outsiders thought people did not always cloudless and serene. "The fact that this man - your significant other does not mean that his soul has got you wrapped in a perfect package - whether in terms of physical condition or life circumstances - and even more so that the fate guarantee you happiness without any conditions" - says writer Kyle Rosenberg of marriage agency "Architects love." "But the difference between this man and all the others that the difficulties through which you have to go together, are the glue that firmly holds your relationship, allowing them to pass through all the subsequent troubles and tribulations, and each of you - in the open full ».

Both we and our second halves help personal growth of each other. "Yes, at first you might think that the relationship with your significant other even more treacherous and unpredictable than with ordinary people, and that your partner is intentionally infuriates you, but this is only because with them come into your life some of the most important life lessons that you happen to meet on its way ", - adds Brockway.

6. You can not converge in opinion in the details, but that is really important, you're always on the same page.
"The fact that your partner - your significant other does not necessarily mean that he will share your aspirations and interests, even in small ways, but it does mean that your overall goals and ambitions will necessarily match," - says Harr. "Your views on all sorts of unimportant issues may differ, but more often your dignity, and even the vices will be the same - because you look at the world with his eyes for two».

7. Your relationship both partners bring a sense of inner peace.
When you have got a personal relationship with the wrong person, it is almost always obvious - they seem to you extremely fragile, and you fear that one wrong word will make your partner you grow cold. But when you are together with your significant other, all very different.

"Do you feel confident - because you feel that your partner with you for a long time," says an expert on personal relationships Tracey Steinberg, author of "Flirting for fun and search for the second half." "What would happen to you no, you will still be together - and go through all of this together," and then adds: "Your inner voice tells you that your relationship with that person - the best thing that could happen to you. Do you trust each other, in each other's company you feel comfortable and confident and not afraid to discuss difficult issues on which you have mixed views ».

8. You and your partner - individuals, but for the world you are - the same as one unit.
"Soul mates know that they - the two halves of the same whole, and that no external forces or internal differences do not break this regard».

9. You may well have known each other for several years, but nevertheless realize that fell in love, suddenly - and at the same time.
True love does not come too early and not too late, namely when it is necessary. "I had a chance to organize weddings heaps of couples who met at school or college, met after the split, and then do their work, perhaps to spend time with the same friends, but really do not communicate," writes one Article Brockway, after adding: "But then, one day, they magically come together, and their love flares up like wildfire." So keep open and your mind and your heart, so that when they knocked on your significant other, you were ready to open it.

Kelsey Borresen


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