One of the best King Solomon's Proverbs

This is perhaps one of the best parables of Solomon, which brought together all the wisdom of the world

When Solomon came down from the mountain, after the sunset, have gathered at the foot said:

- You're a source of inspiration for us. Your words transform hearts. And thy wisdom enlightens the mind. We long to hear you. Tell us: Who are we?

He smiled and said:

- You - the light of the world. You - the star. You - the temple of truth. Each of you universe. Immerse the mind in the heart, ask your heart, listen through your love. Blessed know the language of God.

- What is the meaning of life?

- Life - is the way, the goal and the reward. Life - a dance of love. Your mission - to flourish. BE - this is a great gift to the world. Your life - the story of the universe. And so life is beautiful all the theories. Treat your life as a holiday, because life is valuable in itself. Life consists of this. A sense of this - to be in the present.

- Why misery haunt us?

- What is sown, then you collect. Unhappiness - it's your choice. Poverty - the creation of a human. A bitter - it is the fruit of ignorance. Accusing, you lose strength, and vozhdeleya dissipated happiness. Wake up, for the poor man who is not aware of itself. And have not found within the Kingdom of God - the homeless. Poor is the one who is wasting time. Do not make life miserable existence. Do not let the crowd to destroy your soul. Let not your wealth is a curse.

- How to overcome adversity?

- Do not blame yourself. For you are divine. Do not compare and do not separate. In everything give thanks. Rejoice, for the joy of work wonders. Love yourself, love yourself for all the love. Bless danger for bold attain bliss. Pray in the joy - and unhappiness overtake you. Pray, but not bargain with God. And you know, the praise - the best prayer, and happiness - the best food for the soul.

- What is the path to happiness?

- Happy loving, happy thanking. Happy pacified. Happy who found a paradise in itself. Happy to fully experience the joy and happy receiving gifts with joy. Happy searching. Happy wake up. Happy listen to the voice of God. Happy fulfilling its purpose. Happy know the Unity. Happy acquainted with the taste of contemplation of God. Happy are those who are in harmony. Happy Clearwisdom beauty of the world. Happy Sun opened. Happy current as the river. Happy are ready to accept happiness. Happy wise. Happy are self-realized. Happy pleasure in itself. Happy praising life. Happy build. Happy free. Happy forgiving.

- What is the secret of abundance?

- Your life - the greatest treasure in the treasury of God. And God - the jewel of the human heart. The wealth inside you is inexhaustible and boundless abundance around you. The world is rich enough so that everyone became rich. Therefore, the more give, the more you get. Happiness is at the threshold of your home. Open to abundance. And turns everything into gold life. Blessed who found the treasure in itself.

- How to live in the light?

- Drink of every moment of life, for the unlived life creates sorrow. And you know what's inside, then outside. The gloom of the world - from the darkness of the heart. Happiness - it's sunrise. Contemplation of God - it is in the light of the dissolution. Enlightenment - is the radiance of a thousand suns. Blessed are the hungry world.

- How to find harmony?

- Live simply. Do not bring harm to anyone. Do not envy. Let doubt clean and do not bring impotence. Devote Life is beautiful. Be creative for creativity, not for recognition. Treat your neighbor as revelations. Transform past, forget it. Bring in the new world. Fill the body with love. Become the energy of love, because love is spiritualized. Where is the love - there is God.

- How to achieve the perfection of life?

- Happy transforms many. Accidents are slaves, for the happiness of love freedom. Truly, joy where freedom. Learned the art of happiness. Open to the world and the world opens to you. Rejecting the opposition, you become a lord. And, looking at all with love, he added: - But there is still much you open the Silence ... Just be yourself!

Live in harmony! Be yourself!


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