Children's books Nazi Germany (42 photos)

Anti-Semitic books Nazi Germany of the 30s, were designed to develop the young fascists hatred for no Aryan races, especially the Jews. This is the home of such great storytellers brothers Grimm, Hoffmann and Gough!

First, let's take a look at the creation of some of Elvira Bauer of 1936 «Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud auf seinem Eid» (Nuremberg: Stürmer Verlag, 1936). Publisher "Sturmer", as we remember, belonged to Julius Streicher. Circulation - 100000, not huhry muhry.

Name - almost a direct quote from «Von den jüden und iren lügen» (1543), the famous anti-Semite Martin Luther: "Do not believe you are the wolf on the field / and Jew at the oath / do not believe and the Roman papacy, / not all three be deceived."

Well, let's start. In the book, however, Luther was replaced by a wolf fox, placing such in the cover together with glavgeroem:

1. God created all people and gave them their land. But after the story of Pharaoh deliberately cornered Jews in Germany (also long gone!) And began fouling. Led them, of course, the devil - someone else would?

2. Compare the children German and zhyda. Well, you get the idea.

3. Eternal zhyd in the best form. Who better, but I think that it also spreads hepatitis. :)

4. The picture with the caption extensively highlights the problem of Jewish names. Type masked:

«Und Veilchenblau und Loewenstein

Und Rosenstolz und Rosenhayn

Und Lindenstein und Blumenfeld »

Horseradish unlike the Germans of hameleonstvuyuschih! In short, the children - beware!

5. The Jews often like to be baptized, to disguise even more. But when the pastor comes to a Jew on Friday and said that the fast day Jew replied: "I also baptized that goose and he became a fish! Are you blind? It is a fish! »

6. Usury is bad, you know kids. The poor farmer moneylender took not only the debt of 120 guilders, but his entire farm!

7. Shabbat. Well, obviously, with Izzy Morgenshterner Tsetsey Motsey engaged in usury all week, and on the Sabbath dressed cylinders and silk - let the goyim inject!

8. Aaron Katz kicks from his shop a poor man who has come to ask for bread.

9. Butcher Isaac Blumenfeld sells Aryans tainted meat. In place of the Aryans, I would shop for a hare even poked and buy these for some reason. BDSM.

10. Jewish lawyer - it's all hell, and Israel in the most literal sense. ruin and leave without his pants! Be careful! The moral of pictures - you trigger it with milk-yayki-and he fattens and damn your constitutional rights are not protected!

11. The German woman! Do not go to the servant wives of usurers!

12. On the issue of non-Aryan people concupiscence nationality. Beware!

13. Jewish doctors also disorder. Each of them strives to kill as many of the goyim, as if suddenly ill Izzy Shniperson - all of them, of course, run into a German hospital!

14. Against the background of the horror at the German children have a true friend - Julius Streicher, who will protect their IT infernal zhydoupyrey:

15. But the newspaper "Sturmer" - which is why zhydoupyri hate good uncle Streicher. (Apparently Shmulinson, Shmuklerovich and Izzy Shniperson discuss editorial).

16. We do not buy toys in Jewish stores!

17. Get out Juden s German school!

18. Here the owner - a German! Bottom-Gia!

19. We hilarious Hitler, zhydom us not on the road!

20. "Let them come with their wives and children back to where they came from. And quickly.

Look at their vile hari -

Abraham, Solomon,

Blumenfeld, Levinson,

Rebecca and Jonathan

Simon Kahn and Aaron. "

And now pictures from the book "Grebe» (Der Giftpilz). The book was released by Streicher in 1938.

Chapter 1: Poisonous Mushroom

Boy with his mother collect mushrooms in the woods. Caught amanita, toadstool, mother of their throws. Mushrooms and porcini mushrooms neatly folded in a basket. On the way home my mother's son explains what's what:

"Look, Franz, people in this world like mushrooms in the forest. There are beautiful mushrooms, and there are beautiful people. There are poisonous, bad mushrooms and there are bad people. And we must be able to distinguish such people, as well as poisonous mushrooms. You understand it? ».

"And you know, or you know who these poor people, these poisonous mushrooms of mankind?" - Continued the mother.

Franz proudly slapped his chest:

"Of course I know, Mom! It is the Jews! Our teacher in the school often tells us about them ».

My mother praised her son's wit. Her face became serious.

"Jews - is bad people. They are like poisonous mushrooms, which are quite difficult to distinguish from the good. Just as poisonous mushrooms are represented by different colors and shapes, trying to become Jews and accept neuznavaivamymi different kind ».

Chapter 2: How to recognize a Jew

The action takes place at the school, which said the boy, mushroom picker.

Little Carl picks up the baton, to the board and pointing to pictures.

"It is very easy to distinguish a Jew on the shape of the nose. A Jewish nose is bent at the end. It looks like the number six. We say 'kike Six ". Many Aryans, too, bent noses. But their noses bent forward and upward, but not to the bottom. Such a nose - a "aquiline" nose. He does not look like a Jewish ».

"Correctly! - Says the teacher - but it's not the only way to recognize a Jew ... ».

The boy continued: "It is also possible to recognize a Jew by his lips. His lips are usually lush. The lower lip often protrudes. And his eyes are different too. And for ever - thicker and more fleshy than ours. The Jew looks prudent and astute. Looking at his eyes, you can say that it is the evil eye of man.

Their hair is usually dark and often curly like a Negro. Their ears are very large, and they look like the handles of a coffee cup. Jews often unpleasantly sweet smell. If you have a good sense of smell, the Jew can be distinguished by their smell ».

Teacher happy.

Chapter 3: How the Jews came to us

Karl knows the answer. He's a year older than Fritz, and, in addition, he is the best student in the class.

"Look closely, Fritz! The Jews, who were standing there came from Galicia and Poland. In any case, the birthplace of zhydov is located east of Germany, because they are called eastern jews. Do you understand? ».

Chapter 4: What is the Talmud?

Author tells how long the abominations of the Talmud teach the same, and then summarizes in verse form:

Kill, steal and lie,

Rob and his interest's sake.

God allows a Jewish - All this every zhidenok know.

The Talmud says,

What hate Jews and that the Jews love.

To learn how to think and live a Jew,

All of it is written in the Talmud.

Chapter 5: Why did the Jews baptized

German girl walk, and see near the church of the Jews. They begin to discuss them alive:

"Lord - outraged Greta - how can they be baptized? Look only at this ugly Jew! Bandy legs, flat, ugly nose, mouth, ears, hair! And who only allows them to be baptized? ».

"Do you remember how once said, our chairwoman - says Anna - as the Negro never do a German and a Jew - Christian».

Greta angrily stamped her foot on the ground:

"I do not understand those priests who, even today, continues to baptize Jews. In doing so, they allow criminals flock to the church ».

Chapter 6: How the German peasant was kicked out of the house and deprived the economy

There is nothing interesting. Built farmer hut of Bast, and the Jew took away his crop, and drove out of the hut into iced phloem))

Chapter 7: How to cheat merchants Zhydivsky

Too boring story. A Jewish merchant navyalivaet German Frau Frank Deribas, giving his original ...))

Chapter 8: The case of Hans and Elsa

The boy saw his sister candy. She told him that his uncle treated. The boy also wanted khalyavnykh sweets, and they went together to a stranger:

The stranger looked at him standing in front of the children, his face reflected a satisfied smile. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of candy.

"Little kids love the delicious candy!».

Hans listened attentively.

"This man is a strange way talking! He just Snuffles through its large, crooked nose! Maybe it's a Jew! ».

Terrible fear gripped the boy instantly.

"You are a Jew!" - Suddenly he shouted. Then he grabbed his sister and ran with it as fast as I could. At the crossroads they met a policeman who told everything that had happened. Then a policeman sat on his bike and quickly caught up and held the stranger, who was later sent to prison.

Chapter 9: How Inga went to a Jewish doctor

It's a great story))

In principle, the girl realizes that going to the doctor, a Jew is dangerous, but my mother says that he is a good doctor, and she decided ...

While the Inga was waiting in the waiting room, it happened something strange. From the doctor's office she was heard crying. She heard the voice of one girl:

"Mr. Doctor! Mr. Doctor! Leave me alone! ».

In response, she heard the scornful laughter of the men, and suddenly subsides again. With bated breath, listening Inga.

"What is happening there and what it all means?" - She asked for her own and her heart fluttered.

Another hour spent waiting for Inga. Again she flipped through the magazine and tried to read something. Suddenly the door opened and in the doorway appeared the Jew. Creek escaped from the throat of Inga. Horrified, she dropped the paper and picked up.

Her eyes focused on his face Yid doctor. This person - a person of the Devil. In the center of the face is a large, crooked nose, and a pair of glasses hiding criminal eyes. Nasty grin running around like a thick lips and says, "Now you are my last, little German girl!».

The girl ran away, and the house shamed his irresponsible mother))

Chapter 12: How the Jews mock animals

When the German girls they do not have, they start torturing animals))

Two friends had an argument - one said that the Jews at the slaughterhouse cows decrease without stunning them beforehand, in order to experience the fun of the process of murder, and the other could not believe it. Secretly, they made their way to the slaughterhouse ...

The Jews turned the animal on its back.

It fits the third Jew who looks like the devil. In his hands, a long, sharp knife. He smiles. Looking at it, one can immediately notice how much fun it brings the slow murder of the poor animal. He keeps a cow's neck and then cut her throat.

"Kurt, now I believe you! Are you really telling me the truth. Jews most terrible of all the people who only live in the world "- said Otto.

What Kurt said:

"Yes, the Jews are a people of murderers. With such a cruel and bloodthirsty as they kill the animals, killing Jews and as people. The Jews are killing men and women and even small children. Jews murderer from the beginning. They are devils in human form ».

Chapter 13: That Jesus Christ spoke of zhidah

This is generally an enchanting story of Jesus, who himself was a Jew like))

"To put, look there! This man, who is hanging on the cross, was one of the greatest enemies of Yid tribe. He knew very well the Jews and all their filth and meanness. Once he whip drove them out of the temple, where they made money agreement. He called the Jews "murderers of the people." By this he meant that the Jews, throughout their history, have been and still are murderers. He spoke to them and said: "Your father is the devil!».

Chapter 15: How to work Hartman became a National Socialist

Work Hartman tells the children about his epiphany:

"Listen carefully, guys! It was many, many years ago. I was then unemployed. Then I was - I tell you this frankly and openly - I was then a communist. Yes! I was a real "red" and believed that Hitler - is the enemy of the workers. ».

Once Hartman came to the meeting ...

"But when I heard that one Jew constantly talks about Russia and constantly repeated that there is at present the best, than anywhere in the world, I began to get angry. I shouted: "Why do you keep talking about Russia? We are German workers! We Germans! We want to hear something about Germany, not Russia! »

"What I experienced then, I will never forget. Behind me I started screaming deceived workers by Jews. Gide, who said, and I broke my cry terribly outraged. He started yelling at me, calling me "idiots" who really does not understand anything, and finally said: "We spit on Germany! Germany must die quietly! The main thing that we lived, and that we live well! »

Chapter 16: Are there any decent Jews?

At this table in the pub "The Black Eagle" sit four people - worker, peasant, and the clerk Jew named Solomon. Solomon put down the beer and tries to explain to the neighbors on the table, that the Jews, too, decent people. The parties disagree with him - talk about not decent acts committed by the Jews, whom they know personally. Solomon begins bespokootsya and says, "Well, I'm a decent Jew. I too like you defending the Fatherland on the front during the war. " But the working outputs it to clean water - "Shut your havalnik Solomon. I know you inside out. You bought off service and spent the entire war in the rear ».

Chapter 17: Without addressing the issue Yid, the salvation of humanity is impossible

Of course, Julius Streicher could not not popiarit a loved one in the books of their publishers. This picture is attached touching story - little boys and Anton Konrad, like all the right German kids are as Yunfolke. But in spite of their age, they already consider themselves true soldiers of the Fuhrer. Conrad and Anton are friends with the big boys Erich, who is almost an adult, and is in the Hitler Youth. Erich tells kids about the party congress in Nuremberg, about what he had seen and the Fuhrer and Julius Streicher. But kids and a senior fellow stumble upon outdoor billboard "Julius Streicher reading in the House of People's report on" The Jews - our misfortune. " And happy kids running in the People's House.

Julius Streicher

Even their considered him a scumbag ...

Drinking Streicher in the party was ambiguous: G. Goering, Hess, R., R. and J. Ley Schacht openly stated that he is his obscene articles and moral character (Streicher actively engaged in buying of confiscated Jewish property) causes the movement more harm than good. His self-interest in the party was legendary. In 1938, Goebbels repeatedly forbade his public appearances. On the other hand, Hitler almost always supported him, saying, "I do not think that the task of political leadership is to try to improve the human material lying ready in his hand».

When, during the Nuremberg Tribunal for the dining room of the accused were divided into compartments for the meal, Streicher was the company's most diehard Nazis to Hess, Ribbentrop and Raeder. According to psychologist Gustave Gilbert worked with prisoners, "the latter two were insulted with a view - they obviously did not like to eat in society such an odious figure, as it».

Naturally, Julius Streicher was hanged. According to the executioner of John Wood, the last "Heil Hitler!" Came the already out of the bag.

After the enforcement of the sentence Streicher's body, along with other bodies of the executed were cremated and the ashes scattered, and spirited.


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