The most successful film adaptation of the books

Mind Games
Author: Sylvia Nasar
Director: Ron Howard
The book, which was the scenario for the film was written in 1988, and had the title of "Beautiful Mind: The Life of mathematics genius and Nobel laureate John Nash." Then book became a sensation and beat sales records. Later, in 2001, he came out and the movie "A Beautiful Mind," which also brought no little cash. Each second of the film is filled with deep meaning, and while watching a notice that there is no excess torque, all of the frames, sounds and words are harmoniously combined in a single work of genius.

Author: Mario Puzo
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
"The Godfather" - a book about the life of gangsters, revealing all the doors to the world of the Mafia. In a three-hour film adaptation of the story Puzo and Coppola were able to show not only the history of the war of families as human history. While the story of the war does not seem to some not supplemented or open, everything in its place, optimally woven into the story, full of brutal murders logical atmosphere where nothing personal, just business. The film is without shortcomings, mistakes and stamps, which draws to review, even if you know it by heart.

The Green Mile
Author: Stephen King
Director: Frank Darabont
The director Darabont had two options - either to change the book for giving the film a glossy and popular shade or a book to film exactly the audience leafing page by page. He chose the second path. The director did not miss any, even the smallest detail, he was meticulous and precise in everything. Even the dialogues characters as close to the text. It was only a few subtle changes, but the atmosphere of the novel, the atmosphere of pain and fear, the spirit of the latter, the most severe way of life criminals were handed delicious.

Fight Club
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Director: David Fincher
In the frames of the film there is nothing superfluous and nothing that would distract from the main thoughts. The ending of the film director remakes, it is not like in the book. But it is surprising how perfect the interpretation of the final fit and makes the film even more influence on the consciousness of the viewer (agree with the author of the book Chuck Palahniuk). This picture Fincher is able to turn the world.

The Shawshank Redemption
Author: Stephen King
Director: Frank Darabont
The film is not so much about the escape and the horrors of prison life, but about human relationships and people. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman organically played their characters, showing a very strong and deep way. In addition to the excellent acting and a brilliant screenplay adaptation of the book King's worth noting the dramatic and beautiful music by Thomas Newman, Redemption and convey the atmosphere of the inner world of the characters and emotions picture.

Forrest Gump
Author: Winston Groom
Director: Robert Zemeckis
The grotesque story not only spoils the picture, but also makes it better because it emphasized the fantastic happening makes this film more complex, multi-faceted, solid and very deep. An excellent, excellent script prescribed by the book, a lot of things from which you can use as a living allowance. Great game Tom Hanks - the perfect image and getting into the deepest, most dramatic, one of his best roles. The film is at all times, for every age and every audience.

Gone with the Wind
Author: Margaret Mitchell
Directed by: Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood
The film "Gone with the Wind" became the first in the history of color cinematography. And now people are spoiled special effects, do not stop to admire the variety of colors of the sky above the manor Packaging boundless white sea of ​​cotton fields. No special effects of modern films can not be compared with this natural, spiritual beauty and matchless performance of the actors. The film is about the love of life, and the lost ideals of a bygone era irrevocably, on the resilience of the human spirit, of faith in the love and the happiness.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Author: Ken Kesey
Director: Milos Forman
At the time Milos Forman had a chance to listen to a lot of criticism from the author of the book by Ken Kesey. The charges related mainly to the fact that the director is significantly altered the novel to film it on your own, and quite significantly departed from the original plan. Kesey refused to even look at the pictures, when I learned that the story of the film will not be conducted on behalf of the Bromdena. But this only adds more intrigue, as Leader of the character is fully revealed only under the curtain film. Acting all the participants the set fascinates from the very first minutes of viewing.

Author: Stephen King
Director: Stanley Kubrick
It is no accident "The Shining" all over the world is a recognized benchmark of the genre "horror". After Kubrick, creating a film on the fascinating and not very entertaining novel, in fact, modifies its composition makes it imaginative and truly terrifying. This movie, which freezes the blood in his veins, and that really makes us believe in the power of reason.

Silence of the Lambs
Author: Thomas Harris
Director: Jonathan Demme
Jonathan Demme directed the film, which had at least a runaway success than the book. This film is shocking and astounding. There is no scary moments "from the corner," the music is playing quietly and gently, we openly spread all the cards on the table. No plot, but there is tension and real fear when the next, with some cool Hannibal Lecter crushes their victims. This film is thoroughly imbued with psychology and game ideas, emotions. This masterpiece in its genre.

Schindler's List
Author: Thomas Keneally
Director: Steven Spielberg
"Schindler's Ark" - pitched a novel about the Holocaust, based on real events. The work was appreciated, as a sign of recognition was awarded to "Schindler's Ark" Booker Prize. But the really big popularity came to writing after a talented screen version of Steven Spielberg: the film received 7 "Oscars", 7 awards BAFTA, three "Golden Globe", as well as a Grammy Award.

Author: Ian McEwan
Director: Joe Wright
Ian McEwan on the book of the film writers did their best, vykraivaya most important and most significant, the most striking. This is one case where the author was satisfied with the film based on his book. The scenario is dynamic, contrast and harmonious. The tape is thoroughly permeated by love and hate, annoyance and pain, suffering and remorse. This film - the real drama, not a claim to a snotty, but really emotionally rich movie, thought-provoking, to experience.

12 chairs
Author: Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov
Directed by Leonid Gaidai
Talk about the story of the immortal works of Ilf and Petrov, perhaps, for a long time and it is not necessary. Witty and unpredictable story is familiar to almost everyone. This film - the best adaptation of the book, as it fully reflects the spirit of adventure and downright spurts of energy and biting humor. Excellent production, preserving the best of what a book is.

The English Patient
Author: Michael Ondaatzhe
Director: Anthony Minghella
This is one of those unique cases where the film looks much more advantageous book. From a psychological drama with a military bias, what was originally a novel by Michael Ondaatzhe, Minghella made a large-scale melodrama. Many lines are changed, some removed or swapped, and most importantly - changed the emphasis. Only after reading the book and seeing the movie, you can understand how anxious Minghella shifted and added to the story of the English patient.

Clockwork Orange
Author: Anthony Burgess
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Anthony Burgess's book was written by him in a critical period of life. A prerequisite for this was the incident that happened once with his wife: her pregnant, beaten by a group of drunken soldiers deserters. A few years later, this book gets into the hands of Stanley Kubrick. Initially, it did not cause him any special enthusiasm. Language sophistication Burgess presented a problem for the implementation on the screen, but not in vain Kubrick himself said that what might be thought or written, may be withdrawn.

Requiem for a Dream
Author: Hubert Selby Junior
Director: Darren Aronofsky
The novel "Requiem for a Dream," first published in 1978 - one of the most frank and ruthless books about drugs, stunningly sad requiem for all those who gave lives for the sake of illusion and lost a man. In 2001, its director Darren Aronofsky based removed eponymous film, which became a cult classic. At first it seems that the book is the same as in the film, but this impression is deceptive: Aronofsky deliberately softened the horrors that the book is even more terrible. Brilliant acting and awesome music.

Heart of a Dog
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
Director: Vladimir Bortko
We have before us the best film Vladimir Bortko, is his creative peak. He did not lose a single gram of Bulgakov's taunts, suffered great work on the screen. Evgeny Evstigneev managed extremely accurately and expressively play bright and independent character of the wise man who has not moved to the revolutionary chariot, which established a new order and morality. This film has passed the test of time.

Author: Robert Bloch
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
The book literally turned the thriller genre. A film based on the book is almost the hallmark of Alfred Hitchcock. He triumphantly hit the screens of the world and caused numerous imitations. Low-budget film, which does not allow to fit into the narrow framework of cash color film, played the film at hand. The expressive monochrome, elegance and meticulous staging each frame makes the film a work of visual art.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Author: Conan Doyle
Director: Igor Maslennikov
The famous British writer Arthur Conan Doyle created the first story about Sherlock Holmes in 1887. Then, for almost a century adventurers brilliant detective drawing, each in his own way, his image in your mind. And in 1979 in the USSR, the screens out the series "Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson", where starring Vasily Livanov. Since then, the question of how really looked Mr. Holmes, was closed permanently.



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