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This is exactly enough for a lifetime. See - not reconsider! H3> Here is a wonderful list, which contains many of the performances of our theaters, and we just could not not share these treasures with you. A real treat for those who love the theater as we love it and we will.


10 Days That Shook the World (Taganka Theater, 1987)

12 chairs (Leningrad TV, 1966)

31 department (BTC 1972)

451 Fareyngeytu (Moscow theater «Et Cetera», 2012)

Number 13 (No. 13, MAT 2003)


The king is naked (the TV show, 1992)

And it happened in Vichy (TV show, 1989)

The subscriber is temporarily unavailable (TV show, 2012)

Az and Firth (TV show, 1981)

Actress (TV show, 1969)

Scarlet Flower (Moscow Theatre. Pushkin, 2012)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (TV show, 1983)

Allegory (Moscow theater in the South West, 2007)

Hello, Warsaw! (TV show, 1971)

Amadeus (MAT, 2003)

Andro and Sandro (Satire Theater, 1974)

Anna Karenina (MAT, 1953)

Anna Snegina (TV Movie - performance 1969)

Andrei Kolobov (TV show, 1977)

Antony and Cleopatra (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1980)

Antony and Cleopatra (Contemporary, 2008)

Antonio von Elba. Teatro Romano Viktyuk 1999

Pansies and lordly caresses (TV photoplay 1990)

And quite often lose something you in tails (School of Modern Drama, 1992)

Amphitryon (Theatre. Vakhtangov, 1998)

Arabesque (Taganka Theater, 2009)

Arkady Raikin. Location - Theater. Photoplay Leningrad television studio, 1967

Arkady Raikin. Magic Power of Art, 1971

Arcturus - hound dog (TV show, 1995)

Assol (TV film - performance, 1982)

Atanda (BDT 2010)

Athens evening (TV film, 2000)


Ball at the Savoy (TV show, 1985)

Balalaikin and Company (Contemporary, 1973)

The Ballad of Cyrano (Leningrad Theatre. Lenin Komsomol, 1969)

Drummers (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1975)

Fables for the birds (TV show, 2005)

BDT. 30 years later (BDT 1986)

Bashmachkin (TV Movie - performance 2010)

Running wanderers (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1999)

Trouble from the Tender Heart (TV movie - performance 1975)

Guilty Without Guilt (film-performance, 1945)

Guilty Without Guilt (Little Theatre, 1985)

Guilty Without Guilt (Theatre. Vakhtangov, 1994)

Poor Lisa (TV show, 1967)

Poverty Is No Crime (Little Theatre, 1979)

Poverty Is No Crime (Little Theatre, 2011)

Ugly Elsa (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1981)

Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro (Lenk 2005)

Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro (Theater of Satire, 1974)

The White Guard (MAT, 2005)

White Horse - the mountain is not my (TV show, 1986)

White sheep (theater "Hermitage", 2005)

White Tent (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1985)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (TV show, 1998)

White roses, pink elephants (TV show, 1987)

Benefit Vera Vasilyeva (TV Movie - performance 1974)

Benefit Larissa Golubkina (TV film - performance, 1975)

Benefit Ludmila Gurchenko (TV Movie - performance 1978)

Benefit Savely Kramarova (TV Movie - performance 1974)

Benefit Sergei Martinson (TV Movie - performance 1974)

Benefit Tatiana Doronin (TV film - performance, 1980)

Beach (Little Theatre, 1980)

Beach Women (Theatre. Vakhtangov, 2012)

The Coast of Utopia (Ramtha 2010)

Birch branch (TV show, 1987)

George Bernard Shaw (TV show, 1976)

Conversations with the clear moon (Little Theatre, 1981)

Bride (TV Movie - performance 1974)

Possessed (Maly Drama Theatre St. Petersburg, 2008)

Mad Money (Little Theatre, 1978)

Mad Money (Little Theatre, 2005)

Blaise (Theatre. Alexander Pushkin, 1991)

Boldin Autumn (Alexandria Theatre, 1971)

The Bolsheviks (Contemporary, 1987)

Boris Godunov (Taganka Theater, 1999)

Boris Godunov. Scenes from the tragedy (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, 1970)

Brothers & Sisters (MDT 2005)

The Brothers Karamazov (Taganka Theater, 1997)

Brad together (TV show, 1995)

Brest-Litovsk (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1989)

Buddenbrooks (TV film - performance, 1972)

Cheers (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1985)

Paper Heart (TV show, 2004)

Pinocchio. Great Life (TV show, 2007)

Storm (TV show, 1988)

Raging "Margarita" (TV show, 1970)

Faster than rabbits (Quartet, 2006)


At eighteen years old boys (TV show, 1974)

In the town of good weather (TV film - performance, 1983)

Rooms (TV Movie - performance 1973)

Pending Elizabeth (TV Movie - performance 1989)

In exceptional cases (Theatre. Yermolova 1980)

In the steppes of Ukraine (Theatre. Ivan Franko, 1952)

Va-Bank (Lenk 2004)

Vanina Vanini (TV show, 1983)

Vanya, you're here? (TV film - performance, 1969)

Barbarian and Heretic (Lenk 1997)

Barbara (Little Theatre, 1953)

Barbara (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, 1979)

Warsaw Melody (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1966)

Warsaw Melody (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, 2010)

Vasily Terkin (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1973)

Vassa Zheleznova (Little Theatre, 1953)

Vassa Zheleznova (Central Academic Theater of the Soviet (Russian) Army 1978)

Your daughter Alexandra (TV Movie - performance 1986)

Washington history (TV show, 1962)

Widow steamer (Theatre ... Moscow City Council, 1989)

Great Magic (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1980)

Faithful wife (Theatre. Gogol, 2003)

Version (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1980)

Spring in Moscow (Theatre. Lensoveta 1953)

Evening of ancient Russian vaudeville (Tetar them. Vakhtangov 1978)

Evening Bells. Dinner with Stalin (Theatre School of Modern Drama, 2008)

Evening light (Theater. Moscow City Council, 1976)

Eternally Alive (Contemporary, 1976)

The adult daughter of a young man or a road to Chattanooga (Theater. Stanislavsky, 1979)

Vij (Theatre. Alexander Pushkin, 2003)

Guilty (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1978)

Rifles Teresa Carrara (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1969)

The Cherry Orchard (Lenk 2009)

The Cherry Orchard (Little Theatre, 1983)

The Cherry Orchard (Contemporary, 2006)

The Cherry Orchard (Anton Chekhov Theater, 1992)

Vladimir III degree (Theatre Workshop of Pyotr Fomenko 1991)

Vladimir area (Theatre. Lensoveta 2010)

The Power of Darkness (Little Theatre, 1978)

The Power of Darkness (Little Theatre, 2009)

Breaking the Silence (TV show, 1973)

Return (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1968)

Return to normal (Little Theatre, 1979)

Retribution (TV show, 1971)

Possible meeting (MAT, 1992)

Award - 1000 francs (television dramas, 1983)

The driver Henschel (MAT, 1982)

War and Peace. Beginning of the novel (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, 2006)

Woyzeck (Theatre. Lensoveta 1997)

Wolves and Sheep (Little Theatre, 1952)

Wolves and Sheep (Little Theatre, 1973)

Wolves and Sheep (Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, 2004)

Wolves and Sheep (Theatre n / p O. Tabakov, 2012)

Waves over us (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1973)

Volokolamsk Highway (MAT, 1984)

Magic needle. The TV show 1996

Eight loving women (Satire Theater, 2006)

Enemies (MAT, 1972)

Time and the family Conway (Theatre. Yermolova 1974)

It's over (MAT, 1980)

Just a few words in honor of Monsieur de Moliere (TV show, 1973)

Meeting with Admiral Kolchak (Irkutsk Drama Theatre. Okhlopkova 2005)

Opposite Lane (TV show, 1986)

Call (Little Theatre, 1981)


Hamlet (MAT, 2006)

Gasparone (TV show, 1975)

Handel and gangsters (TV film - performance, 1967)

Georgy Tovstonogov. History of staging the play "Idiot" (2014)

Jack capercaillie (Satire Theater, 1987)

Speak ... (Theatre. Yermolova 1987)

& lt; p

Voice (TV film - performance, 1968)

Woe from Wit (Little Theatre, 1977)

Woe from Wit (Formulation O. Menshikov, 2000)

Woe from Wit - Woe mind - grief of mind (Taganka Theater, 2007)

Shine, shine, my star (BDT 2007)

Mountain Nest (Theatre. Yermolova 1979)

City of Millionaires (Lenk 2009)

City at dawn (Theatre. Vakhtangov, 1959)

Hot Heart (Leningrad Academic Drama Theatre. Pushkin, 1953)

Lord Glembai (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1979)

Golovlevs (Little Theatre, 1978)

Golovlevs (MAT, 2006)

Mr Puntila and his Man Matti (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1974)

Ms. ministersha. Theatre of the Russian Army, 2012

Woodcut (TV show, 1966)

Graphomaniac (TV show, 1983)

Sin (Little Theatre, 1969)

Thunderstorm (Little Theatre, 1977)

Thunderstorm (Contemporary, 2006)

Walking in Russian. Moscow Regional Chamber Theatre 2006


Lady and her men (Entreprise, 2012)

Ladies and Hussars (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1976)

Lady of the Camellias (Theater of the Soviet Army, 1990)

Then silence (Theatre of the Moscow City Council, 1973)

I give you life (Theatre. Yermolova 1974)

Country life 1979

Cottagers (Little Theatre, 1966)

Cottagers (MAT, 1979)

Twenty-seven part-time (BDT 1970)

Two days in the life of the former captain (TV show, 1990)

Two women (Theatre. Lenin Komsomol, 2004)

Two comedy Bronislav Nusic (Satire Theater, 1969)

Two Sisters (TV show, 1970)

Twelfth Night (Contemporary, 1978)

Twelfth Night (Theatre Workshop of Peter Fomenko 1990)

Twelfth Night, or What do you wish (BDT 2007)

The Door into Summer (TV show, 1992)

Double (Alexandria Theatre, 2005)

Nest of Gentry (MAT, 2011)

Dealer (Little Theatre, 2005)

Birthday (TV show, 1988)

Birthday Teresa (Small Theatre, 1980)

Day to day it is not necessary (Little Theatre, 2004)

Day of arrival - Day of departure (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1983)

Radio Day (TV movie - performance 2003)

Birthday (TV show, 1988)

Money for Maria (Theatre. Yermolova 1985)

Trees die standing (TV show, 1977)

Children Vanyushina (Little Theatre, 1982)

Children strife (TV Movie - performance 1986)

Children of the Sun (the Kiev State Russian Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, 1956)

Children of the Sun (TV Movie - performance 1985)

Childhood, adolescence, youth (TV Movie - performance 1973)

The deficit in the Mazaeva (TV show, 1979)

Gentlemen of the Congress (TV film - performance, 1982)

Dictatorship of Conscience (Lenk 1988)

Leggy and beloved (TV show, 2012)

Demand (TV show, 1970)

Rain will (TV show, 1986)

Doctor of Philosophy (Theatre. Akimov, 2004)

Doctor of Philosophy (TV film - performance, 1976)

Long Day's Journey Into Night (Little Theatre, 1989)

Down with cucumber King (TV show, 1990)

House (Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg, 1982)

Heartbreak House (Satire Theater, 1975)

House windows in the (television show, 1979)

House widower (TV Movie - performance 1975

Don Carlos (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1980)

Don César de Bazan (Leningrad Theatre. Komissarjevskaya, 1957)

Dear Pamela (Lenk 1985)

My dear, good (MAT, 1988)

Dear immortality (TV film - performance, 1957)

Dear boy (the Moscow Theatre for Young People, 1973)

The more expensive of gold and pearls (Contemporary, 1984)

Achieve and others (BTC, 1959)

Achieve and others (Little Theatre, 1975)

Profitable Post (Little Theatre, 1981)

Profitable Post (Satyricon, 2010)

Drama (TV show, 1960)

Drama on the hunt (TV film - performance, 1970)

Duel (MAT, 2012)

Uncle's Dream (BTC, 2011)

Uncle's Dream (Theatre. Vakhtangov 2000)

Uncle's Dream (Modern Theatre, 2011)

Uncle's Dream (TV film - performance, 1981)

Uncle Vanya (Theatre. Vakhtangov 2010)

Uncle Vanya (BDT 1986)

Uncle Vanya (MDT 2009)

Uncle Vanya (MAT, 1988)

Uncle Vanya (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 2010)

Uncle Vanya (Theatre n / p Oleg Tabakov, 2007)


Eugene Grishkovets. How I Ate a Dog, 1999

Eugene Grishkovets. Simultaneously 1999

Eugene Grishkovets. Dreadnoughts 1999

Egyptian Nights (Theatre Workshop of Peter Fomenko 2002)

Yegor Bulychev and Others (Theatre. Vakhtangov, 1953)

The only witness (MAT, 1973)

Elena and the navigator (TV show, 1992)

Yesenin without women (TV show, 2001)

If (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, 1978)

Even Van Gogh (Theatre n / p O. Tabakov, 1999)


Skylark (Youth Theatre on Fontanka, 2008)

Iron Will (Theatre. Yermolova, 1998)

Marriage (Lenk 2007)

Marriage (MAT, 1997)

Marriage (Saint - Petersburg Theatre of Satire on Vasilyevsky Island, 1996)

Marriage (Theater. Mayakovsky, 2002)

Marriage Belugina (Theater. Stanislavsky, 1978)

Convent (Satire Theater, 1971)

He lives a woman (TV show, 1959)

Living Corpse (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 1987)

Living Corpse (Alexandria Theatre, 1952)

Living Corpse (Alexandria Theatre, 2008)

Life and Fate (MDT 2009)

Life of Klim Samgin (Theater. Mayakovsky, 1986)

Life Matvey Kozhemyakin (BDT 1968)

Life of Saint - Exupery (Leningrad Academic Theatre. Alexander Pushkin, 1972)

Poet lived Baratynsky (TV show, 1983)


Chasing Two Hares (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1997)

Envy (BTC, 1967)

Law wintering (Theater. Mayakovsky, 1984)

Entrapment (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1972)

Diary of a Madman (TV film - performance, 1968)

Diary of a Madman (TV show, 1990)

The Goblin Reservation (TV photoplay 1993)

The meeting of the Party Committee (MAT, 1977)

Seedy Kingdom (TV show, 1967)

Seedy Kingdom (TV show, 1978)

Hare. Love story (Contemporary, 2009)

Finest Hour (TV show, 1973)

Finest hour local time (Theatre n / p O. Tabakov, 1992)

Stars in the Morning Sky (St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theatre, 1989)

Welcome our Pope (TV Movie - performance 1969)

Green Room (Theatre. Yermolova, 1984)

The Winter of Our Discontent (Performance Leningrad television, BDT, 1963)

Goldfish (TV Movie - performance 1985)

Cinderella (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1978)

Zoyka flat (TV film - performance, 1988)

Golden Carriage (Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, 1971)

Zykov (Little Theatre, 1987)

Zykov (Theatre. Pushkin, 1970)


... And I will repay (Little Theatre, 1990)

And the light shines in the darkness (TV show, 1988)

Ivan (Little Theatre, 1988)

Ivan Shponka and his aunt (TV show, 1976)

Ivanov (MAT, 1981)

Playing Shakespeare (TV show, 2004)

Playing detective, h. 1 (TV show, 1987)

Playing detective, h. 2. The inspector and the Mafia (TV show, 1988)

Players (Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, 1992)

Games women (MAT, 1993)

A Perfect Murder (Satire Theater, 2010)

An Ideal Husband (TV show, 2010)

Idiot (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1979)

Idiot (Theatre n / p Oleg Tabakov, 2002)

Go and Stop Progress (Taganka Theater, 2006)

Playing gin (Theater. Mayakovsky, 1985)

A Game of Shadows (Theater. Mayakovsky, 1993)

Players (Performance Oleg Menshikov, 2001)

From the notes Lopatin (Contemporary, 1975)

In the name of the earth and the sun (Lenk 1991)

Name day with crutches (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 2000)

Interview in Buenos Aires (Theater. Mayakovsky, 1979)

Intimate Life (TV show, 2002)

Irkutsk Story (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1973)

Story of a Horse (BDT 1989)

History of Love (Theatre. Eromolovoy 1979)

Plaintiffs and defendants (TV show, 1978)


Cabal of Hypocrites (MAT, 1988)

Importance of Being Earnest (TV film - performance, 1976)

How he lied to her husband (TV show, 1956)

Caligula (Tetar them. Leningrad City Council, 1998)

California Suite (BDT 2007)

Stone Flower (Little Theatre, 1987)

The Captain's Daughter (TV show, 1978)

Karamazov and hell (Contemporary, 1996)

Karenin. Anna. Vronsky (Theatre. Lensoveta 2005)

Little Longnose (Ramtha, 1970)

Pocket Theatre (Lenk 1988)

Casting (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 2012)

Quartet (BDT 2006)

Kin IV (Theater. Mayakovsky, version 2002)

Bug (Theater. Lensoveta 2000)

Clown (TV show, 1971)

Comedians (Theatre. Moscow City Council, 2003)

Communards (MAT, 16971 g)

Red Cavalry (Theatre. Vakhtangov 1975)

Humpbacked Horse (Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, 2009)

Contract (TV show, 2012)





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