15 ads in 2015, never to be forgotten

These people can, and do not finish art academies, but this does not prevent them to create, write ads masterpiece, paint the walls, fight for justice and win back porches.

Website to choose the best of what has been coined the most ordinary people in early 2015. Enjoy!

It - Vladimir, and what made you?

Aquarius, by the way, is in Sagittarius.

N - Resourcefulness.

Apparently, for dancing with a tambourine around sistemnika.

The lessons of courtesy on the roads.

All fans of cats of breed a sphinx dedicated.

The mantra for the shaking, "Om mani cartridge Hung».

I thought so too. Yesterday.


The most touching ad. In the truest sense.

Sami tear on the hook in the water!

Happiness - is khachapuri.

April is dedicated.

She would go to the guards.

All kittens and kindness!

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These people know how to write explanatory

via www.adme.ru/svoboda-narodnoe-tvorchestvo/eti-lyudi-znayut-kak-pravilno-pisat-obyasnitelnye-799710/


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