100 of the best photos without Photoshop

Nature and man - the best artists, and, when they occur together, this combination produced magnificent masterpieces.

Today Website gathered for you to work, where nature has created, and the photographer gave diversity of the world, catching the right moment.

Here's what you get when you pour hot water in the Antarctic h3>

The image of the galaxy h3>

Highway in the Netherlands h3>


Temple under the ash after a volcanic eruption ontake, Japan h3>


At the junction of the Worlds, New York, USA h3>

Supermoon in radio telescope h3>

The usual working time. Tractor catches cloud h3>

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of North Korea h3>

Blue Universe in Japan h3>

spider's web in the forest Abernethy, Scotland h3>

Now you can soak up the sun h3>

Volcanic eruption in Iceland h3>

Soaring Eagle over water in Canada h3>

Italian beaches h3>

Scarlet eyes poisonous frog, Costa Rica h3>

Yunnan, China h3>

Glowing squid Hotaru Ika, Japan h3>

Desert in Namibia, Africa h3>

The shadow of Mount Fuji length of 24 km, Japan h3>

Flamingos lined up in the shape of flamingos, Yucatan Peninsula h3>

Lake Natron, Tanzania h3>

The vast forests, Russia h3>

Rape fields in Liuping, China h3>

Sea Namib Desert h3>

Vesterdok District, Amsterdam h3>

Beehive h3>

Frost on trees h3>

Well, hello, friend h3>

elect h3>

The holiday village near Arkhangelsk, Russia h3>

Here's what happens when you meet a spider and a sheet h3>

Bird Hurricane h3>

Alien invasion in Charlotte, USA h3>

The helicopter near a waterfall in Yosemite, USA h3>

The purpose found h3>

Rango plays guitar h3>

Twister on Lake Victoria, Uganda h3>

Levitation red Cardinal h3>

Freight train at a place called Bend Morant h3>

Winter crept imperceptibly, Mari El, Russia h3>

The spacecraft "Rosetta" Self made with Comet 67P / Churyumov - Gerasimenko 472 million kilometers from the Earth h3>

Fall and Winter met in Colorado, USA h3>

Rybochel, Mahabalipuram, India h3>

Angels h3>

Ghost Town, San Francisco, CSHA h3>

Fall and Winter met in Miklukhin, Rostov region, Russia h3>

Highly make-up h3>

toothy sea h3>

So the diamonds mined, Mirny, Yakutia, Russia h3>

Man. Flashlight. Ice. Beauty h3>

dog sled in Greenland h3>

The illusion of a huge wave h3>

Sleep h3>

The Rise long exposure h3>

Yoga by the Sea h3>

Just cancer in the bucket, but it seems that it captures the world h3>

Ghost Jeep h3>

Dancers on paper, the United States h3>

Holiday UK Royal Navy h3>

The ice trail, Chukotka, Russia h3>

The statue of Christ covered with coral at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Key Largo, USA h3>

The effects of floods in Ljubljana, Slovenia h3>

The illusion of an explosion h3>

elect h3>

The tiny ants surrounded by a drop of honey, Malaysia h3>

The festival celestial lights in Chiang Mai, Thailand h3>

Lake Kaindy formed only 100 years ago in Kazakhstan as a result of the devastating earthquake h3>

50 shades of gray h3>

Train in the Kazakh steppes. From the airplane window h3>

Spectacular ice formations on top of a mountain in Slovenia h3>

Dawn in Bushy Park, London h3>

Fields Moravia, Czech Republic h3>

Cherry under water h3>

China Gansu Province h3>

Tractor rides through the fields of California almond h3>

Day Amitabha Buddha, Vietnam h3>

Pink Lake Senegal h3>

My Neighbor Totoro h3>

The gifts of the Earth h3>

Rising Moon over Madrid, Spain h3>

The Eiffel Tower from below h3>

briefly about women's mood h3>

The residential area of ​​Hong Kong h3>

Mountain Tianjie (China) - the inspiration for the director of "Avatar" by James Cameron h3>

Surfing h3>

Fraer in a red cap h3>

Autumn forest. Level load: 50% h3>

Freezing Athabasca River in Jasper National Park, Canada h3>

Times Square, New York, USA. Bottom View h3>

Dragon h3>

Climber standing on top of a mountain in Iceland h3>

The boat cuts through a fresh layer of ice in the Bay of Marion h3>

Lighthouse Kallur on the picturesque cliffs of the island Kalsi, Faroe Islands h3>

When there is a private house and some land for planting potatoes h3>

Wingardium Leviosa h3>

Snow Express h3>

Sunrise Paganskom kingdom, Myanmar h3>

The annual competitions in Norway BASE Jumping h3>

breaking the sound barrier h3>

Glacial Lake in Banff National Park in Canada h3>

Preview: Fred Johns

via www.reddit.com/r/NoSillySuffix/comments/3qyz1o/animal_touchdown_by_fred_johns_the_bald_eagle/


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