11 famous men before and after Photoshop

Although the definition of "beautiful-ugly" in our time, gradually giving way to love and respect the beautiful diversity of the human appearance, the media still continues to hold on to an idea that must exist "perfect people" and how they should vyglyadet.Schitaetsya that most these stereotypes affect women: advertising, fashion photography and models, even in shops compulsively hinted to us that a beautiful woman - is the owner of the standard 90-60-90, excessively long legs, a mane of hair and flawless skin, often "improved" to retouchers improbable species.

However, if we look closely closely, we find that men also goes by Photoshop - just think that they are less worried about their appearance.

Website shows several striking examples of how retouchers decided on the taste "sugarcoat" the already beautiful and famous men and their "real" photos taken at the same time.

Michael Fassbender h2> 5f14ba0763.jpg

See how infernal shine light ice blue eyes of a talented and charismatic Michael Fassbender? That's because he cut off half the priests! In an effort to emphasize that Fassbender has every right to stand next to the removal of "Men of the Year", GQ retouchers went on about all the stereotypes about male beauty. In the first place that if your shoulders do not exceed the width of the hips in half - a place for you in the garbage.

Special thanks to all those who cover this imposed readers misconception that stylish and courage - this is when you shirt two sizes too small, sitting as if she painted on naked body paint.

Matt Damon h2> 23f67a1f4e.jpg

Men's magazines about health and sports - even those propagandists unrealistic proportions. Their editors, certainly contributed to the fact that men the world divided into two camps: those who spend all the free time in the fitness club in the pursuit of cubes, and those who do not care like.

However, a balanced set of exercises and healthy eating - close to zilch.

with the power of Photoshop in the hands of a master. Cover of Men's Health in 2014 confirms this excellent and takeaway "Come back in shape!" Next to Matt Damon looks mockingly: the actor has long so does not appear.

Johnny Depp h2> f75bfb5952.jpg

In 2011, Johnny Depp inevitably approaching the fiftieth anniversary, but millions of fans around the world, and Vanity Fair photo editors refused to believe it. It seems Depp himself, too - about the same time, he stopped appearing in public without glasses with a slightly toned lenses, hiding wrinkles around the eyes. According shot on the cover, where it is virtually relieved of age will also learn the basics of sculpting can makeup.

Channing Tatum h2> fc92876367.jpg

In 2012, Tatum came from "Magic Mike", which brought him fame on a planetary scale, and to us - a clear idea of ​​what it looks like. Yes, let's, it is not the most aristocratic appearance, but the light, but we believe that it could upihnut format covers more elegant way.

So what happened to the main fotoredaktsiey global magazine for gentlemen? What does this do? Surprising discovery on the part of the photographer or the angle Channing perekleit head with another shot, after smoothing out facial asymmetry and not particularly bothering compliance proportions?

Clive Owen h2> 1cfb15cc95.jpg

One of the most courageous and elegant men in the world, Clive Owen did not become our perfect James Bond, but in 2007 adopted an equally important mission - to teach men the world not just to use a cream, but also anti-aging. Becoming the face of Lancôme, Owen immediately fell under the knife (or rather, under the iron) retoucher: so smooth, we have not seen him ever textured face. And, hopefully, we will never see: it can not be that the cream is made with men.

Seth Meyers h2> 2c3b030724.jpg

This year, 40-year-old actor and comedian Seth Meyers had a powerful breakthrough: first, he had his own TV show colloquial, and then he was appointed to lead the main prize in the field of television "Emmy". It would seem, for the popular American leading appearance is not the most vital criterion - is much more important to have a gab, a lively mind and a willingness to gamble. However retouchers NBC thought otherwise, and pretty American TV host has become the prettiest. That, according to the masters of Photoshop, translated as "15 years younger».

Tom Cruise h2>

Tom Cruise - a beautiful male counterpart of the term "film star", one can, from the few: in his 52 he really looks great, obviously devotes a lot of time and still looks great in the movie genre. Now try to find it on the cover of the magazine W, dedicated to the release of the film "Rock of Ages." Play the movie-musical, and it was not the most brilliant idea (the film failed miserably at the box office), but somehow retouchers decided that the standard of a rock star at the age - this is not the noble wrinkled Steven Tyler and Keith Richards, and the young Jared Summer.

Ryan Gosling h2> 6133b5c48b.jpg

A couple of months ago, the world exploded headlines "Baby Gosling" - but they were too late for some years: baby Gosling - this is what we see on the cover of the film magazine Studio Ciné Live, and it's not even gloss. It was this picture was sold in hundreds of publications in the world, but the French did to him particularly anxious: baby's skin, exuding an unearthly glow (and, we think, fragrance) - a mandatory attribute of the planet's most coveted man at the time.

Andy Roddick h2> 5b5d013e65.jpg

The year 2007 was not the most successful for the former world number one player, tennis player Andy Roddick: His was a series of defeats by Roger Federer. Men's Fitness Magazine decided to cheer the athlete in a specific way: put on the cover, but at the same time increased his biceps twice and erased birthmark. Roddick answered openly stated that "he did not look," Keira Knightley becoming his time.

Ian Somerhalder h2> a050456671.jpg

Ian Somerhalder is definitely good. It would seem that no matter how look - all of it perfectly. But there is no limit to perfection, the staff decided to Icon: jaw could be poizyaschnee eyes popronzitelnee bending posoblaznitelnee eyebrows and lips popuhlee. And, yes, a couple of timid horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, you can leave, but all the other hints of what he has, horror of horrors, 35 - no, no.

Leonardo DiCaprio h2> 82b6c1e642.jpg

Did Leonardo DiCaprio, holding the number of GQ, on how he suddenly became like Leland Palmer in "Twin Peaks"? One of the best actors of our time on the cover of GQ - a good excuse to summarize and say something, in our view, important. The main thing is what we value the actors and admire them - it is their ability to play different people and different destinies, sometimes markedly reincarnated. We do not go to the movies "on the exterior," as the reason some believe, we go to the talent. None of us movie stars are not obliged to keep your face and body intact, "justifying" any expectation or confirming the illusion that great do not age.

Attempts to turn a brilliant actor in his young version invariably lead to disaster.

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