Why minimalism - is the best way of life

Minimalism is becoming a trend: people are increasingly abandoning unnecessary to unload her head and her home. What should be the outlook of minimalist and how to apply this concept to everyday life? Blogger Alexander Glagolev tells about minimalism and revision Website publishes it an interesting article for our readers.

We all love things. With the anticipation of rush home with a new box. Prance go on shopping center with a huge paper bag. It is an incredible, new, unparalleled, smashed to smithereens all the competition thing. Resorting home. Do not take off your shoes without washing hands, we lust we obtain it from the bag, shaking hands, take out of the box ... Yes! Yes, that's it, happiness! We now have a new status, new opportunities, new I donated this thing ...

The only problem is that the joy of the purchase lasts a little less than the time taken me to write the first paragraph of this article. You'll laugh, but I realized this recently. Anyway, money and feelings if they track together - something rather complicated. I have more than two years studying their spending in order to develop a culture of consumption, which in turn influenced my perception of life in general. I like it. It is likely that you do not do. But I still share.

I would add that track all of your spending, it makes sense only to draw some conclusions on the percentage of recurring expenses. To plan a budget and limit their spending, I believe - fatal path. Simply change their attitude towards consumption.

My dear reader can not tolerate long texts, so lazy bold highlighted the main points. If you want to - my personal rules that I adhere to a long time ago, but only now formulate.

Less is better h3> Most of the things we do not use. Do not believe me? Look in the cupboard or pantry. At one point I threw out / gave everything he touched more than three months. I left when counted about 300 objects. They cover all my needs. All. My. Needs. When I moved, they fit in a bag for a bicycle, and a large bag. This is convenient, one!

When it turn into a pumpkin? h3> We live in an era of aggressive marketing. Things become obsolete over time, while you're standing in line for the newest product. When buying anything, always in the mind to figure out how fast the subject will become obsolete and insufficient to use. The new phone is hopelessly out of date for a year. A good computer - 3-4 years. Decide for yourself border use and need to be replaced. Buy only what you really need.

The thing is - it's never an investment h3> I doubt very much that my blog is read at least one person who knows how to invest in things. And if reading - these tips are not for him. I do not think that my reader will invest in antiques, paintings or even super expensive wine. When buying something, you know: to invest in the things that you use - is silly. Be honest with yourself. By purchasing any item, you realize that it bears a loss of price paid for it, and possibly become a permanent item of expenditure. Recoup it can only increase the comfort level of its use, or the joy of buying.

The anticipation is always stronger than the joy of buying h3> This is a fact. Always works. Lust new frame eventually turns into a bicycle. On a shiny new computer also gets dust. Everything goes in general ...

Evaluation of the effect h3> This advice I can give everyone confidence. Coveted bike costs 3,000 euros. You can not buy such a cool bike and the remaining EUR 2,000 3 times to go to the training camp. Do you think that stronger impact on your results? Do you like taking photos? You can spend $ 2,000 on a new camera, and another 3,000 on the optics. And you can buy a good camera, and the remaining $ 3,500 to travel 10 countries and take photos of different cities. What do you think will bring together more than likes, friend? Sharpness and bokeh? Certainly not!

as output h3> I firmly believe that every person has things more important than contemplation and desire a new, inherently unnecessary items. I'd rather live in an apartment with a minimum of furniture and with a light bulb on a wire instead of chandeliers, and spend the money for a ticket to a place where I was not.

All the best within the constraints created. Almost all you can do. The less you head is filled with silly questions about the color and shade of the new tableware cabinet, the more there is room for good thoughts. And right thoughts will allow you to get the only thing that does not happen much, which you can buy everything.

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