Ideas of bedroom design in 2016: what are they?

2016. interior design bedrooms tone will set the latest modern trends. Bedroom is the place where a man should be as comfortable as possible. The service here, in addition to comfortable beds and wardrobe that can go on set or to be picked up separately, will help to create curtains, pelmets, bedspreads, Wallpaper, suspended ceilings and chandeliers.

The choice of these interior elements is limited only by the budget allocated for the repair. Every year their new products, which complement the already wide range of features, which combined, can make a beautiful, convenient and comfortable place for a night stay.

The choice of color

In order that the room looked stylish, you should carefully select the colors. For the bedroom is traditionally chosen pastel colors and combined them with gold, beige, red, orange, Burgundy and rich green. Also in 2016 will remain a popular white and black. White is a classic color in the design of recreation facilities. This color has a positive effect on the emotional state, helps to cleanse the thoughts and relaxing the muscles. White goes with all other colors, without exception, and is an excellent background for any experiments.

Tip: when using the white color can be substantially visually expand a small space. Decorated with white walls and ceiling combined with a dark floor will visually increase the height of the room with low ceilings.If you are booking on selected black color, it is necessary to balance him with some light color, otherwise the room visibly reduced. Interior with a predominance of black looks interesting and dynamic, if the room is really big and has wide window. The combination of black and white bedroom design is fashionable in 2016 is Very cozy and comfortable bedroom, decorated tree. Walls are finished wood cladding panels, and the floor – parquet Board. This finish transforms the space, makes it original and the most fitting for the holiday. Current trends suggest the design of residential premises predominantly in one tone with occasional splashes of vivid details. For example, bright colors pillows, paintings, large vases with artificial flowers.


Modern ideas of bedroom designs involve the use of for the walls of different materials. But leadership in this area remains with the Wallpaper. For bedrooms you can use plain Wallpaper, striped or even in a small flower – it all depends on the taste of the owner and of the style in which the room is made. When choosing Wallpaper, you should consider that they are not so easy and cheap to change. So would be wise to prefer neutral colors and patterns. The exception is the children's bedroom Wallpapers – you can trust the choice of Wallpaper to the child. Often in the Lounges you can find photo Wallpapers. Wallpapers help to significantly broaden the room visually. With the help of Wallpapers you can decorate the wall in front of the bed. Mural depicting nature will help you relax after a busy day. Fashionable in recent times are the Wallpapers based on TV series. Look beautiful mural depicting the animals. The romantic mood will help to tune the mural depicting the cosmos, the stars or a moonlit night.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains in the living room 2016, the bedroom or in the hall are not too different from the previous year. Tulle, lambrequins, curtains, Drapes is something that helps to completely transform the room, without changing almost nothing in it. The design of curtains for the bedroom as the design of curtains for the hall should provide many nuances: whether there is the room balcony, or standing on the windowsill, the flowers, the lighting, the floor, the proximity to other houses. Practical and comfortable fabric for curtains is tulle. Tulle can be made of polyester or silk. It is lightweight and transparent fabric. Therefore, in addition it can be used the Drapes from the more dense material. Decorated with curtains, lambrequins or bandeau.

The furniture and other interior elements

The most important element of a bedroom is, of course, the bed. The existing range of beds allows everyone to find and buy a piece of furniture that would satisfy him in all respects. For the manufacture of beds used materials such as wood and metal. They can be decorated with carvings, paintings, forged metal ornaments. Almost any bed can be adapted to any interior, using a suitable bedspread. It is very convenient to purchase furniture from furniture, but some people prefer that all the furniture was not of the headset, and had their individuality. In addition to the bed in the master bedroom can accommodate: wardrobe; chest of drawers; bedside tables; Desk and chair; floor lamps.

Tip: the closets that store clothing can not only perform a practical function. Usually they are decorated outside such elements of decor like mirrors (which significantly helps visually expand the space of the bedroom), and painted (which is perfectly matched to the Wallpaper in the room) or forged decoration (they can be the same as those adorning the headboard of the bed).At presence in apartment of the dressing room, in the bedroom, you can only put a chest of drawers. It can store towels, linens, pajamas, underwear – everything should be at hand in the break room. On the sides of the beds can be tables. They are easy to put various little things to put cosy floor lamps, put a glass of water. Usually the cabinets go in a headset with a bed. The bedroom can be arranged if necessary and the workplace. To do this, you can put a small size Desk and a comfortable chair. Not superfluous in this case and a couple of bookshelves. But most often in the bedrooms Dating dressing tables where you can store all cosmetics and jewelry. This table usually comes in a kit along with a mirror and comfortable padded stool. Traditional decorations for bedrooms are the floor lamps. They are selected depending on the overall style of the room. In addition to its direct functions – lighting, floor lamps give him additional comfort.

Classic style

Classic style in the photo is always the luxury, beauty and functionality. The classics are inherent in natural materials and various decorative elements. This style is characterized by massive furniture and a large area of the room. Colors of classic bedroom, mostly dark. The lighting is dimmed. This style is ideal for people who appreciate tradition and have sufficient funds in that they strictly follow. The attributes of the classical style is the stucco work, paintings, precious wood, expensive natural fabrics, the volume luxurious chandeliers.


The art Nouveau style in the photo is a combination of new design ideas, practicality, rationality and comfort. For this style you can use any combination of colors. You can connect any traditional and modern elements, using any technologies. The secret of the art Nouveau style is to make the room comfortable. In the sleeping room this will contribute to the fireplaces, carpets, chandeliers and curtains. To implement this style in your apartment afford people of all incomes.


The architecture in the photo is the lack of spare parts. In such bedrooms should be just that without which it is impossible to do accurately. The decor is also present in minimal amount. The room itself is usually prepared in a cool monochrome color: white, blue, gray. Of the room in a minimalist style as ergonomic as possible. On the Windows instead of blinds may be the blinds. Each piece stands on its well-chosen location. Due to the change of the textile room in a minimalist style is able to completely transformed. Minimalist architecture suitable for young and sophisticated people, who have not yet managed to acquire a large number of unnecessary things or trinkets.


The high-tech style means design space using the latest advances in technology. Hi-tech is a louver on the remote control, the most modern air conditioning, multi-level ceilings, various lighting options. This style is characterized by the use of various high-tech that facilitates the everyday life of mechanisms and devices. This style is not typical of the chandelier, instead, they used spotlights. Version of the design in the style of hi-tech suits those people who prefer simplicity and conciseness. Decorations almost no not used.

Oriental style

For the Eastern style is characterized by natural materials, bright colors, jewelry and ornaments, numerous pillows, curtains, tulle, screens, fans, vases and mats. In order to equip the room in Oriental style, determine first the General idea – a specific country. Oriental style interior design has many possibilities. In order not to make the room a semblance of an Oriental Bazaar, one should be well versed in the peculiarities of the country he has chosen to bring to your interior.

Modern design ideas of corridor, bedroom, hall, living room, bathroom and kitchen can be seen in catalogs, fashion magazines and on specialized sites. Styles, which can make the bedroom quite a lot, and the photo they don't look quite as then in reality, but try still stands. published


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