Bedroom design in the kitchen: useful tips

Khrushchev is a very difficult apartment with a bad layout and small rooms. Create a stylish bedroom design in the Khrushchev is not an easy task to cope with which can only responsibly approaching the planning of the interior.

In the kitchen the bedroom is usually the smallest and most narrow space, the characteristic feature of which is the low height of the ceiling. When decorating this space, you should use the original designs, allowing to expand the narrow space, and visually raise the ceiling height. Competent selection of furniture and lighting will help to create a functional interior that corresponds to the thematic focus of a small bedroom.


Color schemeWhile choosing a color scheme for the bedroom in the Khrushchev should remember one rule – too dark of a color on the main surfaces, and large and bright accent colors visually narrow space, and without that small room.

For finishing the ceiling is better to choose a curtain design with a mirror effect or expand the space with mirrors. As for color, it is best to choose cool and bright colors, such as white or "Nude".

For the walls a narrow bedroom ideal following shades:

  • peach;
  • beige;
  • lavender;
  • pistachio;
  • light blue;
  • pale pink.



If the walls will be used Wallpaper, they should not have a large ornament, the preference is better to give a monochrome ornament, consisting of bands. Large pictures on the wall will compress the space and distract attention from the interior of the bedroom.

Bedroom design in the Khrushchev, visually expanding the space, you can create, if you make each wall a separate color. It is worth considering that the colors of the principal surfaces must be in harmony with each other, that is not to be too dark and contrast. Examples of the harmonious finish of the main surfaces in a small and narrow room you can see in the photo.

Photo: striped Wallpaper will help you to visually expand the room

Tip: when decorating the walls can be combined not only different colors but also textures. To achieve an interesting design, if the three walls of the room painted in one tone, and the fourth pokleit Wallpaper with a subtle pattern.

The dark floor of the room should not only create a contrast with the basic surfaces, but also to seamlessly interact with elements of the interior. To emphasize the design with the help of collages of photos on the walls, dark rugs, and decorative pillows.

Curtain design for small space should be easy. It is unacceptable to use heavy dark curtains, it is better to prefer light bright fabrics. On the curtains in the bedroom 2016 should not be bold print.

If in the interior there is a lot of dark elements that visually expand the space with light interior curtains, bedding and furniture.

The choice of furnitureIn a small room cannot accommodate a lot of furniture, so the bedroom in the Khrushchev should to be as concise as possible. It is better to prefer traditional furnishings, which includes wardrobe, bed, small dressing table, chest of drawers, bedside tables. When choosing furniture should be guided by the requirements of functionality, no need to clutter up the room with useless interior.

If the bedroom plays the role of the office, instead of traditional beds, you can choose a sofa bed. The design of the wardrobe should be simple, you can choose a wardrobe with mirrored patterns.

If the bedroom has a TV, then it is best placed directly on the wall. In the case where the room space is too compact, you can give preference to the corner cabinets or choose a platform bed that provides a special space for linen storage. Examples of design small room you can see in the photo.

Photo: TV mounted on the wall, will be one of the best solutions to save space

Lightingthe Interior of a bedroom in the Khrushchev should harmoniously interact with the illumination of the room. Proper lighting can be arranged with the help of halogen lamps located around the perimeter of the ceiling of the room. For accent lighting are wall lights or bedside lamps. the Central chandelier would be inappropriate in a confined space with low ceilings as visually narrows the small room.

Decorative elementsTo create a harmonious design in the Khrushchev should to use subtle features such as interior bedspreads, decorative pillows, collages of photos, paintings, etc., the décor should not be too large and bright. It is better to choose 2-3 small decorative element, designed in one color. Examples of properly placed accents in the interior a small bedroom you can see in the photo.



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