The effect of bulb or Planned obsolescence

We live in a time when the most important thing is money. When every thing is a new marketing solution, with the expectation of benefit. Well so do we, the people, have forgotten how.

The thing should survive to provide jobs for factories and services that the parts could make a windfall.

So, forward to the knowledge of the falsehood that surrounds us everywhere.

Printer ink:

the amount of ink remaining in the printer is measured by a microchip that disables printing when the ink a certain threshold. Not when the ink runs out, and when the producer wants. And the hell you will print black and white if the yellow level is low, the printer simply will not give. Manufacturers make more money selling ink than selling printers themselves, so they set up a microarray so as to provide a stream of income.


model the new year is hardly different from the previous year, but each year automakers have to introduce in the market something new. As a result, parts for older cars harder to find. Manufacturers do not want to sell you parts, they want to sell you a new car. Fortunately, the Internet now allows you to find the necessary parts, or your dealer tried to sell you a new car every time the old will come the time to change the brake pads.

Consumer electronics:

Apple already sued for what he produces batteries so that they stopped working immediately after the warranty period expires. More they don't, but the whole market seems to be trying to make your laptop, computer or mobile phone is obsolete as soon as possible. Batteries die, operating systems do not support older programs, and parts for "vintage" electronics just stop producing.


the idea of the current production of clothing to invent for you a new clothes you would look attractive, create it using the cheapest materials and the cheapest labor, and then send it quickly to the stores. Clothing is created to have enough for the new fashion. Welds break, rivets fly, buttons lost, and crowning all this trend fringe edges wear clothes.


the original nylon was used in parachutes during world war II. Manufacturers of tights and stockings quickly realized that "eternal" stockings for them is not profitable, so began to make them easily torn to continue to make a profit.

There are so many different products that are designed to wear out and break. However, with some effort, it is possible to avoid buying such easily breaking down goods, or to cope with their disadvantages.

There is a wonderful documentary film, revealing the subject: Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is based on the consumer's desire to buy a little more new goods earlier than necessary. This film tells how planned obsolescence determines the course of our life since the 20-ies, when manufacturers began to reduce the durability of their products in order to increase consumer demand.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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