The history of purchases and repair workhorse $ 1,000

The key to success in this case - buy an old car, operate in the style of "Grandpa went." Jaroslaw, the new owner of Hyundai Pony, in September last year, just turned up this option. Through years of operation predominantly many elements of the body still in the "native" paint machine is fully on track. Easy to press the pedal, easy polutoralitrovye carbureted engine pulls almost from idle, the transfer switch clearly. Steering wheel turns, the wheels, too, electronics bare minimum.

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 - I bought this Hyundai Pony in as a first car for his wife, and as a substitute for himself - says the car owner Yaroslav. - We needed a gasoline engine to two liters, manual transmission and cheap parts. Wife learning to drive, why not buy an expensive car like a pity latest car scratch. Self drive a diesel SUV, but in the winter there are problems with the launch. But gasoline car always insure in case of emergency. Choose a car for the price of three thousand dollars, I looked several options - all of them were fashioned out of putty. As a result, I found a very interesting specimen. You'll laugh, but the car in a series of "Grandpa went on Sunday," even has a service book. Among the shortcomings that were found at the first cursory examination, - rust left under the driver's feet. We do not some door locks, motor podtraival "a cold", where a nail oblez. Bodies old Korean cars have been known to rot immediately, but sills and arches of Pony were, in general, more or less "live", but not the bottom. Machine factory and went. The owner asked for $ 1,500, but when I got out of the bottom piece of rusty spar, the price plummeted to 1000. And so it has bought, drove into the garage and two months in the evenings after work yourself to eliminate all shortcomings.

Hyundai Pony, also known as the Hyundai Excel, a rare bird in our area. The model is the first independent development of Hyundai - before the company was engaged in the assembly of cars Ford. The first generation Pony released in 1974 in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors. In 1985, the second generation of the car, which was a copy of the Mitsubishi Colt / Lancer. In 1994 he replaced the Pony came Accent.


Curiously, judging by surviving service records, the car was bought in Belarus in 1994, the new! But vin production date - 1993 year. Let's see how after 20 years of service in our latitudes body feels this avtomobilchika.

 - Run the car is 260 thousand kilometers. I think that this is true, in the service book saw the mark - says the owner. - In winter, the car was under rugs picks up moisture, resulting in the bottom of the hole formed natural. Completely everything from the engine shield to the rear seat - again had to digest. He took the old hood, doors, arched profiles and are welded. Then all colored bottom, anti-corrosion materials and sound insulation. Most had to suffer with perevarkoy bottom and sills and arches, to my surprise, were more or less "live".



Paul trunk looks like a new car - not a hint of rust! Bottom lid is not affected by corrosion. The rapids have a few "bugs" in one place is found a small hole, but overall for the 20-year-old Korean cars are, in general, not bad.


"Glasses" virgin whole, but fixing it clicks hood rotted and were welded by previous owners. Welding on thin metal burst, as evidenced by characteristic traces. Yaroslav had to strengthen the construction of bolts.

Corrosion gradually began to pitch and outdoor elements. This is especially noticeable in the corners of the front right door.


 - Externally, the car kind of neat, but the bottom is absolutely rotten, - says Yaroslav. - In all other things are not so bad. Electricians very minimum, the engine and suspension are simple, with maintainability questions asked. Parts suitable from Mitsubishi, but the Korean cost three times cheaper. Grandpa owner swore that the car was never bit. But in fact there was a strong blow in the front: the lower part of the dashboard in the cabin moved, the sub-beam bent - the engine and gearbox are now with a little skewed. From this little turned axis and cling to the stabilizer. It will be necessary again at the welding machine pitch.


The engine after 260.000 kms feels good, does not smoke, accelerating dynamics right. But with it there is a small nuance: there are oil leaks between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, the engine runs slightly unevenly.

 - It remains to change plugs, wires, timing belt and cylinder head gasket - explains the owner. - Pay attention to the engine compartment: the brake servo on the right, the left engine - though with no access problems, but unusual. The motor, by the way, there's one to one like Mitsubishi Solt. Carburetor not yet examined, filled cleaner - everything works well. "Stove" a splendid, after replacing the thermostat was warm as a bath. In general, Koreans on the technical side are reliable, all repaired very cheaply and "runs" for a long time.


Saloon car now looks like new. But the previous owner had nothing to do with it - on bringing the interior in order had to sweat.

 - How to buy, I set about finding parts, - continues the story of Yaroslav. - All kind of cheap, but I decided to buy a different necessary little things cheaper. I found a man who sold a car for $ 300 for parts. When he came to the buyer, I also pulled up, we exchanged phone numbers with the new owner. The whole machine it was not necessary - only if I remember correctly, the control unit. If I need something was - I approached him, he shot part. So changed the lower part of the "tidy", pushed through the driver's seat (passenger took - they are "SLR"), door locks, handles, mirrors and then on the little things. With plastic interior parts had to tinker - everything was broken, broken, screwed on the wire and in some places flooded with "epoxy".


Rear passengers in this car is spacious, in the pros and we put a decent-sized trunk. But tall people is unlikely to be comfortable behind the wheel: the steering column is not adjustable, located almost at the feet of the ceiling is low.


Vehicle equipment is the simplest: power steering, air conditioning, electric windows there, an ABS is also possible not to dream. However, the wheel turns easily and without power steering.

On the "suckling", many have forgotten, but in the car it is. Yaroslav's wife had read a lecture on the ratio of air and gasoline in different modes of operation.

In order to prevent replaced steering tips. Pads have begun to rust and flake - they, too, for a replacement. Also need new brake and fuel pipes, drives the central locking lid tramblera, slider, thermostat, tank washer (set from the "Zhiguli"), battery, fittings calipers, rear brake cylinder. Wishbone front suspension replaced with found b / a with a "live" silent blocks. Muffler and "hammer", surprisingly, were in perfect order.

 - The battery after purchase suddenly "died": one morning the car did not open the locks, even the light bulb is not burned - says Yaroslav. - Went completely bald tires - it was such a shame to even carry the trash. I have long been stored in the garage Matador 165/80 R13 - and set them. They machine is softer. Inspection, by the way, passed on the first try! Fuel consumption completely satisfied - even with the "downed" ignition turns 8 liters per "hundred" on the road. If it is correctly set, fully serviced engine should go 6, 5-7 liters in the urban cycle.

Together with the owner, we felt the cost of restoration. For new parts had to pay only $ 175, including battery for 650,000 rubles. B / parts purchased in bulk for $ 100. Total: $ 1,000 for a car and $ 275 for parts. So, for $ 1,275 you can buy a car that will go for some time. But we do not consider the time of Yaroslav spent on restoring a car. And time, as you know, money.

 - Time and effort spent on repairs, managed to offset the cost of a small car. You could buy a car because of the three thousand in the same condition, and then turned up a good option. Therefore, buying his wife is completely satisfied - for pennies managed to solve the transport problem. If the body will survive this year, maybe paint the Pony, keep it. Something "caught" this little car.

Restoring Hyundai Pony 1993 onwards
Steering tips, 2 pcs. 100,000 rubles.
Pads front, set of 100,000 rubles.
Brake tube, 2 pcs. 50,000 rubles.
Central lock actuator, 4 pcs. 190.000 rubles.
The oil filter 20,000 rubles.
Motor oil, 4 liters of 170,000 rubles.
Air filter 50,000 rubles.
Cover tramblera 50,000 rubles.
Rotor, 10,000 rubles.
Thermostat 50,000 rubles.
Fuel tubes, 2 pcs. 60.000 rubles.
Windscreen with motor 60.000 rubles.
Battery 650.000 rubles.
Brake Cylinder 125.000 rubles.
Other / used parts 960,000 rubles.
Total 2,645,000 rubles.

Divide the sum by 9600 and get a dollar




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