How special effects for the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"

I advise you to look further interesting report on how to create the special effects of the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", because the second part of the film has been spent almost 100 million. Dollars.

We now tell you what the team of James Cameron spent hundreds of millions of dollars,
Why use old tricks from the first movie about killer cyborg from the future, as well as the important
role in the filming of "Doomsday" and creating the image of the T-1000 played a condom.
The film, which many do not rightly considered one of the most spectacular in the history of the movie was filmed in three
and a half months the crew of a few hundred people, and to bring the picture to mind took
almost another year and a half. Much of the staff was working on the visual part of the film. So, just
Effects on the computer with "liquid" terminator his forces spent nearly 40 people.
The results of their efforts have taken on the screen only 3 minutes of time, but what they were a minute!
Overall, meticulous experts have counted in the second "Terminator" 300 effects overall timing of the order of 15 minutes.

"Doomsday" is surprising in that it is inconceivable combines scenes
with computer and full-scale survey. I bet - many still believe in
"Virtual" origin of many of the scenes, but in fact we are dealing with
expertly-crafted puppets. Yes, in "Terminator 2" is also full of mannequins,
but they are made at a much higher level than the first film.
Take, for example, present in the director's episode with the extraction of
head T-800 chip and then reprogramming it to training (just and necessary,
that you click the toggle switch!). Robot sits quietly in a chair in front of a mirror and Sarah Connor picks
in his head. The frame is constructed in such a way that we see the effect of both on the back of "real" characters,
and using the reflection in the mirror. Scene terribly naturalistic: much as the foreground
heroine boldly picks his head Arnie, which reflected in a mirror at the same time behaves like a real actor.
The thing is that there is no mirror, and "reflection" - is the real Schwarzenegger sitting face to dummy.
How to be with Linda Hamilton, who played the main character? Oh, it is something real that in one case, in another.
Fortunately for the crew, the actress has a twin sister, Leslie, that she repeats the motion of Linda.
Needless to say that practicing two synchronous movements lady left plenty of time.

This same episode with the extraction of the chip shows how skillfully put the camera,
how carefully planned each frame. That can ruin the illusion of reality,
so skillfully hide the fact that you will not have the slightest doubt. It's vaunted corrosiveness James Cameron,
that even before shooting began to plan how each scene will look at what angle
the camera will display what is happening, say that in a certain moment the actors, and so on. d. Directed
personally I drew hundreds of sketches and all the big scenes first simulated in specially to such
if building miniature locations in exactly the same place where the main action of the film takes place.
In addition to Leslie and Linda Hamilton in "Judgment Day" was a place a couple of twins.
Surely you remember "the loony bin" and one of her security guards - a plump man who likes to drink
Coffee and last time in my life is happy "full house" on a cardboard cup. Took the form of
hapless fat T-1000 with schizophrenic expression - not the fruit of special effects,
and brother of the actor. Soon here we see another gorgeous mannequin - strung on
finger-blade poor man's head. Oh, not for nothing that the painting "adult" rating R.

By the way, about dolls. Their second "Terminator" a huge number, and all of them as living, even those,
who embody the liquid-metal in the face of evil T-1000. Remember the episode of the chase in the same mental hospital:
"Mother and Child" hide behind the sash lift them runs, taking dozens of bullets in the back, "good" robot,
the doors are closed, but immediately reveals its claws villain from the future. Hero Arnie can not find anything better,
palnut as a scoundrel from the hard drive in the head. She immediately forks and stir metal "spikes".
Similar to computer graphics, and in fact - a silicone mannequin with servos.
These dolls were used in the creation of the T-1000 with a bullet through the "face" and in the end,
Arnie when using grenade launcher makes mercury cyborg squeal a lot right before,
it falls into the molten metal. Puppet version of the cyborg as you can see in the scene with liquid nitrogen:
bluish figure with a frozen facial surprise was made of a brittle material,
very effectively broken down into small fragments.

Schwarzenegger also lucky with artificial doubles. In addition to the mentioned head chip
impressive dummy was used in an episode of the office "Kiberdayn Systems", which is taken in head to destroy
crowd of our heroes. Doll appears when the building to restore order rush
police and pelted with gas cylinders room: T-800 rushing ahead to the detention order,
Ham and those of his lead. From the robot flying lumps all the smoke, the site of the right half of his face gleaming metal.
In this case, too, expertly applied alternating filming real actors
(he had hidden in his jacket explode "firecrackers" simulating bullets hit) and a full-size dummy,
which was run by two people - one "led" his site, the second moved his head.

Even for Sarah Connor had to make dummies, and she got the most hideous.
All of them were burned in the episode where the mother of John Connor, dreaming of a nuclear explosion.
One doll is trying to protect the future savior of humanity from devouring flame,
two burned near the lattice. Fourth mannequin shatters into small pieces, exposing the skeleton.
On the skeleton dolls nalepili pieces of papier-mache, and then "ripped" them with a special air gun,
fixing all with a slow-motion. It was very naturalistic.

Dolls, and we went to the "Terminator 2", not least because of the
incredible for that time computer special effects. The episode with the release of "liquid»
T-1000 from the blazing truck and the transformation of man into robot has long been
a model of skill virtual magicians until the screens did not come first "Matrix".
Many went to the movies just for the sake of this and several other scenes involving the main villain.

Because of the audience literally jaw-dropping, responsible
Founded by George Lucas special effects studio Industrial Light & Magic.
On a few minutes creating computer graphics took nearly $ 10 million based on the current course and thousands of man-hours.
For shooting the famous scene with the release of the burning car, Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000,
had wound naked kilometers in front of cameras, captures his movements on a special grid,
applied to the body. When accumulated enough material was applied to the experts for weeks
the resulting virtual model of the metal texture. At the junction of different textures, covered the body of a virtual actor,
first looked through the gap. For their disguise had to use specially written program,
hastily corrected some flaws in Photoshop. The work was extremely time-consuming, experts had
consider the location of the cameras during shooting of the film, environment, shadows, different light sources, and everything else,
which could affect the appearance reflected in the metal environment.

The same work was done in the scene with the T-1000, pursuing the car in the garage.
Flows into the lift and helicopter stringy Terminator was created thanks to the software, which was previously
It was used in the movie "The Abyss," James Cameron filmed two years before the release of "Doomsday».

But the "wounds" of the bullets on the body of the robot of the last generation have done without a computer.
The actor wore special vests with a cocked on springs "roses" of foam rubber.
As soon as the T-1000 was to get the bullet, Assistant remotely activated the spring - a "hole" of the shot disclosed.
But all wounds had tightened using computer animation.
Without it also has not been in a movie with Terminator infiltration through the grate in the hallway of a mental hospital.
The room was like a shot to the lattice, and without it. In the second case, on the site of the lattice was playing robot actor.
Built on a three-dimensional computer model of cyborg superimposed on the image of Robert Patrick and "leaked" through the bars.

The director was willing to go to great lengths to impress the audience, even if it comes
very tiny episode that can be easily missed in the literal sense.
The final quarter of the film, on the "Kiberdayn Systems" loitering helicopter,
T-1000 jumps at him from a motorcycle, the glass breaks and spills over into the cab, then
metal cyborg incarnation for some seconds the pilot says to the phrase «Get out».
To remove the face of the Terminator in his short time pronouncing the two words, the person Patrick painted into the net,
the actor himself had several times to repeat individual sounds, and the whole process of the slightest change
facial muscles were fixed with a special three-dimensional scanner. This was followed by painstaking
Work gluing individual frames and texturing.

Perhaps the easiest while working on the way T-1000 was the re-creation of his "flow" during thawing.
The crew just hairdryers were herded into a puddle more Mercury "blots».

Not less attention than dummies and computer special effects, given in the film stunts.
One of the most impressive scenes - Episode chase T-1000 in a truck for John to get away on a moped.
During the filming had to split three vans. One out of order immediately after,
both flew over the fence into the channel, so that the pursuit involving two other cars.
Another one blows the roof of the car under the arch. They say nothing of the sort originally planned,
but when Cameron learned of the bridge is too low, decided not to split hairs, and more mangle truck.
In order not to distract performing the role of the T-1000 is an actor, he was not entrusted the management of the wagon.
In fact, Robert Patrick sits behind the wheel of a false right, and the driver's seat hides an experienced stuntman,
who directs the entire edifice. Then flip the desired frames, so it seems,
if left to the driver's seat is actually a cyborg.

The channel on the "Harley" behind the truck jumping a T-800. Here Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced the understudy,
motorcycle and at all will not jump - he gently lowered on ropes. The ropes were then removed using a computer,
with its help the scene to give the necessary momentum. Similarly shot another similar moment,
when the T-1000 "planning" on the police motorcycle with window "Kiberdayn Systems" on the helicopter.
By the way, during the filming of the next episode for a spectacular happening I had to break the three "turntables»
and as many vans, in which Sarah and company flee from raging robot.

Again, remember the fragment of a nuclear explosion in the dream of Sarah Connor. What the viewer sees,
almost 100% the same as the real consequences of the detonation of the atomic bomb. Anyway,
so say the experts. But for this team James Cameron did not have to seek terrible weapons.
Filmmakers have used the experience gained during the filming of the first "Terminator": from biscuits and corn
flakes, they built a miniature version of the city. The shock wave created by a powerful air guns,
Spacing crunchy food into small crumbs. The scene had to shoot multiple takes from different angles,
so to recreate the layout has left more than one kilogram of crackers. And then - a standard set of cine like
slow-motion highlights fireworks and smoke.

From the previous "Terminator" borrowed a lot. Battle scenes
Future filmed exactly the same, only on a large scale. Often resorted to
keying (transplanting John Connor from Terminator moped on a motorcycle hanging
Helicopter T-1000, and so on. d.), do not forget about miniature cars (the time of rollover "azotovoza»)
and make-up (a total of Arnie makeup for a month).
At the same time the director did not want to put up even a small "schlock." Not blown away with a toy
cars during the "atomic explosion"? Car to change, roof to relax, re-shoot a blast!
Winchester sounds too inexpressive? Record sound of the shot of a pair of guns! Change for the sake of the river
chase channels? Well, it is necessary - so necessary. We thought through even such a trifle as the sound of the transition
T-1000 from a liquid state to a "normal". To do this, someone came up to put a condom on a microphone and
plunge it into mush. What happened, arranged by James Cameron.

The final shot at this plant. True, there was not nearly as hot as it looks in the movie.
Of course, neither of which this molten metal was out of the question.
Instead, the crew used a lit muck from the oil and syrup.
Required viscosity substance remained only at about five degrees,
so that the room cold. Heat had to create the illusion of a spray bottle of water,
which is sprayed on the faces of the actors (a la the pot).

Thus concludes the classic film series about the opposition of people and robots.
Then there were the third and fourth parts, new special effects and computer technology fully.
But it somehow did not find a response in the hearts of the audience. Perhaps because in the pre-computer
era filmmakers had quietly involved in what is happening not only those,
who is on the other side of the screen, but also their imagination.
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was one of the last fighters of the "old school", which provided
the interaction of the viewer and film. At the same time it is one of the first films of the new - digital - age,
in which all can be chewed just computer effects. Only geniuses like James Cameron
the strength to keep a balance and not crossing the face to show the audience is not only entertaining, but also a smart movie.



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