Funny "special effects" in the legendary film "Terminator"

The first part of the movie "Terminator" - a classic, and the film shows,
which is not always a lot of money and fantastic special effects - the key to success.
James Cameron has managed to make a film for modest money as
large film companies refused to finance the shooting.
Next, the first part of the secrets of the famous film "Terminator».

The fact that the fifth "Terminator" have learned long ago.
All fans of the nearly 30-year-old franchise is most concerned by the question,
will come back into service if the T-800, also known as the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka.
According to the latest hints, "Iron Arnie»
still walked away from the scandalous divorce and take part in the revival for ten
years drooping series about the struggle of humanity and robots.
We decided to recall the first two, without exaggeration legendary, films
with the participation of Arnie as a ruthless killer cyborg.
How complex scenes were shot in the "Terminator" and "Day of Judgment»,
what it was capable computer graphics 30-20 years old, and why
We went over and over again in movie theaters and video salons at some of the most
memorable bands of the last century - in a series of our articles.
Today, let us remember one of the most iconic films of the 1980s.
The first "Terminator" - a wonderful example of how you can make
good fantasy film for small by Hollywood standards
money. Imagine that one of the most exciting fighters of that time
It spent only $ 6, 4 million. Adjusted for inflation, today
it would have been "pathetic" $ 14 million, for which none of the venerable director
It will undertake to take such an ambitious project.
Later, James Cameron joked that the film was made for the cost of the camper,
where he lived Arnold Schwarzenegger during the work on "Terminator 2».

But almost 30 years ago it was possible to completely dispense with expensive computer graphics.
The rescue crew James Cameron came the time-tested techniques,
as well as some new tricks.

Save had from the beginning, ie at the stage of realization of the idea in the script.
Originally it was planned that the humanoid robot in Terminator will face
It created out of "liquid metal" and be able to receive the image of any people. Familiar, right?
It is because of lack of computer technology the idea was abandoned,
but it flowed smoothly released in theaters in seven years, "Terminator 2».

Because of the modest budget in the trash went Substantially all of the script,
which described events in the future.
It is said that in the first version of the script cinematic alter ego Arnold Schwarzenegger
It was there to maintain the normal form
his human "shell". Unfortunately or fortunately, but the final version
Terminator movie is not slurp soup and eats dumplings.
It is unlikely that the rejection of this idea is somehow connected with a low budget.

The initial outline of the image of the Terminator


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