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On October 17, Russian rolling out the film Michael Hofstrema "escape plan" is a classic thriller, though come to us from the good old 90's. Starring - two world-famous superhero: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both the actor recently starred in the movie "The Expendables", but lost among other such brave men. And now, when no one bothers them, Sly and Schwartz are the duo. On account of both a couple dozen movies with a similar plot. Specifically, in this their heroes will try to escape from the most reliable, and high-tech super secret prison. No need to be a visionary to imagine that they will succeed. The world premiere of the film took place in July. While the picture is reaching out to Russia, she managed to earn quite a high score and earn a lot of praise. There is no doubt: the audience missed the iconic heroes of the 90 militants and actors to play them once, are now experiencing a second wave of popularity. Those who came to replace them, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and Mark Wahlberg is not able to fully replace the departed were retired heroes, so they come back!

Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger, 66 years

Debut Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie was the film "Hercules in New York", released in 1969, where the "Iron Arnie" played the son of Zeus, Hercules, who went to Earth and found himself in contemporary New York. The plot of the film can be especially not delve. It is enough to look at the young and extremely attractive Arnie, the year before became "Mr. Universe." Lit up on the big screen, the young actor waited for new and interesting roles. The first success came 13 years after the film "Conan the Barbarian" in which he played the hero fictional prehistory, who wants to take revenge for the death of the high priest of his parents. It was followed by roles in the thriller "The Terminator," "Predator," "Total Recall" made Arnie a star. For his role in the movie "Terminator 3," Schwarzenegger received a record fee of 30 million dollars and leaves the movie to go into politics. But, like his iconic character, repeatedly utters the legendary «I'll be back», Arnold returned. A year ago, he starred in the sequel to "The Expendables," Sylvester Stallone, was followed by "Return of the Hero" and "escape plan". And, it seems, to complete his film career, Schwarzenegger is going. With the policy had not specified, but in Hollywood "Iron Arnie" snapped: 2014 the year the actor planned already 3 film, and in 2015 the audience once again see your favorite actor in his usual role - on the screens out the fifth part " Terminator. "

Sylvester "Rambo" Stallone, 67 years

His acting career began with Sylvester Stallone roles in several films and migratory two series. But then immediately followed by success. Stallone wrote the screenplay about a luckless boxer who became a champion, and carried him to the studio. There he was offered a huge sum of 150 thousand dollars. Stallone has put forward a counter-proposal: one dollar for the script, the main role in the film, and a small percentage of the fees. And not lost. Released in 1976, the painting "Rocky" made him not only famous, but also rich. Six years later Stallone created another iconic image: Vietnam vet Rambo, which one is an army. Removing the five parts of "Rocky" and three of the "Rambo" Stallone lit movie "Cliffhanger" and began acting in less successful films such as "The Cobra," "Lockdown", "Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot ... ". But such films as "The Destroyer" and "specialist" brought him to fame. In 2006, Stallone decided that the story of Rambo and Rocky is not over yet. Releasing even one part of their cult franchise, the actor has decided to bring together all the brave men of Hollywood. Thus was born "The Expendables" - the picture came together Jason Stethema, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis. But in one part of the adventures of professional mercenaries not climbed. I had to take a second, and then the plan and the third, which will be released in 2014.

Dolph "Universal Soldier" Lundgren, 55 years

The first success came to the actor with the movie "Rocky 4", where he played the main villain - deterrent Soviet boxer Ivan Drago. Then there were the roles in the thriller "Lord of the Universe" and "Red Scorpion". The next two films have become the most famous of his career Lundgren after "Rocky 4", but praise from critics in his address the actor is not earned. "Showdown in Little Tokyo", where Dolph played the Los Angeles police, fighting with the Japanese mafia, caused mostly negative feedback regarding his acting. But the actor did not give up. His next film was the famous "Universal Soldier", where he played for a couple with Jean-Claude Van Damme. The story the film tells the story of American soldiers killed in Vietnam, which revived and turned into a universal soldier - brave and invincible cyborg, the ideal machine to carry out special operations. One of these "machines" and became Lundgren. Viewers liked the movie, but the critics were not amused. "Ungrateful this occupation - play dumb jocks, who are fighting throughout the film, exchanging monosyllabic nonsense," - said a well-known critic Roger Ebert, commenting on the play of the actor. Next Lundgren's career went into decline, he began acting in films that are hardly popular. Despite the abundance of work in film, the actor slowly started to forget. But in 2010, the year Dolph back: rolling out the "Universal Soldier 3: Renaissance", has received mostly positive reviews of audiences and critics, and a year later Lundgren starred in "Universal Soldier 4". Then he called the play "The Expendables" Sylvester Stallone. This year on the screens out already four films with his participation, including "Race", and in 2014, in addition to the third part of "The Expendables", scheduled three more films. Perhaps among them there is a picture that can stand in one row with "Universal Soldier."

Chuck "tough Walker" Norris, 73 years

Chuck Norris - one of the most popular personalities on the Internet. Fans, and just people anything knowing about it, spread on blogs, forums, social networks and different jokes, emphasizing the incredible steepness of Chuck Norris. "Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people. And then it exploded, "" When Chuck Norris gets his head on the concrete, the blood is not Chuck, while the concrete! "And the like. And this kind of jokes spawned movies, starring Chuck Norris. Being a martial artist Chuck Norris in a movie (whose real name is Carlos Ray Norris Jr.) got with the help of Steve McQueen, who gave lessons in his own karate school. First Chuck prominent role played in the movie with Bruce Lee - "Way of the Dragon." Star in a movie he liked, and Chuck decided to take acting lessons from real professionals. In 1993, the CBS invited him to play the role of Texas Ranger Walker, and the actor agreed. He also starred in the films "Code of Silence", "The invasion of the United States," "Missing," "abode of the devil." In 2005, Chuck starred in the title role in the action film "Shadows of the Past", where he played a private investigator who specializes in tracing people. Then in his acting career was a pause. But when Sylvester Stallone took conceived sequel to "The Expendables", dispense with Chuck Norris, he could not. Incidentally, in this painting reproduced character Norris "fact" that a cobra bit him die in agony. The actor in this "fact" is with humor. "I know about all sorts of statements about me, known as" Chuck Norris Facts ", not so long ago appeared on the Internet and electronic mailing lists. Some I have seen. Many of them are funny, many very unusual. I no longer studied the Wild West than the wild world of the Internet, and I'm not quite sure how to understand it. This is quite unexpected for me. Of course, boys will be boys, and I was not going to be offended or take it more or less seriously. Who knows, maybe these jokes encourage young people want to learn about the real life of my recent autobiographical book Against All Odds? Perhaps they are even interested in my recently published novel "Riders of justice", narrating about the Wild West. I am very proud of this literary experience "- Chuck Norris wrote on his official website.

Mickey "Taran" Rourke, 61 years

Former professional boxer Mickey Rourke once took part in amateur theatricals and forever in love with the profession of an actor. After studying at the Actors Studio Lee Strasberg, Mickey Rourke began to storm Hollywood. For the first time he remembered to spectators as the rider from the movie "Rumble Fish", which was released in theaters in 1983. Picture paved beginners but talented actor in the way a great movie. Then there were the religious "9 1/2 Weeks" made Rourke recognized movie star. One of his best roles, considered the role of a private detective in the film "Angel Heart", where his partners were Robert De Niro and Charlotte Rampling. In the 90s the actor's career went into decline. His last notable role was a former prisoner-addict in the movie "Bullet." Then there were the only roles in low-budget trash-action films. In 2003, Robert Rodriguez returned Rourke screens, inviting addition to the film "Once in Mexico", and in 2005 he played a role in the cult film "Sin City", the work just three directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino . But the truly triumphant return to the screens Rourke was the role in the movie "The Wrestler", where the actor played the role of a wrestler nicknamed Taran. In an interview, the actor admitted that before the sitting of 10 years without a job and am very happy for giving him a chance. After this film directed again remembered about Mickey Rourke. In 2010, he starred in such films as "Iron Man 2," "Thirteen," "The Expendables." Since then, the actor regularly removed, considering that his main role he has not played. In 2014, screens out two tapes with its participation - the continuation of "Sin City" and the thriller "Skin Trade," where Mickey Rourke will play a major role.

Steven "Nico" Segal, 61 years

In the movie, Steven Seagal was by accident. In his school of martial arts trained some of Hollywood stars (Sean Connery, for example), which helped in the Steven Seagal film productions. One of these students, the director of a big Hollywood agency Ovitts Michael, was impressed with the skill of Steven Seagal and invited him to play in his film "Above the Law," the role of a tough cop Nico. The film was very successful, grossed $ 30 million with a budget of seven million. This was followed by thriller "Death Defying," where he played, in fact, the same Nico - Los Angeles detective Mason Storm, avenging his enemies. In general, almost all his first films Seagal playing the characters of the same type - tough police, avenging any other, either for the family or for yourself. Two years later, on wide screens out thriller Andrew Davis "Under Siege" - the only film in the career of Segal, nominated for "Oscar". Three years later, the history of marine Reybeka Casey gets a sequel. If the first part of the hero Segal alone fighting with the terrorists who seized a ship carrying nuclear weapons, in the second film, his character is also single-handedly confronted the terrorists who seized a train, which he was a passenger. In 1996, two more film with Seagal: "Executive Decision" and "flickering". In the first actor he played a secondary role, where in the middle of the film his character is killed. In the second picture Segal appears to the viewer in the usual way of Superman, which is without a miss firing and showing techniques of martial arts, it deals with the Russian mafia. Starring in two films Steven Seagal delves into Buddhism. Three years of the actor was not heard: he shuttled somewhere between Los Angeles and South-East Asia. But the need to improve the budget back actor in a movie in 2001 on the screens out two films with his participation: "Clockwork" and "Exit Wounds." In the next eight years, most films with the participation Segal did not come out on the wide screen, limited video rentals. In 2010, already a little half-forgotten actor shone in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete", playing a characteristic not for himself, but one of the most prominent in the film and his interest in the creative biography of the role. This year on the screens out two more films with the actor: the thriller "Leaky Street" and the thriller "punitive force".

Jean Claude Van Damme, 53 years

His first major film role karateka, kickboxer and bodybuilder Van Damme was in the movie "No retreat, no surrender," playing Russian fighter Ivan Krashinskogo. Two years later, no one not known if Van Damme came to office producer Menahem Golan, and after much persuasion got the role in the movie "Bloodsport". The picture was a huge success, collecting over $ 30 million with a budget of one million, and made a novice actor new star fighters. His image in the film served as a prototype for the character Johnny Cage in the computer game Mortal Kombat. Subsequent films of the actor, such as "Cyborg," "Kickboxer," "AWOL", "Death Warrant" and "Double Impact" consolidated its success. Then came the iconic "Universal Soldier", which put Van Damme on a par with Stallone and Schwarzenegger. The years passed and Van Damme grew as an actor, and his participation in the action movie was a guarantor of the quality of the picture. The style of karate with the mastery of his feet and with invariable display of classical twine heroes Van Damme is different from the others. In January 2010 came the third part of the blockbuster "Universal Soldier", the main role in which performed, of course, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. If you are going to shoot his "Expendables" Stallone asked Van Damme for the role. But the actor refused, saying that it is absolutely meaningless. But the shooting of the sequel blockbuster actor agreed. In August of 2012 on the screens out "The Expendables 2", where Van Damme played the role of the main villain. In May this year on the screens released another film with the actor in the title role - thriller "Eagle Road", where Van Damme played another tough guy, certainly not the last of his career.

Bruce "Die Hard" Willis, 58 years

In a recent interview with one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, Bruce Willis admitted that he was tired of great fighters, but he is quite happy with the money that it brings movies of this genre. "The explosions - the most boring part of my job. As already seen enough of fireball, they are not concerned. I understand that part of my audience loves the explosions, but to be honest, I'm already tired of it, "- says the actor of the film that brought him the most fame. Early in his acting career, the actor had a few years to play lesser-known theaters and perform bit parts in television productions. In the late 80s it drew attention and was invited to appear in the series' Detective Agency "Moonlight." World famous actor brought his legendary "Die Hard", the fifth of which is titled "A Good Day to Die Hard" was released in February this year. Behind Bruce also hit in 1991, "Hudson Hawk", where the actor played the lead role and co-wrote the script. I play the hero's single consolidated actor of films like "The Fifth Element" and "Voskhod Mercury," "Twelve Monkeys." The next stage of his career "action hero №1» has become a blockbuster Michael Bay's "Armageddon." (The other day there was a parody of the film.) In 1999, Willis decides to abandon the procedure podnadoevshego his role and plays a psychologist at one of the highest grossing films in history - the film "The Sixth Sense." Then, by securing success, Bruce removed as a comedy actor in films such as "The Whole Nine Yards" and "The Kid." But all the same "brave boys" Willis closer - in 2005 on the screens out "Hostage", "Sin City" and "Lucky Number Slevin". Five years later, the audience welcomed its hero in his usual way: the movie "RED" Willis plays a former CIA agent Frank Moses, had departed to rest, but forced to return. Without Bruce, of course, it was not "The Expendables" - the actor starred in the second part and perhaps take part in the third, if the contract is about the size of the fee. This summer, the screens came the sequel "RED" and next summer is expected to continue "Sin City." And there is not far off and the sixth part of the "Die Hard". Though the actor and said that the heroes of his fighters to be fed, the audience in no hurry to agree with him, and each time enthusiastically go to a movie where Bruce Willis with weapons at the ready again, someone rescues.



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