History of the Kremlin stars (24 photos)

The stars on the towers of the Kremlin appeared not so long ago. Until 1935 in the heart of the country of victorious socialism still adorned gilded characters tsarist double-headed eagles. Under the cut is not an easy story Kremlin stars and eagles.

Since the 1600s the four towers of the Kremlin (the Trinity, the Saviour, and Nicholas Borovitskaya) decorated with symbols of the Russian state - the huge gilded two-headed eagles. Eagles these are not perched on the spire of the centuries - they change quite often (after all, still some researchers argue from what they were material - metal or gilded wood; there is evidence that the body of some eagles - if not all - it was wooden, and other details - metal, but it is logical to assume that those first two-headed birds, were made entirely of wood).

This fact - the fact of the constant rotation of capstan jewelry - to remember, because it was he who later will play a major role during the replacement of the Eagles at the stars.

In the first years of Soviet power all the double-headed eagles in the country were destroyed, all except four. Four gilded eagle sitting on the towers of the Moscow Kremlin. The issue of replacing the royal eagles red stars on the Kremlin towers repeatedly arose soon after the revolution. However, this change was associated with high expenditures and therefore could not be held in the first years of Soviet power.

A real opportunity to allocate funds for the installation of the stars on the Kremlin towers appeared much later. In 1930, he appealed to the artists and art Igor Grabar asking you to set artistic and historical value Kremlin eagles. He said: & quot; ... none of the currently existing on the Kremlin towers eagles is not an ancient monument and as such can not defend & quot ;.

Parade of 1935. The Eagles flies look like Maxim Gorky and spoil the celebration of Soviet power.


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