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"Weep, weep, dance, dance, run from me, I - your tears ...." It Eva Polna with his song pushed me to create the post of weeping stars. Squeeze out the pain and the tears in the film, certainly not easy, but professional actors should do it brilliantly. Moreover, they are obliged to make the audience empathize with them. I can say frankly - some actors it does not, well, I do not believe it and that's it, but there are other actors who are able to shed a tear, not a dust in the eyes. As far as I know, this has already been published, but she was crying about the celebrity life, not in the movie. I propose to look at the tearful actors in films.

So there you go!

Angelina Jolie in the film Girl, Interrupted (Girl, Interrupted). I watched the movie and the game was subdued acting Jolie. In my opinion it is "Girl, Interrupted" and "Gia" - its two most powerful film of his career.

Megan Fox in the film Jennifer's Body (Jennifer's Body). This film also managed to see it, but I did not play Megan caught. I looked over at her appearance as a brilliant actor's game, I did not notice.

Jared Leto in the film Requiem for a Dream (Requiem for a Dream). I believed in the story, shown in the tape, from beginning to end. Actor Jared out, just like a musician, good. "A talented person is talented in everything!" - Is about it.

Edward Norton in the movie Fight Club (Fight Club). The film itself, I was not looking, but really wanted to (hopefully, more will drop the opportunity to evaluate the game Pitt and Norton). Looking at the photo and the desire to gradually disappears - like Stanislavsky would say "do not believe it!».

Dakota Fanning in the movie Man on Fire (Anger). Game Dakota in this film is perfect! I can not bear to see tears of children, so she started to cry at this point.

Mel Gibson in the film Signs (Signs). The film I watched, but the harsh Gibson turned the man's tears to impress me.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Basketball Diaries (The Basketball Diaries). This film, too, I was not looking, but I love DiCaprio as an actor. "Titanic" and "The Beginning" - two films that should be in the collection of every cinephile, about "The Basketball Diaries," I doubt it, but crying Leo chic. I trust him 100%.

Thomas Jane in the film The Mist (Mist). This actor, I do not know much, but the film is stunning (although the book is even more good). The moment the heavy, although the photo seems a bit ridiculous.

Helena Bonham Carter in the movie Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Flynn Street). I love this actress! Any role it is beautiful! Sweeney Todd, I started to look only for Depp, but turned off in the middle (not my genre).

Brad Pitt in the movie Se7en (Seven). I'm going to see this movie in the coming days, the reviews about it, as far as I know, most of them are positive, so expect a good impression. Pitt just great weeping.

Thandie Newton in the movie Crash (Collision). Insincere, but the film is good.

Liv Tyler in the movie Armageddon (Armageddon). The film is not seen but Liv just beautiful! She wept very sincerely, we can say "live the role." Well done.

John Cusack in the film 1408. Shamefully film was not looking, but I know that many people liked it. I'll have a look. Judging by the photo film is not easy.

Natalie Portman in the movie V for Vendetta (V for Vendetta). I love Natalie as an actress, I believe that it is one of those who have given to the role until the end. "Leon", "The Other Boleyn Girl," "The Black Swan" - everywhere she cries and does it well, and if I may say so, "qualitatively».

Jennifer Connelly in the film Requiem for a Dream (Requiem for a Dream). It is a pity that in addition to this film, I have not watched films with the participation of the actress. Oh well it plays. I empathize with her character, and when in the end there was such an orgy me it was truly sorry. Jennifer cries beautifully.

Ryan Reyndols in "Buried." I watched this movie in the wake of general admiration, but the film is empty. I absolutely did not like it. Ryan normal as an actor, but to the same DiCaprio as far as China ...

Johnny Depp in the movie Public Enemies (Public Enemies). I watched a lot of movies with Johnny and I can say for sure - he is a brilliant actor. This film, I was not looking, and no particular desire. Crying on the photo Johnny somehow "girly," but I do not know may be so conceived ...

Marion Cotillard in the film Public Enemies (Public Enemies). With creativity Marion I especially do not know, but she was crying sincerely.

Bruce Willis film Armageddon (Armageddon). Nut crying and it's so cute ... The film did not look, but the scene is awesome.

Michael Pena in the movie Crash (Collision). Very emotional. Somehow, apparently pictured Michael recalls Chadova.

Will Smith in the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness." Smith is not exactly the same as an actor. Crying, he truly "really».

Adrien Brody in the film "Experiment". Awesome movie! Brody after this role has become one of my favorites. Strong actor - not subtract or add.

Ben Barnes in "Dorian Gray." This actor is well fit into the atmosphere of the film, but acting talent, I do not see it. I do not believe you, do not believe it!

Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line." As an actress Reese I do not like, but the woman she apparently good, kind and sweet.

Joaquin Phoenix in "Walk the Line." Like Joaquin dripped water under the eyes ... I do not believe his tears.


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