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Today, we propose to make a little trip to the past, where you will see what celebrities were at the end of high school graduating class. Some are recognizable at once, and some do not like the present.

A graduate of 1986, Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), studied at the usual New York School in the Bronx - Preston High School.

Future actor Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) graduated from high school in Masapekve, NY, a decade earlier.

Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) to discharge 1987, has not changed much. She studied at Harborfields High School, town Grinloun, NY.

Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) graduated from high school in 1982 in Springfield. The boy grew up in a fairly religious family.

Rogers Nelson (Rogers Nelson) has become one of the graduate schools of Minneapolis in 1972, the year. Oh yes, then everyone will know his name Prince.

In the senior year, many said that Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis) is similar to the young Charles Dickens. A young resident of the town Pence Grove, New Jersey, and later became not a scientist.

Charlie Sheen (Charlie Sheen) has always been a promising boy. Even in the distant 1983, when he graduated from school in Santa Monica, California.

In this picture taken in 1971, few people would say that this is a graduate of Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington). Nevertheless, it is. He graduated from high school in Daytona Beach, Florida.

That's the "patlachom" was George Clooney (George Clooney) in the discharge of 1976 th year. He did not curve. In that year, the guy had facial paralysis. George attended school in Augusta, Kentucky.

Halle Berry (Halle Berry) was quite chubby graduate of Bedford High School in 1984, in the town of Bedford, Ohio.

Handsome Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford). 1960 Year. Release Maine Township East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois.

Jon Hamm (Jon Hamm) - star of TV series "Mad MenĀ» (Mad Men). A graduate of John Burroughs School in St. Louis, 1989-th year.

Voight Angelina (Angelina Voight) is now studied at the legendary Beverly Hills High School. A graduate of 1991 was the daughter of the actor and the end of school to concentrate on trade patterns.

Mezers Marshall (Marshall Mathers) has always been famous for their thirst for knowledge of something new. A graduate of Lincoln High School in 1989, he was an ordinary boy from Warren, Michigan. Now we know it by name Eminem.

Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks) did not like either students or teachers, so in 1974 the year for graduate Skyline High School, in Oakland, California, was joyous.

Cheerful Courteney Cox (Courteney Cox) looks wide-eyed graduates of Mountain Brook High School, Mountain Brook, Alabama, in 1982.

Last graduate today - Musician Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen). In the yard in 1967-th year student and Freehold Regional High School, in Freehold, New Jersey, awaits a great life ahead.

Photo by Seth Poppel


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