Older than - better?

Absolutely every person can become older and, accordingly, change the look. From aging is impossible to escape, but it really can be slowed with the help of various cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, to which celebrities have resorted increasingly.

As you know, the stars are people too, and time does not spare anyone. Some people manage to maintain a decent view to old age, and someone becomes totally different from his former self by the age of 40. Sometimes we do not notice, because almost every day we see new photos of celebrities, and do not have time to evaluate how they have changed. But they vary quite strongly.

There is only a small selection of photos of celebrities, which is great proof that time passes very quickly and it's not going to stop. It may be some changes to the celebrities you like, as there is a perception that over the years have creative people there is some zest, and perhaps some of the stars repel you with the changes that they have to first of all plastic surgery.

Kylie Minogue

Reese Witherspoon

Michael Douglas

George Clooney

Miley Cyrus

Demi Moore

Tom Cruise

Angelina Jolie

Nicolas Cage

Jennifer Lopez

David Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Halle Berry

Melanie Griffith

Hilary Duff

Marilyn Manson

Sarah Jessica Parker


Lindsay Lohan

Justin Timberlake

Zac Efron

Cheryl Cole

Dita Von Teese-

Pamela Anderson

Elizabeth Hurley

Paris Hilton

Johnny Depp

Kelly Le Brock

Scarlett Johannson

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Al Pacino

Celine Dion

Sandra Bullock

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Aniston

Katie Holmes

Hugh Hefner

Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel

Cameron Diaz


Megan Fox


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