Marine reptiles (30 photos)

As we promised you, and this week will be a very unusual collection. Though the selection is called "marine reptiles," but we will focus on the most bizarre deep-sea creatures. Many of these creatures have been discovered only in the 20th century, as live at great depths. We already went "horror waters", but there is a strange sea creatures were not signed, and many thought it was Photoshop. No, just the amazing creations of nature.

Macropinna Microstoma (lat. Macropinna microstoma). Photo Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Anoplogaster cornuta (lat. Anoplogaster cornuta). Photo David Wrobel

Embryo brown cat shark (lat. Apristurus brunneus). Photo David Wrobel

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Squid pig (lat. Helicocranchia pfefferi). Photo David Wrobel

Kranhiid (lat. Cranchiidae). Photo David Wrobel

Giant ostracods (lat. Gigantocypris agassizii). Photo David Wrobel

Tsikloton (lat. Cyclothone). Photo David Wrobel

Gonatid (lat. Gonatidae). Photo David Wrobel

Atoll (lat. Atolla wyvillei). Photo David Wrobel

Gistiotevtio (lat. Histioteuthis heteropsis). Photo David Wrobel

Fish-ax (lat. Sternoptyx obscura). Photo David Wrobel

Chёrnotely iglorot (lat. Stomias atriventer). Photo David Wrobel

Perifilla (lat. Periphylla periphylla). Photo David Wrobel

Polar ptihogastriya (lat. Ptychogastria polaris). Photo David Wrobel

Sculptural poliheles (lat. Polycheles sculptus). Photo David Wrobel

Atlantic idiakant (lat. Idiacanthus atlanticus). Photo David Wrobel

California gladkogolov (lat. Alepocephalus tenebrosus). Photo David Wrobel

Gladkogolov (lat. Alepocephalus). Photo David Wrobel

Mandibular likodapus (lat. Lycodapus mandibularis). Photo David Wrobel

Pacific hauliod (lat. Chauliodus macouni). Photo David Wrobel

Platypus eel rookie (lat. Facciolella gilbertii). Photo David Wrobel

Psychedelic fish-frog (lat. Histiophryne psychedelica). Photo David Hall

Luna-fish (lat. Mola mola). Photo Franco Banfi

Plaschenosets (lat. Chlamydoselachus anguineus). Photo Awashima Marine Park / Getty Images

Tons angler (lat. Caulophryne polynema). Photos BBC

Ambon scorpionfish (lat. Pteroidichthys amboinensis). Photo Roger Steene

Rag-pickers (lat. Phycodurus eques). Photo lecates / Flickr

Fish-drop (lat. Psychrolutes marcidus). Photo Kerryn Parkinson



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