Yandex found that it was the Russians and Ukrainians were asked about the end of the world

Ukrainian and Russian users of Yandex search actively sought another "end of the world" at the end of October. And by the last week of November was asking about him for more than 15 thousand times a day. In December the daily amount of queries went up to almost 20 thousand.

66% of all user requests about the end of the world is a fairly General questions without specifying, for example, [doomsday 2012], or [news about the end of the world]. Approximately 17% of the cases, users want to know what will be if at all: [the end of the world 2012 December 21 what will happen in Ukraine], [Chi true kinets svitu scho bude]. 3% of queries about the end of the world is the question of the exact date and time of the event: [when the world would end], [21 Dec 2012 end of the world how much]. 2% — trying to find information about "the abolition of the" end of the world: [end of the world 2012 is canceled], [the end of the world in 2012 will not].

The remaining requests (about 12%) is search movies, TV shows, music, jokes, statuses and dreams of the apocalyptic theme: [end of the world 2012 video], [looking for a friend for the end of the world watch online]. Approximately every eighth request about the doomsday Yandex users want to know the opinion of different reputable sources. Most often searched for reviews of all kinds of psychics and clairvoyants (about 5% of all queries), for example, [end of the world December 21 2012 prediction of Vanga]. On the second place on popularity (3%) the Oracle of Shambhala, the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan monks: [the end of the world December 21 prophecy of Tibetan lamas].

Further, approximately 1% of the queries posed questions to scientists [end of the world December 21 2012 scientific opinion], and also to representatives of world religions [the end of the world according to the Bible], [what the Church says about end of the world]. The opinion of the initiators of this event, Mayan users were interested only in 0.7% of queries — [end of the world 2012 Maya].

Met and unusual requests – for example, [the end of the world reviews], [devices online at the end of the world], [if doomsday is expected in 2012-m year, and the Sochi Olympics in 2014, then why are so many money to spend?], [skazhyte please the truth is that will 10, the end of the world], [the end of the world the Tibetan Lama], [the world will not end, I still didn't marry], [approximate border who will suffer at the end of the world], [the base of the shelter from the end of the world the oligarchs], [courses in damage control at the end of the world].

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