Multitest multivarok: what to buy IT-person, if you want pilaf and borscht

We have repeatedly been proposals multivarok testing, but until that time, we will give them up - well, what can this tell us about Multivarki. However, the proposal continued to arrive, and after about 5-6 letters edition Box Overview thought, and decided to do not just test one Multivarki and global comparison test 8 multivarok lower price segment from different brands.

In our test involved 8 multivarok from companies Vitek (VT-4209), Kitfort (KT-201), Scarlett (SL-MC411S01), Polaris (PMC 0527D), Rolsen (RMC-5500D), Redmond (RMC-250), Philips (HD2173) and Panasonic (SR-MHS181).

We will not tell you about the design - you can see in the photos, we will not specify the presence of a container to collect the condensate - in it he gets only in rare cases, we will not talk about "the effect of the Russian stove" and other marketing husks, which are so fond of sellers.
We will talk about more interesting things - the convenience of management, the quality of the recipes from the set of physical and chemical side of the cooking process, about the types of non-stick coatings, on the real, not the marketing functional and that have multivarok inside.

What is multivarka? Chips and functions
H4> To begin with, what a multivarka? Bowl with a heater and a temperature sensor. In fact, multivarka different from the pan on the stove only this sensor (well, and even the brain that turns on and off heating depending on the sensor and the cooking program)
These components are constructed multivarok 95%. But the devil is in the details - just multivarka and they differ from each other.
So - on the "skeleton", consisting of a heater, a temperature sensor and electronics manufacturer put in various additional chips. What?

H5> The easiest chip, which is the most multivarok, so do not get fooled by a large inscription "replaces the steamer" - multivarka without this line will be like Multivarki with the inscription, but without inscriptions. In short, the steamer is everywhere, because it is simple, cheap in production and demand. It consists of a plastic grid, which is inserted into the cup Multivarki. At the bottom is filled with water and placed on the grill products, multivarka put in the mode of soup. Some have a separate treatment, but it is no different from the soup - support the boiling point when the temperature rises above 100 ° turn off the heater and pischim - means the water has boiled away. I think most multivarok simply include a heater at full power, a figure greater than the boiling point temperature rises. Although, in theory, can adaptively control the power - keep the water on the verge of boiling, but avoid too active seething because of the strong boil faster it is cooked. This will save energy for cooking, and allow less water to refill.

H5> deep-fried - cooking food in boiling oil, a more complex mode. The oil should have a temperature of from 140 ° to 190 °, which depends on the size of the pieces and the product. With too little oil temperature will be impregnated product at too high - the crust will burn, and the insides remain raw. In principle, the deep-fried can be prepared in any Multivarki (as in the pan on a conventional stove) - put the frying mode (it too is in any Multivarki), pour more oil and when oil begins to rise from the weak smoke - throw what you will fry. During frying visually monitor the formation of a crust after cooking to catch pieces of butter with a spoon.
But it is much more convenient to do it in those Multivarki in which there is a separate mode frying - action required is much less. Fill with oil, turn on, wait until multivarka pisknet, signaling that the desired temperature is reached, throw food, wait for another squeak (usually in this mode has a timer, which eliminates the need to monitor the state of the crust), ready to pull out pieces with a a special device, which is a mesh basket with detachable handle.

Of course, they can not replace a special fryer, primarily because of low power. In multivarok power is usually less than a kilowatt, and fryers - a half to two and a half. Because of the low power is constrained by the mass of raw foods preparation and continuity - Multivarki need to do intervals between meals for a period of up to five minutes to allow the oil has had time to dial the desired temperature at low heater.
However, the function of frying quite cope with the tasks of preparing couple servings of fries and nuggets from the store, such as these:

By the way, they're delicious.

H5> Yogurt is prepared at temperatures of 38-42 ° from 5 to 7 hours, so at home without additional equipment to cook it is problematic - stove and oven can not keep such a small temperature for a long time. Of course, man is capable of anything, so yogurt is cooked in a large pot with water, which is periodically heated on the stove (plenty of water - less heated), in the oven, under a blanket in the pan, wrapped heating pad, in a bottle on the battery, and so on. The problem is that these methods do not provide a controlled results, and fans yogurt sooner or later come to Yoghurt. Or Multivarki with such a function. Manufacturer Multivarki this function does not cost anything (except time developer, but who believes in the production of the party - on estimates, per multivarku it will cost much cheaper per page manual), but not all include it in the supply multivarok.
Only some of these manufacturers include a set Multivarki portioned cups of yogurt, even though they are very convenient if you make yogurt on a regular basis - with the lid closed yogurt can easily be stored in the refrigerator for a few days (depending on the type of milk and ferments), and if you prepare a liter of yogurt in a bowl straight Multivarki, it is advisable to eat it within 12 hours.

However, cups, if not complete, easily replaced by small glass jars, which are convenient in that they have reusable airtight lid.
Here here you can read about yogurt Habre more.

Pressure Cooker
H5> Cooker - a device that prepares the product at an elevated pressure - of about two atmospheres (such as in a car tire). The very high blood pressure does not matter much, much more important that at this pressure the boiling point of water is increased to 120 °, which allows you to prepare meals quickly (this is especially noticeable in the preparation of any cereals - instead of 30-40 minutes of cooking, they are ready in 10 minutes ). Another small plus is the tightness of the internal volume - due to the lack of oxidation of the green retains its color and kind of like vitamins (such as, because no studies conducted, but believe that it is). For some, this is important.
Identify Multivarki function pressure cooker can be serious for fastening the cover (two superheated steam atmosphere - this is no joke) and the top flap, which has two positions - open and closed.
The function is quite useful, but not universal. If we consider the fact that it Multivarki are usually more expensive, it is necessary to think before you buy - whether it is necessary?

H5> How can you not remember the legendary post Meklon about hlebushek ? In general, the bread is not very difficult to do, but it makes it much more convenient in the oven than in any Multivarki. The program is a simple - to a smooth rise in temperature (to lift the test), then sudden acceleration - to get a crust at the same time not to drop off or wither test.
Problem multivarok in size bowl and low power heater (or rather, in a poor heat transfer). Multivarka their one point heater can not uniformly heat the entire volume of the dough in the bowl, and we get a loaf of bread, which bottom a little burnt on top milky-white crust dried up, and inside - the raw pulp. In short, depends on the design, and even if Multivarki says that it is possible to bake, do not expect that it will be able to cook real bread or bread, perhaps, the most that happens - casserole or pie.
More or less, you can bake bread in Multivarki multiple heaters, it is called ...

multizone heating
H5> He 3D-heating, 4D-heating, 5D-heating, depending on the sick imagination marketer. Meaning in any case, one - to the bottom heater is added to another, located on the perimeter of the bowl. Sometimes (very occasionally) added to it the third heater - in the lid. Second heater when needed programs, implying a uniform distribution of heat - bread, cheese, yogurt and so on. Upper heater - only to create a crust IR radiation.

Induction heating
H5> Индукционный heating - when it does not heat the cup heater, as she basks in it from the induced eddy currents. The same principle applies to a индукционных cookers . At the bottom is not an ordinary heater, which in spiral nichrome, but such a tricky dish to tens of kilohertz.

This, however, is not the insides Multivarki and plates, but the meaning is the same. If simplify, the induction heating system - a transformer as a short-circuited second winding which acts as a bowl or saucepan on multivarku plate
Pros: at least one heater and it heats very evenly due to the large area and power distribution on the thick walls of the bowl. Cons: there are usually only in top models multivarok whose price starts at 15k. And she makes a noise fan.

Ceramic coating bowl
H5> Unlike the traditional Teflon, ceramic coating more solid and scratch-resistant. However, the coating of Teflon initially more slippery, but ceramic lasts longer, and is not easily scratched forks, knives.
Distinguish if it is not written on the box, it is very easy - ceramics more smooth and shiny, matte Teflon.

H5> A strange name that indicates only that you can not just use the standard recipes, but also make your own - to set the temperature, heating time, delay time, while maintaining the warm and all that. The biggest problem here is that it's all programmed is not the most intuitive way.

H5> Su-kind - a cooking foods at low temperature in a sealed package. Meaning that the first, say, a big piece of meat evenly warms up and cooked at a low temperature, and then quickly fried in a pan. The result is a completely perfect propechёnny piece of meat with a thin, not burnt crust.
Not all Multivarki able to do so, much less write about it on the packaging or in the instructions. If you need this mode, it is necessary to look at the instructions in the section "multipovar" - there should be written the minimum temperature which can be set. Unfortunately, a large number of manufacturers have a minimum temperature of about 90 degrees, which is too much for Suvid.
Usually implies Suvid temperature between 50 ° and 80 ° - 50 begins below a comfortable environment for the bacteria, but above 80 - normal cooking.

Keeping food warm
H5> This is the function that is in all Multivarki. However, sometimes it would be better if it was not. In some Multivarki can not advance to disable maintenance of temperature after cooking. In this case, the preparation of meals that can burn on, have to wait for the end of cooking, standing at Multivarki to turn it off. If soup dozen or more minutes of heating are unlikely to have a value, for more sensitive foods it may be unacceptable - a thick porridge or cereal can burn slightly lower.
Understand whether there is a problem with this Multivarki functions can be easily on reviews on Yandex-market - usually wind the only positive reviews, so if more than 2-3 to Multivarki reviews complaining of burning of such multivarku better not to take.

Delay cooking and built-in clock
H5> Delay preparation need to throw in the evening multivarku products, and in the morning to get ready-made meal. After a specified time multivarka automatically wakes up and starts to prepare for a given program. I myself do not use this function, but in general it is demanded.
Delay preparing itself - a handy feature, but without the hours Multivarki you will have to install it relative to the current time, ie, "Including 10 hours." And if there Multivarki hours, where you can put the current time, then set the delay will be much more comfortable in the format "including 11 in the morning." If you have an important function delay cooking, then pay attention to the internal clock.

About Physics

Why laundry drying on the street, while being cooled? As pressure cooker cooks faster pans? Why do carbon dioxide fire extinguishers gauge shows "fueled - no charge", and the gas cylinders - a precise pressure? What is a boil? How does the bubble chamber? H5>
 If you can not immediately answer the question why the saturated vapor pressure of water at 100 degrees is 1 atmosphere, or want to know the answers to the questions above, then this sidebar for you. If you know all this, poke here , to let physics.

Saturated steam
H5> I suspect, all (or almost all) studied physics at school. And certainly the phrase "saturated steam" is familiar to you. Well, if you are not familiar, by its very name, you can vaguely guess what they mean - saturated steam, this is a steam ... which is no longer climbs shorter.
In general, it is correct. Take, for example, water. If the water container is on the table, the water evaporates slowly - the thermal motion of the molecules are periodically pushes the water molecules in the air, where they are entrained by air currents. And, do not fly anyhow which molecules of water, and only the fastest, which are able to overcome the attraction of neighboring particles. There are such molecules, for example, because adding motion vectors in collisions between molecules. In other words, when one molecule of beating on the other, there are situations in which the first molecule is slowed down, and the second was accelerated. Here it is, and can fly out of the solution. Since the water molecule remains slow and fast somewhere departed, the sum of the energies of the molecules of the liquid decreased - the water was cold.

On SFII can be seen that a particle can move as quickly and others slowly, despite the fact that the total energy does not change.

If the next set fan, the water begins to evaporate faster because a strong flow of air will make all the molecules that were out of the solution, even those who could go back, following his chaotic movement. And if you close the water tank cap?
Everyone knows that water in a closed bottle to evaporate. Why, because the movement of molecules left, and the boundary between the media too. For some time the amount of water still will decrease - from the solution as well take off the water molecules, and the evaporation rate is not reduced under any circumstances. But rather to establish a balance - in the air above the liquid will be many molecules of water, the amount of emitted molecules will be equal to the number of returned, those that are influenced by these same forces of thermal motion, went back into solution. Such a state of matter above the surface of the solution is called saturated steam.
Joke Saturated steam - this is where to go ashore as many people as you rise to the ferry.

The number of molecules in a closed volume above the liquid is determined only by the thermal energy - the larger it is, the more the molecules are in the air. However, the evaporation itself reduces the thermal energy of the fluid. Theoretically, the water evaporates, can freeze, but the indoor environment you do not see - with decreasing evaporation temperature decreases activity, and on the other hand the cold water absorbs more energy from warm air, and so ultimately does not reach freezing temperatures. See what the water temperature reaches at free evaporation can be psychrometric tables - wet bulb temperature is the temperature, and the dry bulb temperature, as you can guess, the same air temperature.

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