refers to the fact that you buy in grocery stores Given the ubiquity not advertised chemical additives, the use of genetically modified raw materials and other nasty things, you need to very carefully. This article provides some guidelines for choosing healthy foods.

First, start with the fact that determine the presence of GMOs in the product laboratory is difficult. There is a huge error. It's time.

And two - that is what the very technique of definition is far from perfect. Gene integrated in a particular region of DNA. And if, for example, gene is inserted incorrectly, it is not allotted link, then it will not detect. Just as the inserted gene does not detect any other type GM body - because it is a different gene, and inserted into another unit. And they are looking for a specific line.

Well, for example. Take the potatoes. GM potato with a gene scorpion. Once in the laboratory, where the first thing to check how many registered species of GM potatoes permitted for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation. For example, 3. One - a snowdrop gene embedded in one part of the chain, the other - with the crocodile genome embedded in a completely different place, and the third with the gene of the Colorado potato beetle, embedded in a prime area of ​​DNA. Thus, even if your precise GMO potatoes, but this type of GMO certification is not received, the scorpion gene never determine. Just because through the entire strand of DNA and test it thoroughly on all kinds of invariant insert - a task almost impossible! Anyway, it is so expensive and prolonged in time, that is unrealistic.

And now - attention. In Russia, very few species registered and permitted to sell GM products.

But it does not mean that in the RUSSIAN LITTLE GMOs. It only means that its in our laboratories ALMOST impossible to identify.

So, forget about labeling. We'll go another way.

To begin, you should understand that the Russian Federation is prohibited GROWING GM products, but allowed its sale to the public. Naturally, our land they needed bastards, and we ourselves - ballast, from which they are trying to get rid

. Therefore, products grown on state farms of the Russian Federation - is not likely to GM products. If farms buy seeds from a reliable source, or use their own seed fund - it's exactly clean look

. However, the problem is that today, the state farms is almost gone. All the land bought or rented by foreign agricultural holdings (of course, registered in the Russian Uncle Vasya). So, these agricultural holdings are sowing and planting in our outright disgusting. And sprinkled liberally same muck.

Especially in the case of the lease. Take the land for 5 years, and killing is thorough during this time. All sorts of GMOs, fertilizers, growth hormones and Roundup.

Basically, this product was recycled - in chips, for example, whether canning, soups and fast food, briquette cooking ... etc.

Because people used to such vegetables and fruits are not taken. While more were normal, and people can compare and choose. Therefore, try to buy as little as possible semi-finished products - meat dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, pizza, etc. These products are usually just crammed with transgenes.

However, now the quality of vegetables is almost gone. In private farmers just did, which is becoming less and less. Again, how conscientious they are, and what seeds buy? .. Basically, everything is taught GMO shnoy poison, and in any case in their regions muck do not trade. If cultivated muck - that are going to sell out of the house. By the way, in our country it is still cultivated a sufficient number of really high-quality, branded products. Just all of it is exported. And to us in exchange for imported GMOs.

Now for the specific products.

I am convinced that supermarkets sell mostly poison. In any case, the imported products that fall into our hypernetwork - are products of major food transkorporatsy. It is foolish to think that the food they may be genuine. Traditional Russian farmers on the counter hypermarket will not get. For example, CROSSROADS took your product, you need to pay several thousand dollars bribe. The same is true with the other networks. However, substantially all of our traditional non-GMO cereals. In particular, food peas and beans. Till. (Not talking about green peas).

Wheat is already starting to buy the US GMO - and their quality for the export driven. Basically, wheat we still is good. Like flour, and pasta. Fig. Question. Krasnodar seems natural. Dear rice varieties, famous, too real. Basmatti example. Any there steamed-grinding -. In serious doubt

Buckwheat. The ideal cereal. Grech is valuable because of its genetic modification does not work. )) One word - blissful food

. The same is true of cabbage. No GMO her. Can not be. Therefore, eat safely. Simmer and cook, make salads, kvaste, bake, gnaw the leaves ... It's so useful! Especially for our region.

All other crops are genetically modified.

So how do they still identify?

Let's start then with fruit. Fruit trees in the former Soviet Union most definitely not GMO. Therefore, you can take and the Russian apples, tangerines and Abkhaz, Uzbek and pomegranates, grapes and cherries ... Russian, berry ... it is our, native and natural.

But with the countries of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Israel, India, China, Latin America, Argentina, USA, Canada, Europe was not so rosy. There transgenes are grown for a long time. Bananas transgenes, oranges, kiwi, grapes, and further down the list ... Finishing corn, tomatoes and green peas. Therefore, I do not advise you to risk. Yes, avocado, like has real - and smell good and taste are expressed, and pineapples are good ... there ... but run up ...

Strawberry import just do not come to us naturally. You know yourself - the smell and how much is from the garden strawberries. Or my grandmother a basket. It has nothing to do with what is called a strawberry and sold in stores. This, incidentally, is one of the basic rules: a natural product smells. Ambrosial smells. He smells. GMO or smells, or smells "as something not so" unpleasant. That you like, for example, the smell of bananas? I do not. I lived in Egypt for a long time, and know how to smell THIS bananas. It is the same with taste. Natural product tasty. He wants to eat. GMOs - has a taste, something repulsive

. Remember this rule. If you purchased the product, but the taste of it you seem repulsive, nasty, tasteless - do not eat it. This is a sure sign of poison. It will not bring you health.

A few words about China.

I'd Chinese products would not have bought. In addition to the dried seaweed. Everything else they have is questionable. Even tea GMOs. Exactly GM Chinese pears. In the state where they are, these pears are grown, all the bees have died out. And they are these pear his hand pollinate. Tobacco is tobacco GMO many years ago, China began its transgenization.

Yes, here's another important point. GM products are sterile. And she has a weak growth momentum, or does not have it. That is, if you eat a tangerine and a bone in it already contains the germ of green living, is a real tangerine. And he is full of vitality. This is true with respect to all products. Potatoes, if it comes to growth - already a good indicator. It is not likely to GMOs. And certainly not treated with radiation. Yes, right now to store his potato crop commercially irradiated with radiation. To germinate. And then in the spring we sell.

With regard to cheese and jelly. In general, now in the cheese began to add GM starter. By the way, Oltermani also in doubt. Because wherever written microbiological starter - we are talking about GM bacteria. GM ferment almost all the cream. The best option - cream (sour cream) from a private thrush. Exactly modified whole milk products poses with "BIO". Biokefir, bioyoghurts, etc. I looked certificates. This GM components.

Soy modified whole. Do not believe that you are selling a good. Just as milk powder, cream powder. They soy milk is almost always razbavleny.Soya there in candy, batochnikah. Pastry dishes - cakes in the vegetable cream - it's GM soya cream. Badyazhat the same curd. Read carefully the composition. Try the taste. Find one good, and stay on it. Or buy from private owners.

One of the most reliable sources of healthy foods - with you our Slavic grandparents (not to be confused with trays of migrants, which largely brought the same low-quality imported products)

. The bread that stays fresh for a long time, almost certainly contains GMOs. Products from companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mars, Kettberri, Snickers was convicted by Greenpeace in the use of transgenics. Strongly do not buy products NESTLE, DANONE, Similac. This is where an instrument of genocide. They screwed up on many points. And GM - among the first. In general, it is better not to take the import ... Though. Now almost all Russian companies with the same foreign transkorporatsiyami redeemed. And drive there the same stuff under Russian brands ...

Do not plant GMO in Belarus. You can buy them green peas and canned the rest. Therefore, milk from these quality. So strikingly taste differs from ours. In Russia, too, zone declared themselves GMO-free. For example, the Belgorod region. Feel free to buy their products. From potatoes and sugar to a jelly.

Many drugs are now GMOs. From them, it is better to refuse. Starting from GM interferon ... and ending with ... GM GM insulin supplements ...

And in general, can live. At first, it is difficult, but then you can learn to navigate. Keep the basic rules, trust your body. Eat plenty of homemade, natural, then sensitivity to chemicals have sharply increase. Well, and land already. Have their own, from the garden potatoes, currants, strawberries, cherries and apples .... - It's so wonderful !!!

When buying a product at the store on the labels (examples of labels and comments, see. In the Annex) can indirectly determine the likelihood of GMO content in the product. If the marking is checked that the product is manufactured in the US and in its composition there are soy, corn, canola and potatoes, a very big chance that it contains GM ingredients. Most of the products based soy is produced not in the US, but outside of Russia may also be transgenic. If the label is proud inscription "vegetable protein", it is likely, soybeans and very likely - transgenic. GMOs can often hide behind the indices E. However, this does not mean that all E supplements contain GMOs or are transgenic. Just need to know what specific E may contain GMOs or their derivatives, in principle. This is primarily soy lecithin or lecithin E 322: binds water and fat together and used as an element in the mammary fat mixes, cookies, chocolate, riboflavin (B2) otherwise known as E 101 and E 101A, it can be made from GM- microorganisms. He added to cereals, soft drinks, baby food and food for weight loss. Caramel (E 150) and xanthan gum (E 415) can also be produced from genetically modified corn.

Other additives which may contain GM components: E 153, E 160d, E 161c, E 308-9, E-471, E 472a, E 473, E 475, E 476b, E 477, E479a, E 570, E 572, E 573, E 620, E 621, E 622, E 633, E 624, E 625, E951. Sometimes the names on the labels of supplements is only indicated by the words, they also need to be able to navigate. Consider the most common components.

Soybean oil: used in sauces, pastes, cakes and deep fried food in the form of fat to give extra taste and quality. The vegetable oil or vegetable fat, most often found in fried pastry "tightly" foods such as potato chips. Maltodextrin: type of starch, which acts as a "main agent" is used in baby food, powdered soups and powdered desserts. Glucose or glucose syrup: sugar which can be produced from corn starch is used as a sweetener. Contained in beverages, desserts and eating fast food. Dextrose: Glucose like it can be made of corn starch. Used in cakes, cookies and potato chips to attain a brown color. Also used as a sweetener in high sports drinks. Aspartame, aspasvit, aspamiks: sweetener that may be produced using GM bacteria is limited to use in a number of countries, it is reported that he has a lot of complaints related mainly with the syndrome of loss of consciousness, on the part of consumers in the United States. Aspartame is found in soda water, diet sodas, chewing gum, ketchup and so on.

Many believe that the inscription on the product "modified starch" means that the product contains GMOs. It even led to the fact that in 2002 the Legislative Assembly of Perm Region at its meeting included yogurt with modified starch in the list of GM products illegally distributed in the region. In fact the modified starch prepared without the use of chemical means of genetic engineering. But by itself the starch may be rDNA origin if it was derived from GM maize, GM-potatoes.


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