Annular solar eclipse

January 15, 2010, early in the morning Moscow time in the northern hemisphere, there was the longest (a little more than 11 minutes) in the annular solar eclipse of the millennium. This phenomenon can best be seen in the Indian Ocean, and the best conditions for observation were in the Maldives. In Russia, with a small partial eclipse phase could be observed in the Urals. At the peak of the eclipse the Moon Close 0, 919 from the solar disk.

The longest solar eclipse of the decade, as shown in this photo with multiple exposures, could be observed in Seoul January 15, 2010. (Park Ji-hwan-AFP / Getty Images)

Pupils watch the solar eclipse through special glasses in Hyderabad, India, January 15, 2010. Thousands of people in India have seen a solar eclipse, when the moon is "barred" the road to the sun, leaving him only a piece of the world. (Krishnendu Halder-Reuters)

Shadow of bifocals in the form of a solar eclipse on the ground in Bagalore, India on January 15, 2010. (Aijaz Rahi-AP)


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