Annular Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016

In 2016 we will see another Eclipse — Annular Solar Eclipse, which will take place on 1 September 2016 13:06:53 Moscow time. To see it will be in the territories of the Atlantic ocean, Central Africa, Madagascar, private phase of the Eclipse can be observed in some countries of South Africa and the South-Western part of the Indian ocean.

Now it is necessary to understand what means an annular Eclipse. So this name due to the actions of celestial mechanics. Simply put, as the shadow of the moon cannot completely cover the heavenly body around it is possible to notice a thin ring of the photosphere.

Effect of Solar Eclipse on human

Often astrologers against during eclipses make any decisions. This is because often due to an emotional outburst, people can't think objectively and practical. All actions are performed under the emotion that leads to bad consequences.

But not today, everything will be exactly the opposite. You finally went on a lot of things can look with a practical side, the objective judge, what you do is important and what is not. It's a good day to implement their plans and objectives.

Moreover, you should pay your attention to the fact that all the plans and changes that you make will be fateful and change something will not work. So, before to do something consider all the details, so you do not regret.

Also, according to experts in this field, everything changes, whether you can or not carry only positive feature. But not everything is so simple, initially you will have to carefully try to get in a rut of a new life. If you do not make any effort, then everything will remain the same.

This day is the perfect time to understand yourself, your future plans, to analyze their values and do some soul searching. So you just simply put things in order in your soul, get rid of unnecessary attitudes and thoughts.

And remember — everything that surrounds us is a reflection of our inner self. If you think everything is so gray, boring, dull, it is reason to think, maybe this only the Blues inside of you and if you change the way of thinking, the world will sparkle with new colors.

The energy of this solar Eclipse is significantly different from the previous one, since in addition carries a health and Wellness potential. Don't miss a moment as all the procedures your health will be most effective not necessary for this to go to a sanatorium or a specialized center. It is sufficient to conduct such treatments at home — this may be gymnastics, healing bath with essential oils, therapeutic massage and so on.


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Despite the practicality and materialism of this day, the conflict will be, what they should avoid and try to solve the problem peacefully. If not, then most likely, the usual arguments can escalate to war. And since all change brings with it a providential character, and such a conflict will not bring anything good, moreover, that it will pull from you all the power, so you can lose what you is important and necessary — work family and so on. Agree about him, only everything to lose and nothing return you get.published




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