Solar eclipse (20 photos)

The incredible beauty of the phenomenon, a total solar eclipse could be seen in the South Pacific on Sunday. The shadow of the moon with a diameter of 260 kilometers passed through Easter Island, French Polynesia, and also affected the south of Chile and Argentina.

South Pacific has become the main stage of a total solar eclipse July 11, 2010. Full phase of the eclipse could be seen only along a narrow track from the Cook Islands to southern Chile and Argentina, but a large part of South America could enjoy a partial solar eclipse. This photo was taken in Valparaiso, Chile. (Eliseo Fernandez / Reuters)

The girl uses a piece of X-ray film to cover his eyes on the total solar eclipse in Valparaiso. Her statue glows, imitating the famous statues on Easter Island. (Eliseo Fernandez / Reuters)

The moon covered the sun during a total solar eclipse on July 11th. The photo was taken on Easter Island. With total eclipse of the sun crown of light around the dark outline of the moon. (Martin Bernetti / AFP - Getty Images)


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