DON'T MISS OUT! Corridor of eclipses will begin on 11 February 2017


Eclipse is the period when one line is built, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Actually, Eclipse is a very auspicious time. The time to coordinate my movement through life in the direction I'd like to live your soul.

But those whom it concerns, often do not think so. For, thinking we have the personality, our socio-adaptive part, and therefore, theplanning of the Ego, it often happens that a person is not in resonance with his soul.

And that is not in resonance with its soul — purpose/objective/karma/way — in the period of the Eclipse, is beginning to change/to crumble/to weaken/to fall/to line up again (necessary, from the point of view of its neglect of the situation, underline).

Such "as if" sudden change of heart for a human test, and sometimes even shock. That's why we Eclipse the people a bad reputation.

Actually, this is an amazing time of transformation. Time to revise your life: relationships, activities, worldview – their understanding of the understanding of life values and priorities.

The period of the Eclipse is peculiar, either to induce a change of a person "forcibly", or to support those who are consciously striving to resonance with its deep meanings.

Eclipse tends to put everything in its place and this is the best time for a change, which you so wanted.


  • 11 FEB happens penumbral lunar Eclipse.

Visibility: America, Europe, Africa, Asia. The exact time for Ukraine with 2:45 to 6:30.

The LUNAR ECLIPSE carries some internal changes.

If in a mild form, that change will come in the form of inspirations, insights, prophetic dreams or enlightening meetings.

If hard — there will be a collapse of illusions, expectations, deep disappointment and forced "poudrerie" at change of direction in life.


  • FEBRUARY 26 will be a Solar Eclipse.

Visibility: Atlantic, America, The Arctic. That is, Eurasia is involved in the Eclipse ideologically, but not literally.

The SOLAR ECLIPSE carries the external motions of reality, ie there are actual changes and momentous events.

If mild, the people concerned themselves to finally make a fateful step, which had long dreamed of:

  • will begin a relationship, a project, a journey; to finish the relationship, to quit your job, move to relocate, get married, get divorced, get pregnant, etc etc
This is all done on their own.

In a rigid form, but only through "do not want", with a lot of resistance, drama and tragedy, because they are "forced" to do it.


First and foremost, this applies to those whose Natal Sun falls under the influence of upcoming eclipses. These are people who celebrate their birthday in the following time corridors:

  • from 9 to 31 may
  • from 14 August to 2 September
  • from 10 November to 1 December
  • from February 10 to March 6
In the second place, this applies to all those who have other planets: Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter in the birth chart fall under the influence of the Eclipse, which is revealed when drawing up a personal horoscope.

Remember: astrology is NOT a RELIGION to BELIEVE IN IT is NOT NECESSARY, but check it interesting.

For full advice please contact your astrologer. Forewarned – forearmed. Good luck with the transformation! published


Author: Natalia Walicka

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


Source: Natalia Walicka


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