Exercise YULA: loosen your body and psyche!


Surprisingly, but to promote many of life's problems, including health problems, can simple body rotation clockwise. Have to spin with a joyful sense of liberation. It would be good to rotate with a laugh to his full satisfaction.

The reason is that all biological molecules rotate the plane of polarization to the left, that they are different from alien biomolecules. Chakras — energy centers of all living beings, including plants and single-celled animals, naturally rotate to the left by the sun, posolon. Rites in different Nations also include such rotation. The great Muslim mystics, the Sufis can many hours to spin at the same place, until they reach the state of liberation. Little children love to whirl and tumble.


In daily life we are filled with unneeded mental stress, hearing: "spun around on work!" This does not mean that person many times turned to the right. No, it means that the speed of rotation of the chakras falls to the end of the day and people get tired. Inhibit depressive factors – stress, mental tensions and suppression of man by man. This reduces the volume and tension of the person's biofield, and he becomes more vulnerable to different pathologic factors.

Depression is predvoleny. The disease is persistent shadows in the aura of a person, this is the twist. During the rotation of the way, we just reinforce the natural movement of energy in the chakras.

If these exercises to perform gradually, correctly and regularly, you can unwind, correct a problem not just physical, but also our unstable psyche and even karma. Twist off, energy is released, problem solved. It can not believe it, but worth a try.


1. Waking up and taking a shower, you need to slightly warm up. To do stretching, warming exercises to the body roared, and the soul began to sing.

2. Be in the center of the room, back straight, arms at sides and horizontally. Need to stand with your eyes closed – listen to yourself. Tune in to the rotation.

3. Listen to yourself: where will want to rotate. Sometimes you want to spin counter-clockwise – reset the negative. Do not limit yourself.

Initially, the rotation should be slow, deliberate. When rotating clockwise, the person is filled with positive, their energy. If sick, you must immediately stop the rotation and take a rest.

Every day the time and the number of rotations is gradually increased. This is a simple but very effective exercise causes stimulation of the coordinating areas of the brain, improves its circulation and nutrition.

And most importantly, this exercise — prevention of such brain disorders as Parkinson's disease, dementia and others. When you master this practice gradually, you will feel like a planet or a star, rotating together with the helical movement of the Cosmos.

Let small and dark will not dare touch you. The rotation speed will not allow it. Yula buzzing when turning, filling all the space with THEIR music.published


Author: Vladimir Bolsun


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: www.zid.com.ua/rus_creativework/svoy-problemy-mozhno-raskrutyt


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