Gymnastics for eyes by Avetisov

Professor Eduard Sergeyevich Avetisov – luminary of the Soviet and Russian ophthalmology. It is a lot of time and attention paid to the problems of prevention of blindness.

Gymnastics for eyes according to the method of E. S. Avetisov combines the various movements of the eyeball that help to train such an important function of the optical system, as accommodation.

Daily performance of these exercises should be carried out in the intervals between the hard work. Thus, the gym helps to relieve stress, fatigue, which is a great preventative measure in the fight against short-sightedness, especially in people who read a lot or spend time at the computer.

To perform exercises should be the maximum amplitude of eye movement at the same time should be in average or slow pace. A very important rule is to gradually increase the load. Start exercises should be 4-5 repetitions of each exercise, gradually bringing the rate of implementation of up to 8-12 times.

Gymnastic complex according to the method Avetisova can be divided into three groups of exercises that target different muscle groups.


The exercises of the FIRST GROUPS help to increase blood flow in the region of the eyeball and accelerate the circulation of intraocular fluid.

All exercises from this group should be performed in a sitting position.

Exercise 1

It is necessary to narrow eyes for a few (3-5) seconds and then open them at the same time.

Exercise 2

Should blink my eyes for 10-15 seconds in a fast pace. After that you should stop and rest 7-10 seconds. Then repeat the procedure 3-4 times.

Exercise 3

The index finger of the right hand to massage the eye through the closed eyelid. The movement should be circular and not very intense. Duration of massage – 60 seconds. This exercise helps to increase blood flow in the eye area and leads to muscle relaxation.

Exercise 4

Through the closed eyelid should put pressure on the eyeball with three fingers for a few (1-3) seconds. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

Exercise 5

It is necessary to resist the muscles of the forehead and upper eyelid when you try to close your eyes. For this the index finger need to press the skin of the eyebrows to the bone structures. Repeat the exercise should be 6-8 times.

The SECOND GROUP is aimed at strengthening eye muscles. During their performance you should not move your head. Original sitting position.

Exercise 1

Look at a slow pace to raise to the ceiling, and then re-translate on the floor. Repeat the exercise, preferably 8-12 times.

Exercise 2

Slowly you need to translate the view in the horizontal plane, the focus point moves left and then right. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Exercise 3

In the same slow pace you want to move the focus point diagonally (left up, right down and Vice versa). Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

Exercise 4

To make circular movements of eyes counterclockwise or clockwise. Repeat the exercise 4-6 times.

The THIRD GROUP of EXERCISES is aimed at training focus and accommodation. Unlike the previous groups, exercises should be performed standing.

Exercise 1

Think you need to send forward and lock for 2-3 seconds, then transfer it to your thumb, which is placed right in front at a distance of 25-30 cm from the face. After 3-5 seconds, it is necessary again to look. You should perform 10-12 episodes.

Exercise 2

You need to focus on the finger, which is placed in front face in the extended position. Next (after 3-5 seconds) it should start to bend the arm, without having to take the eyes off the finger. At the point in which there is a split of the subject, to stop. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times. This will help to improve the perception of objects in close proximity.

Exercise 3

To fix the gaze on the finger of the extended hand for a few (3-5) seconds. Then with the other hand cover one eye, then move your finger, changing the distance from it to the face. Focus when it is necessary for 3-5 seconds. Similar actions are to be done and with the other eye. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.

Exercise 4

This exercise is called the “Mark on glass” and should be performed with glasses or contact lenses, if any.

For exercise, you should use a pane of glass and a coloured label on it. The size of the latter 3-5 mm. Then need to find any remote object that passes through this mark. Then fix the gaze on the mark for 1-2 seconds and translate it to the remote subject at the same time.

To perform the exercise for seven minutes, but in the first days of gymnastics it is possible to reduce it to five minutes. The exercise should be repeated for both eyes and for each separately.

It should be noted that the work with eyes according to the method Avetisova gives only a preventive effect, preventing the emergence of spasm of accommodation, congestion in the eyes and computer vision syndrome.published


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