How to force yourself to do exercises for the eyes

How much did you give for that will teach you not to miss classes for the eyes, not "forcing" yourself and getting a double or even triple the benefit of your health?

You might see that they themselves are the exercises for eyes are very simple. The most difficult is to force yourself to perform them regularly. For example, exercises for the eyes to do three times a day. How many times a day do you do exercises for eye muscles? Do you force yourself? Not too lazy to do exercise?

I finally figured out how to train the eyes at least twice a day without skipping even once! This is the way of self-motivation and I want to share with you.

I guarantee that my way of motivating you to do exercises for the eyes at least twice a day, you no longer have to force yourself and exercise will not need any additional time. Moreover, you will improve not only the health of the eye! How is that possible?

This is no joke, and the real working method of self-motivation. From now on you will be able to do Exercises 1-6 + blink (on Shichko-Bates) two to three times a day, without allocating additional time without forcing yourself and without missing any classes. Want to know how is this possible?

In a minute you will see that it is very simple. So just before that would think of each. To describe this method of self-motivation in one sentence:

Do exercises for the eyes during brushing.

Well, what is this? Explain.

Regardless of the nature of your activities, you brush your teeth at least twice a day — morning and evening. As a freelancer, working at home, easily brushing her teeth and another in the afternoon. Sure, brush your teeth, no one will forget and too lazy to perform this important procedure, no one will. Is your existing good habit. Why not do a parallel exercise for eyes? Moreover, these exercises fit in perfectly with the procedure of cleaning teeth.

Here's how to perform the exercises:

1. When clean the inner and chewing surface of upper right teeth, put your eyes right up.

2. Then clean the inner and chewing surface of the lower left teeth, lowering his eyes to the left and down. That's the simple way you have performed one repetition of the exercise "Diagonal".

3. After each exercise for eyes clean the outer surface of the closed teeth, with running exercise "Blink". So you clean the outer surface of the teeth and relax your eyes before the next exercise.

Similarly, do the exercise "Snake", "Rectangle", "Dial" and the rest.

What is the use for the teeth? Think of how many seconds you now spend on brushing your teeth. Performing parallel eye exercises, you will increase the duration of brushing your teeth to the required minimum of two minutes.



Do this exercise only 1 time in 2 days. Back will stop hurting immediately!

The exercise "Mirror": fast relief of pain in the spine


But that's not all. Take the brush in your left hand (if you're right handed) and you will also be able to train the brain. When cleaning the upper teeth, lower your eyes down and on the contrary, when brushing teeth, turn the left eye to the right and Vice versa. Options — the sea! Rationally it is called neyrobika.

It is easy, right? Now you won't miss any gymnastics for eyes. There are, however, other important exercise, but regular exercise eye muscles at least twice a day is already good!

Keen eyes, strong teeth and sharp mind!



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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