Ferrets in the house is not boring

Maybe someone will be interested, such as conductive horemanov not a little divorced))
Text wife wrote.

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Rostov, summer, July 3, the terrible heat (the sun much more to 40 degrees).
I went with a friend on business and decided to call in on the bird for food for its fish. while she was engaged in the selection of the best quality live daphnia, I wandered around the nearby bird. I saw a small bird cage and froze like a statue. of cells in every possible way tried to escape to freedom is very beautiful bright ferret (and I understand it perfectly, the cell was on the inferno, but inside the shelter is not something that there is not even water was not). then I noticed that the cell, this poor guy is not one ... somehow twisted together into a tight ball in the corner slept another ferret sable. heart contracted with pity. was my friend, my eyes saw and understood everything ... I'm gone. she asked owner-knacker about price and asked to get a ferret show. and here pastelka revenge for such treatment, he broke his hands so he hissed his teeth and bathed krovischey (it serves him right). at this time the sable girl opened her eyes full of confusion, trying to understand why so coward cell and why it was awakened. a friend said that we need the one who was asleep, and I finally got it together. this time I thought about her husband, who clearly is against the new zhivotinku in the house (and in the presence of the cat Persian and two turtles) and I have wanted to cry, but a friend said that he takes it upon himself and started talks with my husband on the phone (I thought sank into the ground). ferret brought it into a stall owner in the shadows, frightened girl sitting quietly pulled nowhere, but then I saw on the shelf a bowl of dried and I thought it just fly away from my hands - so she was hungry. I barely restrained her. then went even customers and asked to hold the view ... well what can I say, I just began moving backwards and did not want to give away (though I understand that the ferret is not mine and I have to do it), I was just trying to protect her - to do with it all. gritting his teeth gave but did not take her eyes and a minute later took her back (of the type used and enough). girlfriend went immediately paid for it, bought a hammock. and here I am your little miracle in a bloody box with holes (the owner of all its krovischey smeared with it) to the car and we're going home.
cell has promised to bring a friend a little later, after a couple of hours (the cells remain from its chinchilla).
House first of all given to drink water and fed the cat soaked dried (more nothing was not, and knowledge at that time was of course zero). Once let the bed in the bedroom for a walk ... I saw how much happiness in this 3-month-old baby. She jumped, jumped, Hooke (I was the first time I heard this weird and funny sound). House, water, food, air-conditioning - in general the child was really happy that I got to me))) my son was very surprised by the appearance in our house so zhivotinku, but seemed pleased. She makes him curious. We all waited for the cage and the arrival of our father from work (I was very nervous, I understand that the conversation can not be avoided and have bowed head Obey). Dad came, the girl had shown him - the reaction neither a positive nor a negative not cause (Phew ... thank God! I was waiting for the storm, and her husband had already resigned and was quiet). Kuhn was named a girl and we have to wait for the cell to the new home of the girl happened. But it was not all there was, and we were both tired and wanted to sleep. In general and slept a couple of hours together on the bed (I certainly do not sleep much, all the time holding hands on her and comforted when she was scared what some loud noises from the street). We woke up and then finally brought us to the cell. Immediately was hung a hammock, lay at the bottom of the cloth-diaper, drinkers, feeders, tray corner ... In general, all as a girl again and was incredibly happy their new home, which is compared to the birdcage was a palace!

As time went on, I proofread the information where possible. To make mistakes and correct them (fortunately not serious, but the little things). The first bathing it was stressful for both of us! Kunka is never bathed, and water in an amount not seen. So I froze with fear when I heard this wild cry of horror from my girls. But when I came to swim it still had (several swimming and she got used to such a penalty and now carries all the burdens bathing stoically, but the water still does not like). Found a veterinarian, they were vaccinated and have even begun to get used to the harness and walk. In mid-August the move to a new cell in a tremendous three floors (compared to the bird market is a skyscraper!). My girl surprise even opened his mouth and just stared at her, did not dare to go))) is shorter than the relocation took place and there was no limit horyachemu happiness)))
And then I thought, and strong. Summer is coming to an end soon his son to school. And who will be with her for a walk in the afternoon and play until I'm at work? She will also be bored and lonely. Here then I come to understand that I want to treasure my girlfriend there. I had quietly affectionate viper creeping up to her husband and start a sweet song)) after two weeks of talks in principle virtually surrendered (an argument I had a particular, and the husband has to poprivyk Kunke and she even began to like it).
Autumn, September 5. My friend and her MCH go on bird and ferret looking for a specific color (because then I strongly liked the pastelka, who was sitting in a cage with Cunene). Of course there are no and I was upset. But you have to know my girlfriend - she spoke with almost all the hucksters in the market and found the same to me aunt whose house were two little girls pastelki. Short evening went to see. The apartment is at this razvedenki it certainly quiet horror - pregnant cats, kittens, dogs, pregnant and not, puppies, Cattle Hori pregnant horihi horyavki and small ... and all this in dvushke apartment. Of the two girls, one I liked, but I was to my surprise it did not want to give, "or take other kid can still show that we leave Hoti for divorce." Here it would seem, and what for then was it to show? Is it a "marketing" move, whether human stupidity. I longingly looked at her friend and the case was settled)) girl we won and taken away. When we came out of the Addams family flats, they could not breathe the air ... so to us it was not enough. And I certainly was happy. Even before the arrival home the girl was named Keira (or Cyrus Kiryukha if easier). Houses swim, because fur was sticky to the touch and incomprehensible (incidentally as Kunka swim does not like, but not screaming). Damn, that's the same people - fed do not understand how, without caring for zhivotinku as well as for the sale of their grown shorter over the goods not baked. The little girl very tiddly - only then 45 days old, but gryzuha terrible! The house she inherited from Kunki (chinchilla cage), and when she arrived, all was waiting for her at the ready. And again I saw the happiness on mordahe horyache second my girl))) she climbed into the hammock and did not want to climb down from there, lay it both ways, stretched and folded ... well, never seen such a happy child and only after all for it! And then it turned out that the food she decided to fight to the death! She thought that if you do not snatch from the hands or will take, that will take away all the food, and it would be nothing left. Well what can I say about the Addams family ??? Normal Russian words I did not have, and those that were not going to repeat.

Spring, May 7, I get up at 5 am with my girlfriend, her MCH and my husband go to Krasnodar for my Duffy))) for 4 hours and the road we all sleepy, but in high spirits (all except my husband) on the spot. Dasha shows makes it all the crumbs and again I was gone))) it is even more beautiful than on the photo, her 49 days but less than one and a half times or even two, than Kiryukha was her age. Dasha shows different puppies look was moved, and Duffy hands and heart warming. I sit on a chair, and my girlfriend behind his knee poking - see how, let this better. And I just left and otbrykivatsya porykivat her that did not stick. Duffy I take and that's all)), she could not stand the type of chicks that are fed (also me a sissy, but she chicken eats does not choke) ran to my husband to me as complaining and even persuaded him to the boy instead of girls (and he to odors I have very sensitive, because against boys - read about gon), but then I was rested and had turned. In short, we have taken away my little miracle Duffy in Rostov. Little robber mastered in the new house is very similar to the character of Kirill - the same obstinacy and courage. Try everything on the tooth, but not much bite (not that it krokodilenysh how Kiryukha). As early as that time had fallen asleep in my arms, then I began to trust. Kirill now we as a nanny, cackling all over her, not offend. Was moved when I look at them under a fuss Kirkin quiet murmur)) Kunena naturally again all of a jealous, sometimes even refuses to kiss me turn away. I'm fine as long as it naturally does not give, because looking to seize the moment and pull out the collar. Showdown, we certainly can not be avoided, but as long as we have to wait to Duffy grew up a bit. And then again, so is my heart bleeds, but we've been through this, to the right))

I addition to the family and to behold the fate of the times I sent a boy! a wonderful kid, I've been waiting for him: dance2:
Meet Darius and easier Darik, Dariusz. and he, too, from the family Personok)))

Somewhere in Rostov, one of the most ordinary flats.

Morning. The apartment is peace and quiet. Heard only snore. The house ferrets someone stirred.
Kiryukha opens his eyes yawns and stretches.
 - This is what I have slept? Well then nefig and roll. Should not only waste time.
Slipping out of the hammock and begins to itch violently, causing the cell starts ringing.
 - Hey you, maloholnye - eyes closed, the votes cast Kun - Hare rattle, I want to sleep.
Kiryukha naturally listened to everything caught only the last "I want».
 - a? what? What do you want?
 - But let you sleep, I say! - Irritated hissed Kun.
 - Yes nifiga you did not guess, the morning already, it's time to wake up! - Kiryukha runs down to the cage door, grabs the bars and starts to rattle - and so get started! Climb! All have to sleep! We get talking, finally lost the scent. You still have to work oversleep!
 - ABOUT! five minutes rattled and bipeds stir - Kiryukha not stopping until he goes through the bars of the door does not open.
 - Well, that's the plague, all woke again - muttered irritably Kun and flipped to the other side - you are my eyes have not seen.
 - Oh, oh, oh what we are gentle, tell pozhaluystaaaa - Kiryukha yawning "derives" from the cage to the floor of the corridor and stretching the entire length, slowly crawling on the belly to the kitchen.
 - Zaya, you zasranka you know about this - Kiryukha biped takes on his hands and began to kiss her in mordahu.
 - Oh that's just not drool - repelled Kiryukha feet and turns. But for how long its resistance is not enough, because she realizes that while not lick it a few times bipedal not released. - Fine, fine. Give sweets?
Kiryukha finally appears on the floor and thinks.
 - What would this do? WMS is no one sees on the windowsill to hit the road? Let's risk! - And she rushes and looking his way to the kitchen, to the cherished cat bowl.
Biped - Kunena get up! So Zaspa and not walk, and my job soon.
 - Here's another trailer. All coped sleep in either eye. - Kun slowly flows out of the hammock and the shelf on the shelf, getting exactly to the door. Where are waiting hands biped. Kun gets on his hands and falls into the same trap with kisses as Kiryukha.
 - Yes, I remember the procedure, I remember. Give cough with sleep. SchA I'll lick do not worry. - Slowly and methodically Kun nalizyvaet bipedal cheeks and lips, and they move to the kitchen.
 - That same zasranka! Come march from there! - Kun stops abruptly at a loss until it figures out the cause of curses. It Kiryukha near bowl stuffed cat like a hamster.
 - Not lucky ((noticed. Well, let even finished chewing the last ((ah, well, by the scruff why, I do not like this ((well, okay, another times more have time - Kiryukha complained hissing removed.
 - Hyyy, loser))) - chuckles followed Kun.
 - Not Shipi mother! What do you know what a business! - Votes cast biped. - Sit on the arms of my golden hen. My sweetheart.
 - So it's obviously about me. Well, what I'm chicken, you dumbass! One rat is calling the other chicken ((- Kun, though unhappy, but lies on the lap of a two-legged stand for quite lazy.
From the second cell is heard rustling.
 - Oh, and this misunderstanding has risen horyavoe - thinks Kun - podselenka fine, I'll get before you. Well it is time to check the area. - Kun his whole appearance indicates that it is time to let go of it and. Providing on the floor runs right in front of the cat sprawled in the hallway - charging becomes hairy monster!
Cat having regarded such treatment for the audacity jumps up and tries to catch up with the Kun, but as always, does not fit into the turn and throw this venture, because lazy not to the extent and the old ones. - Tiny unreasonable, that I will give you on the behind is not so zapoesh.
Meanwhile, two-legged procedure begins cleaning and feeding.
 - Water and food cat cherpaham salad from the refrigerator to get it. The girls do not fidget under his feet! Get your vkusnyahi you, but later. Duffy baby ka let you remove.
A Duffy hangs like obezenysh on the cell requires - Freedom! Freedom! Let there always be sunshine, let them always be my mother, let them give me more to eat!
 - Not well for such an injustice, why always we last cleaned? ((- Offended Kun goes in circles.
 - Oh, you do not whine, the bathroom is now open - prepared to start Kiryukha.
 - Listen, Hooke marsh, subordination is observed - says Kun and weighed Kiryukha cuff, causing both fall down and start sniffing fight. And clearly it is seen that both occupation is like until you hurt someone's ear or withers. Starting a fight.
 - Girls have enough to fight! That same durketsely - separates their two-legged and opens the bathroom. Kiryukha Kun race and fly into the bathroom and into the shower. There is a cool mat with Velcro. Tear off, wrapped, stuck in another place, is not it fun?
 - Duffy give rag. Duffy let take away. Duffy is now on the rump shlopochesh!
 - It can be more useful to me, you're rubbing bad! And anyway, I'm hungry! - Duffy offended squeak.
 - Calmly eat, no one will take away)) small krokodilenysh)) - two-legged and laughing begins to clean the cage older. - Kiryukha water is in the cell, what for something to drink out of the shower? Kun get out, you're all wet. - Both of manipulation were taken out of the shower and hooting and jumping swept into the bedroom area.
 - So the cells in order. Duffy you ate? Let ka walked into the cage the girls until our terrorist sees. It is necessary to get used to you, do not age well in a small cage to live.
 - I can not see but can hear perfectly - emerges from the bedroom Kun - what's that chaos is going on here? Who let her in here? ((
Duffy showing tongue through the bars of the cell and makes a rude sound:
 - And I'll sit here and lie down here, and here looks like! - Emboldened by the fact that Kun can not get to it in any way brave Duffy.
 - Girls! Vkusnyahi! - Two-legged screaming from the kitchen, rustling box with goodies. Kun, Kiryukha cat and stumbling against each other rushing to the kitchen.
 - And I? ((Duffy suddenly realizes that it is a lose-lose situation and upset.
 - Well, not Noah, now you bring - Kiryukha quite a licking in the bedroom is to "help" bipedal come to work.
 - Well, then fine) - Duffy shifting from foot to foot, he saw in the hands of the two-legged piece for yourself.
Time inevitably runs and has been filled with a bed, cosmetic rummaged clothes in the closet for the biped is selected (under her angry screams and slaps on the ass), bag collected. Hori wearily collapsed on the bed.
 - Uh, monstrela wool, not wave your legs, stop chasing the wind. - Kun sent in the tray to the cat to make their case. There is close and the cell to escape laziness.
Two-legged on the bed brings Duffy, Kiryukha begins to teach small clucking over her:
 - Do not go here to fall down, do not go to the cat drew his paw. Do not you chew my ears. Paws left alone. What kind of enfant terrible. And the more I liked you? I know! Smell me your love))
 - Well, who's we had - on the edge of the bed appears Kun. Lightning shot toward Duffy is turned away for a second two-legged and begin squeals, screams, crying.
 - I not upisatsya, there's not upisatsya ((upisatsya ... (((maaammmaaa hurt me (((- bipedal tears Kun, pronouncing her unhappy and wishing bitten kills the cell. Duffy sighs climbs and falls asleep in a hammock.
 - Well, what did she do? What do you vyzveryaeshsya, she is still very small! - Muttered irritably Kiryukha.
 - Let them know their place! I forgot how to have taught you? I can recall! - Snaps Kun.
 - Oh that's just not necessary to frighten. Itself will then whine - is tied another brawl.
 - Well, not that one day this ((girls, enough already. This is time Baiushki, and I have to go to work - says with a sigh, both two-legged and carries into the cell.



       I like!      


                               Who is it?    

                               What does it mean?      


     - what? Who?                        




That's all I wanted to say.


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