10 interesting facts about pets

Interesting facts about familiar and exotic animals that people keep at home

In recent years become much more popular variety of exotic pets. If you want to become an owner of an animal that is not none of your friends and acquaintances, take it very seriously - carefully read the conditions of his detention and habits. Do not think that the care of the unusual "family member" under the force only to the elite - they often do not require more time and money than all the usual cats and dogs. But remember, we are responsible for those who tamed.

1. The bite can be painful frogs

Frogs are among the most harmless animals (of course, if you do not take into account some extremely poisonous species such as the spotted dart frogs). Wahs often give birth as pets, finding in them a kind of charm and beauty. However, there are representatives of this group of amphibians, which it is not necessary to keep the house, especially if you have kids.

Frog species adorned with a slingshot (decorated with Ethan) are found in South America and reach 16, 5 cm in length. Amphibian eats rodents, insects, lizards, frogs and even other small snakes. The species is known for its aggressive and strong jaws and sharp teeth slingshots make their bites are very painful. There are legends that the bite itanny killed even the horses, but believe in it with difficulty, because the slingshot not poisonous.

2. Wild horses

If you want to become an owner of one of the rarest animals in the world, a representative of the only remaining species of wild horses, you should think about buying the Przewalski horse. The separation of the species in domestic and wild horses occurred from 40 to 70 thousand years ago, and since then it has two independent evolutionary branches.

Przewalski's horse (named after the famous traveler and naturalist, for the first time the composition of their description) lives in East Asia, and is a relative of tarpan - ancestor of the modern domestic breeds of horses. Unfortunately, the last tarpan died in 1918, the year, and since then, the wild horses are presented only subspecies open Nikolai Przewalski.

Reducing the number of wild horses in his time caused significant damage to ecosystems of our planet. Many species of predators lost a major source of food, changed the composition of the vegetation, which led to the restructuring of certain food chains. Part of the problem was flattened appearance of the mustang population, that is, descendants of feral species, but ecological niche is still empty.

In recent years, attempts to restore the kind of wild horses: the specialists were able to bring the horses that look exactly the same, but the real descendants of the ancient remains of wild animals Przewalski horse.

3. Parrots are carriers of infections

Members of the family parrot - one of the most popular pet birds, and this is not surprising: the parrots are easy to train, care for them not too labor intensive, in addition, they give a lot of positive emotions.

But do not forget that for all the merits of these birds, like other animals, can be carriers of various diseases, including deadly. For example, the fine dust from the dry dung parrots sometimes becomes a source of infection with chlamydia - infections that started form can lead to a person of so-called parrot fever, fraught with fatal without proper treatment.

4. Cats and dogs can blind a man

Everyone knows that when in contact with a cat or dog person at risk of contracting parasites, often provoking disturbances in the digestive tract. However, the consequences of infection can be much more serious.

Some types of ascarids, whose larvae are transferred furry pets are a source of toxocariasis - an infection that causes fever in humans, difficulty breathing, and in some cases resulting in damage to the retina, and as a consequence - to blindness. Every year there are several thousand cases of toxocariasis infection and to reduce the risk of its occurrence, often need to wash their hands after contact with pets.

5. Hummingbird as poultry

Free as a pet bird is not difficult, it is necessary to choose only - pet shops overflowing canaries and various kinds of parrots, but if you want someone more exotic, you will probably suit hummingbirds, of course, if you are willing to provide them with suitable conditions for life. < br />
Cages should be fitted with a capacity of nectar, hummingbirds serving food, and if at the same time in the cage will be a certain number of plants and flowers, the birds will feel comfortable. Note that some of the tiny birds are very fast metabolism, so they need to eat daily to three times its own weight, so you need sufficient supplies of food.

Also worth asking is legally purchase a particular kind because they keep some hummingbirds in captivity is illegal - it can only deal with special nurseries, which, however, can sell you a pair of these exotic birds, if you can convince the staff that will concern to content hummingbird with all seriousness.

6. A great neighbor for goldfish

Golden fish, of course, ideal for the aquarium - they are beautiful, unpretentious, you can buy them in almost any decent pet store, they may even have some of your friends who are happy to share with you "precious" inhabitants of your aquarium. One of the main advantages of goldfish - they can live in water at room temperature, which saves you from having a heated aquarium equipment.

Little gold fish owners know that under the same conditions can live other species, such as kiprenella, also known as notropis red diamond. This fish feels great even in cold water, and in appearance somewhat reminiscent of tropical tetra.

Another great option for unheated aquarium - vines or creepers, bottom fish, long and flexible body like an eel. Loaches can live in water with a temperature of 12, 8 ° C. It is worth paying attention to the blunt Fathead and fish-Cardinal - they too can live in cold water, making the company goldfish and kiprenellam.

7. Canary - relatives finches

If you want to buy a small home bird, you will probably be offered a choice of canaries or finches, but in fact it's almost the same thing. In fact, home canary - Serinus Canarian subspecies, family finches finches also apply.

In some cases, under the guise of finches sell other bright songbirds called Estrilda which, however, also belong to the finches. Most species Astrild lives in Africa, but now they can be found in many different countries - they fell in different parts of the world as poultry, but some of them were in the wild and were able to adapt to them.

8. To keep at home are great shellfish

Do you have an aquarium, and you do not know what can be diluted with a company of silent fish? Get any other marine animals, the benefit of their diversity to satisfy the most demanding taste.

Fresh water perfect about 20 species of shrimp a variety of colors - from blue to crimson, the largest of which reach 6 cm in length. Shrimp maintain hygiene in the tank, eating dead algae particles.

Water purification and increase the diversity of life aquarium also available freshwater mussels and other bivalves. And if you want to settle in the aquarium someone incredibly beautiful and unusual, it is best suitable for this blue lobster, but note that their huge claws, he can cause harm to a small aquarium fish and algae, so it's best to keep it only with the big fish in a fairly spacious "pond».

9. Ferrets - ferocious predators

Ferrets - fairly common pets. This small mammal has a cunning and agility that naturally makes it a storm chicken coops and small rodents. Unlike other members of the weasel family, ferrets nice to give in education and training, especially at an early age.

In the old ferrets domesticated mainly to be used for hunting small game, or for the destruction of field pests. Ferrets almost no equal in the hunt for small animals, because they can instantly bite through the spinal cord victims, immobilizing them.

Before you start a ferret, beware: it can not get along with other pets if you have them, in addition, a predator should be properly trained, so that he did not attack people.

10. Exotic animals contain no more difficult than usual

Many believe that to keep the house any exotic animals illegally, very expensive and difficult, but it is not true. With many much more common pets sometimes have to tinker a lot more. The main problem - be able to select unusual and original beast who would have liked your family.

Here are some types of pets that can live without any problems in the usual city apartment: Podarcis, chinchillas, gerbils clawed (rodent species), miniature lobsters, cobalt killer whales (a kind of small fish), lemurs, fox, Fennec and many others.

These animals are much closer to the wild than domesticated cats and dogs, but they are completely safe for humans and easily tamed. Sometimes caring for them takes a little more time and attention, but in general they are not problematic than other pets.


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