With nostalgia for the departed. TV series.

"The main thing to know the laws of the TV show. At the end of the series everything is back to square one »
Philip J.. Fry, "Futurama»

For today's world things like high-speed Internet and satellite television are perceived as something very ordinary. Now this one is not particularly surprised. Anyone with a minimum of material resources and maximum desire is able to learn to find and, finally, to see what he want or need at the moment. All of this, of course, are well aware. How to know and what such "joy of existence" is not any momentary. Yes, there was a time when the phrase to "merge with torrents" no one has never heard, and for the average film fans the only outlet to the mysterious world of Western cinema served [next] jammed into holes viewing on old Japanese VCRs pirated VHS. But those losers who are not fortunate enough to have in his arsenal coveted "videomagnitolu", content with little - or cinematic literacy classes from more fortunate neighbors in technical terms, either as viewing the "box", which at the time showed ...

Someone asked the question: what, in fact, played on the telly commercials ten years or fifteen years ago? What excites immature minds of children, making, exactly developed a reflex, at the appointed time at breakneck speed to fly out of school in order to get the location of a portion of televolshebstva? These are the questions we try to answer in this article is devoted to the most popular TV series that ran during our with you - those who are around 20 years old - not so distant childhood.

It is clear that to grasp the immensity, citing polls all serial brethren, appeared even in such a relatively short period of time, as the last decade of the last century, in this article we aim to not put. The case is ungrateful, and what must be confessed, is physically impossible. Therefore, today we will focus solely on the top ten most familiar and popular series last time.

01 Octopus

La Piovra, Italy, 1984-2001
Director: Damiano Damiani, Luigi Perelli
Cast: Michele Placido, Barbara De Rossi, Nicole Zhamer

Provincial Sicilian town of Trapani shakes the chain of high-profile deaths: was shot and killed the chief of criminal police commissioner marineo, and recently committed suicide Marquis Pecci Shaloyya. To investigate the incident comes straight from Rome experienced police Corrado Cattani. He soon learns that these deaths involved exclusively the interests of the local mafia. The emergence of "Octopus" on Soviet screens was in the "perestroika" was a matter of time, it is not accidental. The state, with varying success struggling with eroding its internal problems, to seek the ideal of incorruptible and principled heroes not only in life but also in the movies. Commissioner Cattani - played by actor and part of the former police Michele Placido - I came here just to the court, so was able to quickly gain the nationwide viewers love. Over 6 (from captured 10) seasons he fought with a gun bald "immortal" mafia before the hour when the sad epilogue of his efforts did not cast the majority of Soviet family in the grieving disheartening. And here and to the collapse of the USSR was on the doorstep

1) On the basis of the series of the same name published a series of books, and tabletop role-playing game "Mafia».
2) In the second season of "Octopus" appears musical score composer Ennio Marrikone known who created the soundtrack for such films as "Once in America" ​​by Sergio Leone and "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola.


Spellbinder, Poland, Australia, 1995-1997
Directed by Noel Price
Cast: Zbich Trofimuk, Gosia Petrovsky, Heather Mitchell

Having made inadvertently shorted to power lines, high school friends - Paul, Alex and Catherine - fall into a parallel world to open the portal. There's heroes will meet with powerful sorcerers - the privileged group of people that hold the secret power armor, which they use to maintain peace and order in the country, as well as the confrontation with the power-loving Enchantress Ashkoy. This series, despite rosshey by leaps and bounds in popularity among young audiences, has brought its creators only frenzied hassle with creditors and a lot of damages to the load, so that the question about the shooting of the second season was dropped by itself. However, in 1997, the authors with financial support from Shanghai Film Studios tried to take revenge. Thus was born the sequel "Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord" is fundamentally different from the original only the cast and place of the events. Again, despite the howling hordes of fans of the series around the world, on business, alas, does not matter. Oh, and how nice it was in fact, imagining himself the habit of the Witch, "strike" hand in hand, and throw in a non-existent imaginary enemy fireball ...

1) In 1996, the "Wizard" was awarded the Australian Film Institute Award in the category "Best Youth series».
2) "Land of the Dragon" in the premiere day, according to preliminary estimates, about 200 million watched. People all over the planet.

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the United States, 1997-2003
Director: Joss Whedon, James Kontner, David Solomon
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan

Buffy Anne Summers, only a seemingly ordinary 16-year-old schoolgirl, fully occupied by the device of his personal life. In fact, it is Slayer - good soldier, ruthlessly chopping cabbage in a bloody demons, vampires and other creatures of the dark forces. The PATH actually cleanse the Earth from evil continually proliferating help her friends: Xander, Willow and caretaker Rupert Giles. Five years after the rent at the beginning of the 90s horror average scall "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer," Joss Whedon decided to revive the famed franchise exclusively within the television. Such was the appearance of white light of the same name seryl. On the role of Buffy was approved yet little-known actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, for which this series has become a real breakthrough in the world of big movies (in the same year she managed to star in the sequel "Scream" and "I know what you did last summer"). HOLD for entire seven seasons detaches itself and even spin-off of one of the companions of the Slayer - "Angel" interest of the audience for adventure "Buffy" as a result of almost extinguished, flushing before leaving the next console fun "explanation". But forget the show is not worth it, because it was he who contributed to the popularization of such a hated and persecuted until now the vampire theme.

1) Sarah Michelle Gellar won the role of Buffy not only because of its comely appearance, but also excellent knowledge of taekwondo techniques. 2) In the shooting the series «Go Fish» attended actor Wentworth Miller, star of TV series "Prison Break" and "Dinotopia."


Shogun, the United States, Japan, 1980
Directed by Jerry London
Cast: Richard Chamberlain, Toshiro Mifune, Yoko Shimada

Ship crew led by skipper John Blackthorne after the collapse of his schooner off the coast of Japan was in captivity at the local prince. After trials and punishment of prisoners Blackthorn on the ship of Captain Vasco Rodrigues sent in Osaka - possession mighty Lord Toranaga leading "turf war" with the prince Ishido for obtaining the supreme power in the empire. Appeared on the shelves of bookstores in 1975, a new historical novel by Australian writer and screenwriter James Clavell was originally destined for the reader's love and, of course, could not pass unnoticed in okolokinoshnyh circles. And now, in less than a five-year American director Jerry London together with Japanese filmmakers takes on "Shogun" series, also trimmed for greater popularity in the two-hour tape. Either way, they both were shown only on television, but for various reasons serial "Shogun" is more liked audience. This pattern can be explained as follows. First, the show literally followed the letter Clavell novel, quite responsibly approached his writing. Writer meticulously studied the historical chronicles, the memoirs of his contemporaries, as well as public sources of the time. Second, with greater degree of certainty were transferred habits, customs and culture of medieval Japan that could quickly be interested even aesthetes and too picky viewer. In 1981, at the award ceremony "Golden Globe" 'Shogun' got his well-deserved award for "Best drama on television." That is to say, they deserved the reward.

1) The basis of the novel based on real events that took place in the XVII century. the English sailor William Adams.
2) The role of Vasco Rodrigues in the series performed the actor John Rhys-Davies (the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and "Indiana Jones"), and as the narrator gave the director Orson Welles ("Citizen Kane," "The Lady from Shanghai»).

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, United States, 1990-1991
Directed by: David Lynch, Caleb Deschanel
Cast: Kyle MakLoklen, Michael Ontkean, Dana Ashbrook

Twin Peaks - the small located at the north-western border of the United States with Canada American town, small population that lives very quiet and respectable life. Respecting all imaginable family and Christian laws. This idyll lasts as long as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, investigating the murder of schoolgirl Laura Palmer, will not know about the other side of life for residents of a small town, which had taken refuge in the forests of a mysterious evil. David Lynch, famous for still rational perception of the complexity of its phantasmagoric and surreal tapes, together with screenwriter Mark Frost decided to experiment with the genre of mystical drama for themselves in the new field of television. Such flirting with unprepared for such "experiments" the audience paid off - America after the end of the first season of eight episodes instantly was overcome endemic disease "piksamaniya." Almost every respectable residents of the state was aware of the "Twin Peaks". Impregnated mysticism and sinister mysteries veiled psychedelic idea of ​​a provincial town, which was loved by Lynch after filming "Blue Velvet," has become a key to the success of the series, which was headed by the question tormented daily every American family, "So who killed Laura Palmer?". However, with the start of the second season of "Twin Peaks" significantly diminished in the intrigue in connection with the disclosure of identity of the killer was temporarily closed. However, the campaign launched by the fans G.O.O.P. (Civil Opposition Cancellations Twin Peaks) has forced the channel ABC dosnyat last 6 episodes of the series. And he made the final director David Lynch. A year later he came nominated in the Cannes Film Festival top award-length prequel "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me." The emergence of "Twin Peaks" has become a real landmark of American film making early 90s, laying the foundation of love to the whole mysterious and mysteriously in the hearts of millions of viewers.

1) At the initial stage of filming for financial safety net was installed a large European "pilot" version of the series, in the epilogue that reveals the basic background of the story.
2) On the basis of the universe of "Twin Peaks" has left a number of books of the same name, and references to the show sounded in the repertoire of many famous rock bands ("Spleen», Farmers Boy, Swallow the Sun, etc.).

Guest from the Future

USSR, 1985
Director: Pavel Arsenyev
Cast: Natalia Guseva, Alex Fomkin, Mariana Ionesyan

Posted mother to shop for yogurt student of the 6th grade to 20th Moscow School Kohl Gerasimov, along with his sidekick Fima Korolyov was in the basement of an abandoned building a time machine. This unexpected discovery has served as a catalyst for the beginning of his adventures in time and space, from the last flight of space pirates and get acquainted with the amazing girl from the future - Alice Selezneva. Holding film McGee fantastic novel "One Hundred Years Ahead" director Paul Arsenov could not even imagine that it was his "Guest from the Future" will be one of the most popular children's series in the post-Soviet space. The reason is so wildly popular romance was not even a non-stop adventure and competently carried out the casting, and the almost complete absence of competitors on the horizon. No, of course, it was still a three-part movie-musical "The Adventures of Electronics", but over the past six years after the release of a wave of his popularity among the teenage audience noticeably subsided. In any case, "Guest from the Future" was destined to become a cult Soviet science fiction series, in the darkness rastaskannym famous quotations, aphorisms, phrases and frazochek. And the final song "Beautiful far" tacitly recognized this anthem for graduates of all educational institutions ... Whatever you may say, the series was at all times and generations!

1) Today, the director Oleg Lemnaceae ("Servant") carried out by shooting a new film about the adventures of Alice restless - "Alice's Adventures. Captives of the three planets. " Post the main character took Daria Melnikova, the actress of the series "Father's Daughter».
2) In a cameo in "Guest from the Future" lit future fashion model, actress and a participant of the first season of the reality show "Survivor" Inna Gomes.

Tenth Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, 2000
Directed by: David Carson, Herbert Wise
Cast: Kimberly Williams, Scott Cohen, John Larroquette

The future ruler of the kingdom of the Fourth Prince Wendell, being made into an insidious evil queen in the other four-footed man seeks salvation from imminent death in the vast completely devoid of magic in New York. Once in the caring hands of a sweet waitress Virginia dog royal blood is immediately sent to the main subject of the search for her after Trinity blunt trolls and a charming Wolf. At a time when all three parts of "infinite history" Wolfgang Petersen have been successfully reviewed a certain number of times, before the release of "The Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson had nothing, screenwriter Simon Moore, author of the Oscar-winning drama "Traffic", created his own fantasy world Ten Kingdoms populated by heroes of books of the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen and other well-known storytellers of the past. Producer of TV channel Hallmark Entertainment Project Moore is so liked that Herebertu Wise director to start filming, in addition to an impressive budget, the squad also quite powerful cast. Once captured in the first 9 episodes of the first season the series in order to "reconnaissance in force" was sold to the English Channel show SkyOne. The popularity of "The Tenth Kingdom" among teenagers Albion was so deafening that it will soon echo has reached the States, where the show took under his wing already channel BBC. However, the authors expect at home alone headache: because of a dismal advertising campaign "The Tenth Kingdom" had a very low audience ratings and a cool reception from critics that, in fact, put the fat cross on the further continuation of the filming of the fantasy teleskazki. And in the next year, the world enthusiastically reveled in the adaptation of Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings »...

1) "The Tenth Kingdom" in 2000 received the "Emmy" for best design, titles, created by the designer of the series itself Timothy Webber.
2) the role of one of the minor villains - Hunter - played by famous actor Rutger Hauer, starring in such iconic films as "Blade Runner" by Ridley Scott and "The Hitcher" Robert Horman.


ALF, the United States, 1986-1990
Director: Nick Havinga, Burt Brinkerhoff
Starring: Max Wright Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson

A new member of the family friendly Tanner becomes a cat or even a dog, and - no less - covered with hair the color of burnt ocher three-foot alien cleaner. Gordon Shumway, or - in common - Alf, very colorful inhabitant of the planet disappeared Melmak and a large whale in the preparation of the cats become a real headache for the shelter of his people. The great popularity of the "Alpha" outside the United States is quite a natural phenomenon. At the end of the 80s American TV has already been successfully struck deficiency disease fresh dreams and stories. What, in fact, it was the main motive for the search in the closet Hollywood postmodern junk amid diverse ideas dust-veiled rarities. So treasure for Paul Fusco was the theme of "Encounters of the Third" fell out of favor in the 70's, long before the almost complete disappearance from the screen as the trash-horror genre.



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