10 luxurious series for anyone learning English

There is one way to learn English, which is loved by all, without exception, - watching movies in the original. In series in this sense, the advantages more than in the movies: simple dialogues, living language, short duration, and from series to series, you gradually get used to the voices of the characters.

To help you make a choice, Website has compiled a list of the most suitable for the study of language sitcom based on the level of your knowledge.

Series for Beginners h3>

Extra h3> Extr @

This is the first thing you have to look at. "Extra" - a series of British sitcoms teaching foreign languages. All were released four parts: English, French, Spanish and German. The plot is simple and affordable, the phrase is easy to understand and repeat, deliberately characters speak slowly and clearly. Everything is clear, and if not - then there is always the subtitles.

Peppa Pig h3> Peppa Pig

Yes, do not laugh, but the view of the children's animated series in English will be really useful. It consists of a short series of 5 minutes, which tells about the life of four years Pippi. Vocabulary and plots the most easy to understand, so do not take five minutes of your day to a small Pippi!

Soaps for basic mid-level h3>

Alf h3> ALF

Remember the famous Alfa Melmak the planet of our childhood? With this series you will begin to accustom yourself to hear the natural voice, as well as everyday vocabulary of the American lexicon and typical conversational phrases. Moreover, the "Alf" - a positive mood and well spent time.



Quite adequate and easy to understand the film. The series will give you the opportunity to hear some typical English accent and learn to just virtuoso swearing in English.

Chorus h3> Glee

We all know that music - it is an invaluable assistant in studying foreign languages. In the series "Chorus" Many conversations turn into songs that are much easier to take.

TV Shows to basic secondary level

Friends h3> Friends

This series consists of almost all conversations on everyday topics of youth. Each dialogue and full of idioms, proverbs, slang expressions and a wide range of vocabulary. Be sure to listen to what the Americans are cutting deals to play with intonation, building questions and respond to them. In addition, the monologues and dialogues heroes diluted pauses to laugh track, resulting in more time left on the mental translation of phrases.

Lost h3> Lost

"Lost" - is a real phenomenon on television of the XXI century. And it is seen in the original. The series is replete with all sorts of special effects and spectacular scenes, which is quite possible to guess that you are not caught from conversations heroes. In addition, you can hear it with different accents - the actors have different origins - that makes the language of the film is very rich.

TV Shows to advanced level h3>

Dr. House h3> House, MD

View series of brilliant doctor is unlikely to be useful to future doctors wishing to pursue a career somewhere outside the country. However, it will definitely be useful to those who want to fill his piggy bank variants sparkling jokes in the style of the famous misanthrope. In addition, from season to season theme series goes far beyond pure medicine, so that a set of useful sayings on the theme "I am suffering and my soul," you will get full.

These heroines fairly simple in structure, completely devoid of complex terms that require high concentration, but abounds in phrasal verbs. Their values ​​are usually difficult to remember out of context, but when they says Samantha, expressive speaking of his regular fans do not understand the meaning of it is simply impossible.

Game of Thrones h3> Game of Thrones

With the TV series "Game of Thrones" students with an advanced level will be able to fill up your vocabulary and to practice the use of the subjunctive. This is a film on a historical theme with a fairly difficult level of vocabulary. Apparently, a threshold, to aim to understand.

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