12 useful services for learning foreign languages

key to success in learning is still the practice and the best option in this case is communication with a native speaker. In the following social networks you can find a companion for the interests and hobbies, and at the same time to practice language skills. Editorial Website is also selected for you the best resources for learning English, which you can find many valuable tips and tricks.

Language social networks

Service to work on written language

To have mastered the basics of the language practices of Lang-8 offers a beautiful in its simplicity move. The user writes the text in the target language, then the text is taken over the medium of the language, introducing relevant changes to it (or not introducing, if you managed to not make any mistakes).

The network is ideal maniacal fans grammar or those who are speaking for sure, you must first obtain authorization - to make sure that at least says the right thing. From a purely psychological point of view it is quite right, the main thing - time to remember the need to develop an oral practice.

Languages: have native speakers from 190 countries.


Feature network Interpals - a huge international community of being constructed on the principle of Facebook or any other social networking site, but with a focus on learning languages. For a quick introduction requires only a basic level of language proficiency and motivation for employment does not have to look outside the site, because there are so many interesting people!

Languages: more than 100, including the major European and Asian.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Sharedtalk.com - a social network that can help you learn any foreign language. It is particularly suitable for those who are already well versed in the language and want to practice with a native speaker, although this is not necessary. The site is made, perhaps the most famous manufacturer of electronic systems of learning languages ​​Rosetta Stone. Simply sign up, enter your search partner: the native language and the target language, and a list of suitable options by country, age, sex and brief summary.

The important point! Even two.
Pay attention to the column "mother tongue." Sometimes it indicated more than 2 languages. Often some users include English or other languages ​​in the list of family when you just feel that quite fluently speak to them. But this does not mean that they do not make the same mistakes that you did. Pay attention to the number of languages ​​studied. If there are too many (for example, 5), it is likely, the user simply interested in them. I think about how serious he is ready to deal with each of them at the same time.

Another global giant

Politics international network Livemocha - helping others, and it will help you. Exercises that can not be verified program dismantled by native speakers. They do this not just so, and in exchange for that someone then check their exercise. Whether to believe the review of the inspection - a private matter, but experienced users are advised to pay attention to the ratings of users. Learning a language is divided into several stages, each includes five lessons, which consists of four compulsory exercises: learning new vocabulary, exercises on the study, written and oral assignments.

Note. Most of the content is free. However, with this act and the system of tokens, paying that, the student can, for example, work out individually with the teacher, whom he chooses. Also, for $ 9, 99 in a month, you can buy a "golden key", which will provide access to all materials.

The Social Network, working entirely on the human resource

Mylanguageexchange - realize the dream of Soviet children, perfect service and search for "pen pal". Only here one will not arbitrarily Bill in South Africa, and exactly who you want. Once logged in, you describe your ideal "partner language" as it is called here: specify its native language and the language that he practices, as well as the country in which it is desirable to live and the approximate age of your partner. The rest - a matter of choice: Select your favorite and suitable to the interlocutor and grind their French, German, or whatever else was.

The site, according to the assurances of the authors, home to about one million users from 133 countries, they teach 115 languages. When the live chat bored, you can try to play in all sorts of word games, poryskat local library or simply move to the text chat instead of voice.

Languages: 115, including the major European and Asian.

Socially network that transforms any native speaker in a serious teacher

The site with the bizarre name italki offers already mastered our live chats and checking texts. The main difference from the same Lang-8 - the ability to provide professional lessons comers, writing them in the table and binding at a specific time.

Note. Most services are free to italki. No need to pay for search and chat with language partners on the site. Make entries in the "Notepad" to get the right answers, and changes from other users nothing will cost you. Absolutely free you ask questions and get answers. Just free discussion groups where you practice writing skills with other members of the community. But professional teachers and community mentors charge for their classes. Each of them appoints itself the price alone. Classes are paid so-called "credit italki» (ITC). Course credit italki attached to the US dollar: 10 credits italki = 1 US dollar.

Languages: more than 100, including the major European and Asian.

The international community Busuu

Online community for learning languages ​​busuu.com created a 36-year-old Adrian Liechtenstein and 31-year-old Bernard of Austria, who are fluent in three languages ​​each, and the fourth study. According to them, they were trying to create an alternative to the traditional way of learning, they have always found expensive, difficult and boring. The three principles on which to base a site: to learn from native speakers, learn from the original material to study for free. Each member of the community is not only a student but also a teacher, which helps to learn their mother tongue wishing.

Note. Most of the content is free, premium access - 4, 49 € per month. Premium Access provides access to video tutorials, language tests and the possibility to get a certificate after the course.

Languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and English.

Online services

Word in exchange for meatballs

Service LinguaLeo built on playing technique: by registering on the website, the user becomes the owner of a lion cub, which is committed to feeding meatballs (which are issued for regular and effective lessons), can add friends in the Pride and has access to the jungle - based video, audio and text materials. Once registered, the student must choose to indicate your level of proficiency and the time it is ready to carry out daily service. With the help of these data will be based chart progress, which will demonstrate the effectiveness of activities and their intensity.

Note. Most of the content is free, but you can buy the "gold status" for 300 rubles per month, to be able to add an unlimited number of words a day.

Languages: English.


The creators of the project is based on a methodology that new words can only remember in a context, and only if at least occasionally runs through the compilation of the list. Users can create an unlimited number of dictionaries in different languages. Learning takes place in the process of reading texts - either those offered on the site, or its, which are quite easy to upload to the site. On any word in the text, you can press - will be the translation, which will automatically be created in the user dictionary. There is also a function of "teach" - words from the dictionary one by one appear on the screen, accompanied by a translation, transcription and pronunciation of the speaker.

Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

YouTube Channels for those who are learning English

MinooAngloLink - useful grammar lessons. Dailydictation - American English with short dictation and analysis of pronunciation. Duncaninchina - short little videos about everything in English. EnglishLessons4U - a huge archive of video tutorials on various topics. ul >

Other resources for learning English:

Learn american english online - a great resource for learning English. All material submitted by levels. Sex from the US explains grammar in their videos. Britishcouncil - website of the British Council. Podcasts, training videos and games. BBC English - explore the modern, living language via BBC. Manythings - very capacious site even supports its use. You can prepare for exams TESL / TEFL. There are sections on practicing the pronunciation (American English), idioms, slang, and other utility. Situationalenglish - studying English is not simple rote words, but through a variety of situations and expressions. About 150 different articles. Study.ru - online portal for learning languages, including English. Tutorials, exercises, language learning system online forum fans languages. Englishtips - Communities for those who love the English language. Live chat, articles, tips and secrets, the latest techniques and trends in all that relates to the English!

According to the materials: theoryandpractice

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