Path to the monopoly: How "Yandex" tries to combine the Internet


Model in which large Internet companies are trying to replace the entire Internet for users, not new - so goes Google, develops dozens of services and products (from finding and working with documents in the cloud to autonomous vehicles) and buying projects that will help him reach new markets - which are only smart thermostats Nest - all in order to reach more users, collect them as much data as accurately as possible and show targeted advertising.

In addition, Facebook and Google are engaged in the same development and charitable projects Project Loon, the purpose of which is to provide Internet access to the people who are now deprived of it - for such users name Facebook and Google are synonymous with the word "Internet". < br />
Russia, one of the few countries where the largest technological corporations in the US met with stiff resistance from local players - and some of them are not at all averse to independently realize the strategy of "substitution of the Internet" to increase advertising revenue. To do so, for example, «Yandex».

Advertisement = life h4> Like Google, «Yandex" starts with a search service, but later turned into a corporation engaged in a variety of Internet projects (search, maps, cork, browser and so on). In this case, the main income of the company gets through advertising, so by all means strive to improve quality - to achieve this necessary data to allow for more precise targeting and display ads and banners most of the target audience.

Data alone are not enough search queries, so "Yandex" uses every opportunity to obtain information from a variety of sources, often exploiting, his "official position».

Real Estate and data ​​h4> In August 2014 the ranks of owners of resources devoted to real estate, has stirred news about that "Yandex" has begun to test the card in your aggregator sites « Ya.Nedvizhimost ». As is often the case for external positive changes for users - clearly the information, which simplifies the search of property - hiding second bottom.

Formally, the number of calls that get the real estate websites, fall from the introduction of cards should not - "Yandex" in any case only shows the information, and he did not give up and sell the apartment. However, innovations will allow us to store information about people who are looking for a different property and with no one to share these data. In the future, this information can be effectively used to display the banners to people looking for an apartment in a particular area in the relevant advertising networks.

While further tests at facilities in St. Petersburg, things have not gone, but this case clearly demonstrates the possibility of "Yandex" to collect and store data about users of different businesses.

Fans of movies h4> For the "clone IMDB», the site "KinoPoisk" containing information on a variety of films and user reviews on them, "Yandex» posted $ 80 million. Some analysts speculated that the company wants to, among other things, to collect data about the preferences of viewers for its further use in advertising. Representatives of "Yandex" stated that the base "KinoPoisk" will be used to research and develop their own recommendation services.

In addition, "Yandex" has decided to profit from the service itself, turning it into an online movie theater that will aggregate video content from legal portals runeta.

What car you move h4> More money - $ 175 million - «Yandex» spent to purchase Avtoresurs This transaction will allow us to get more details about the car lovers. People who spend money on real estate, entertainment and machines, form the most attractive audience for advertisers.

Such a strategy for the search giant did not like all the players, products which are sold through the services of "Yandex" - in early October ads deleted all car listings from issuing service, despite the fact that he was one of the largest recipients of traffic from this resource.

This step will loosen base, since a significant portion of its ads were Avito.

Large playground h4> «Yandex" does not only collect data for use in advertising, but also strive to make their advertising system better and more efficient. So, to create advertising solutions for large areas (the so-called premium publishers included in the top-20 Russian Internet) was purchased < / a> management system advertising ADFOX.

With it, you can place banners, mobile advertising, movies, and other popular advertising formats. Clients ADFOX were 750 major Russian Internet sites, the pages of which now appear advertisement "Yandex", is located in, including through technology RTB.

Orders directly from the "Market" and delivery h4> Not so long ago "of Yandex.Market" a new feature - now users can order products directly from the item card does not go to the site of a particular store. In addition, "Yandex" has acquired a logistics services aggregator Multiship (later the founder said that the team was Multiship dissatisfied cooperation).

The possibility of buying goods directly from the card has caused some resentment on the part of the online stores that lost traffic "of Yandex.Market" - in particular, they have been unable to implement additional sales with built recommendation services.

Major players in the industry of electronic commerce and, in particular, the association of Akita, unhappy development "Market" - members of the Association proposes work of the service of the fact that the connection to the service stores sell "gray goods».

Competition h4> A few examples given above are not the only acquisition of "Yandex" Only recently, however, illustrate the company's commitment to the hegemony in RuNet - according to this strategy, the more data about users will have "Yandex", the more effective will be shown with the help of its advertising service announcements.

Competition "Yandex" are, in fact, is only Google - «State» Satellite Finder from "Rostelecom" demonstrates frankly weak results (after starting his attendance at six times). The "Rostelecom" has features not found in "Yandex" - it is primarily about the relationship with the state, it is no secret that the "Sputnik" is supposed to make the default browser for users of public organizations.

Nor can it be ruled out lobbying "Rostelecom" new legislative initiatives that could be aimed at limiting the use of browsers created by foreign companies (among which, in fact, applies and registered in the Netherlands, "Yandex") - is an example of the , Russians want to store data on servers inside the country.

Also search engine gets integration with services e-government services (payment of utilities, a passport, etc.), which will also encourage users to switch to it.

In addition, "Rostelecom" plans to hold a large-scale campaign to promote their own services.

The situation is similar to the US, where Google competes with Facebok social network in Russia has not yet developed as the largest social network "VKontakte" have not rebuild their advertising services at the appropriate level.

Interesting point - unlike Google, which has experimented with its own social networking service Google+, the only such project "Yandex" is a network of professional contacts "My Circle", but under certain circumstances in the future the situation may change - the founder of "Habrahabr» in" Yandex "credit for the redemption of the site at Mail.Ru Group. If the entrepreneur can not get it back, his project will become the property of "Yandex", but no evidence of speaking about the reality of such a development, no.

Much more promising is the assumption that real competition can search giant to make and - companies that also have access to vast amounts of data about clients (so the depth of information available to search engines) . Thus, companies and search experience, in particular, "Yandex" in creation of advertising services is much higher, so providers and operators will immediately difficult to achieve the same quality of their advertising. What "Yandex" will buy next time?

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