Landscapes, man-made

Team financial resources Planet Money recently reported that they had acquired the property in Bradenton, Florida, and the team looked at the surrounding areas in the region. Many houses are abandoned for several years. Large unfinished buildings stand among the densely built-up area and marsh areas. But in Charlotte County sufficiently buildings that can stand for more than 100 years. Construction affects the south-western part of Florida for several decades, and we invite you to look at the scenery, created by human hands (using Google Earth).

Section partially built residential project with only two houses near Fort Myers, Florida. (© Google)

The strip of houses in the south-eastern part of Fort Myers. (© Google)

The circular sections with houses near the highway I-75. (© Google)

This area is in the 23067 hectares called "Mansions Goldent Gates" was the largest in America in the 1960s. Were built canals and roads, but in the end construction company went bankrupt. Over the past 20 years or so the land passed the state and turned into a forest Picayune Strand. (© Google / USGS)


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