Google I / O 2015 through the eyes of non-programmer

Elena Fedorova, HRM-director of the Voronezh office and coordinator of community DataArt Google Developer Group Voronezh visited at the conference Google I / O 2015 in San Francisco and share experiences - not from a developer's perspective, and c position normal user. Em >

Google I / O - the world's largest conference for developers, programmers, enthusiasts and fans by Google. It takes a year for eight years, lasts for two days. This time, it brought together more than 6,000 participants. To get to the Google I / O can be anyone. For this we need to have time to buy a ticket for $ 900 - and they come to an end very quickly. Another possibility to get to the conference - to be cool Android-developer or help to promote by Google. I went to San Francisco as a coordinator and organizer of the Google Developer Group Voronezh. We conduct activities in 2008 on the topic by Google. For example, in December 2014 we passed GDG DevFest Voronezh, which was attended by 300 people - by the standards of a very large conference in Voronezh.

I will not talk about the technical content of the conference. It will be correct to give links to announcements and video presentations at the conference

Even to get inside the Moscone Center on the day of registration, it is necessary to defend the place in the first three quarters.

Inside you can feel the spirit of the conference - more entertaining than technical: swings, huge growth figures of androids and seller-peddler with fine figures of androids that smell either smoked bacon, or fresh baking.

The next day I came to the Moscone Center at 8 am - a half hour before the start of the reports and found that all four buildings wrapped around the convention center. People came to the 5 am to be the first to get inside and take a very good place in the hall.

By 9:30 we finally ended up in the hall. Ground on three sides surrounded a giant screen on which waiting for the main report of the conference whale swam slowly. Plenary report, or Keynote - pure show: great sound, beautiful picture, fascinating photos.

After Keynote participants disagree on a 3-storey convention center. Simultaneously, the 15 sections.

In addition, it equipped with a plurality of zones for communication, programming, and training platform for testing new devices and smart phones, and much more. At all sites not on duty assistant girls, but the real Google-experts and developers are willing to tell, show and explain.

I want to note section CodeLab, where everyone could try out the Google Pay, Tango, Android Wear a watch or Android-AndroidAuto (platform car computers). In the photo - an option for machines.

On the third floor of the convention center drove these cars.

I was impressed by the technology for people with visual impairment. I met a guy who used a special device to control the smartphone. He showed and explained that visually impaired people can do with your smartphone and this small devaysa on which convex alphabet for the blind information emerges.

And in this section could try a special spoon for people with tremor or Parkinson's disease, helps not spill food. Special sensors to monitor the movement of the spoon and vibrating motion of the patient's balance - in image stabilizer inside the camera lens.

Everyone could try prosthetic arm. Sensors are placed on the upper arm, and with the help of mental impulses artificial arm in motion.

CardBoard - cardboard boxes into which you can insert your smartphone and open it to the application of virtual reality. It turns out this cheap version of Oculus Rift. You can turn his head in all directions, and watch video, shot using a circular battery of 16 GoPro: move your head, you see different objects, people, and the sound in the headphones helps to immerse themselves in the virtual space.

Tango - a project augmented reality. The monitor attached to the weapon is shown a computer simulation of a shooting in which you run on a real space.

In the evening of the first day was a grand party in the open air - in the middle of the block on a green meadow gathered a lot of people. Entertainment and food were all tastes. Live music, karaoke, meditation in the magic ball, animators. The next morning the guys from Google queue distributed to needy hangover cure.

During the second day of Google I / O on me as a girl made the biggest impression on the draft report of the Jacquard - how modern technology is changing the world of fabrics. The project Levi's with Google is developing "smart trousers" (interesting that Google is responsible for this man named Ivan Pupyrev). They are made of denim, which are interwoven conductive threads. Thus, the fabric is essentially transformed into a touch of the skin. From this tissue can sew clothes, it is possible to upholster furniture out of it, you can create wearable interfaces.

Rapid paper prototyping - four stations, which, together with experts from Google, you can discuss, draw and glue the prototype of the future applications.

Android Wear area was dedicated to smart wristwatch. They know how to be reminded that it is necessary to call a parent or restaurant reservations.

This chorus of smartphones, which come on play and sing for all voices.

Interactive areas, rookeries programmers figure androids, playgrounds, swings of various options, candy buckets facilitate communication.

On the big printers can print individual sticker android by character and his wardrobe.

In the final section Speechless involved speakers who know how much and funny jokes. Bang went the joke about the use of new artificial hand - new opportunities for digital proctologist (┬źnew opportunities for digital proctologist┬╗).

Our #gdg get-together in the #google i / o 2015

Thank you to all colleagues who have supported me, and thanks to which I was at the conference. Thanks to colleagues who stayed in Voronezh and conducted conference broadcast from San Francisco and Google-Hackathon. We, too, was cool to the GDG I / O 2015 Extended Voronezh!

I'm glad I met friends and colleagues GDG-organizers from other cities and countries, and met personally saw those who long corresponded to work on Google-community. Special thanks to Natalia Efimtsevoy for the care and supervision of our GDG-Russian communities.

Friends! We invite you to join in the community of developers Google-join your group in the city where you live, create new communities, and we are always happy to help you!



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