7 dirty secrets of Google

For several years Google regularly takes the leading positions in the rankings of the best employers of the world. In the 2015 edition of Fortune has again put the company in the first place. Meanwhile, the employees themselves of the Internet giant is not always satisfied. The service of questions and answers Quora they tell you how the company fared in reality.

Around one генииGoogle can afford to hire students from the best universities in the world, even on the lowest position. As a result, they are responsible for maintenance of advertising products of the company, manually remove obscene content from YouTube or write a simple code for A/B testing the color of a button on the website. Newcomers are hoping that Google will resolve a lot of challenges, but instead spend the time on a primitive work.

From this arises another problem — all employees of the company are similar: they went to the same schools, have similar views on the world and they have the same interests. "For three years working at Google, I met almost a hundred triathletes. And only a couple of them were really interesting people," — anonymous complains former employees of the Internet giant in Quora.

Google problems with the system, poudreries-developed by Google Kathy Levinson admits that the reward system is Google not always works well. The company noted achievements but for two things: for innovative development and improving business performance of existing products.

The result is often projects that are not wanted. For example, in Google there are four official JavaScript library for internal use. They came only because their creators wanted to raise.

The company also considered that, if the employee cannot be measured, it is not worth doing. So, for example, improve usability or fix bugs are often considered a waste of time.

Employees don't have the free time Many former employees are: all benefits and privileges offered by Google, is in fact an illusion. Corporate culture makes you work day, night and weekend. Boss will never tell you: "You need to work during the holidays" — but the company decided to work in my spare time.

"I don't know specifically whether Google is hiring workaholics or he makes workaholics out of their employees. However, I too often saw broken marriages, as colleagues were sick or crying due to stress and overwork" — anonymous complains a former employee of Google.

Around some poser"Googlers" arrogant. Even the most inconspicuous fellow here thinks he's better than his colleagues, and always teaches you to work. Meaningful conversations are rare — no one really don't care about the opinions of others about your work, unless those others are not "important gods," says the former Google programmer Vlad Patryshev.

"If someone called a decent JavaScript developer, he believes that it is entitled to pry into someone else's code and give strong recommendations. If you ask me whether to work for Google, I'll answer Yes, you will be able to learn a lot. If you ask, is it worth it to stay there, I'll answer of course not. It's bad for your karma and may turn you into one of them," — concludes Patryshev.

Your project at any time can secretsauce Google is not immune to surprises: each project can at any time close. If this happens, get a raise it will be very difficult. It is considered that you have failed to make a meaningful contribution to the company.

"I worked in a fantastic team, passionate about the new amazing product that seemed perfectly consistent with the mission and priorities of Google. Alpha users loved it and we even won a prestigious internal award. And then suddenly the project was cancelled without any sensible explanation, anonymously, complains former gurgler. — If the army's slogan "Join the army, travel to exotic places, meet interesting people and kill them to" remake version for Google, it will sound like this: "Come on Google, work with great people on innovative projects and look at how they are destroyed."

Incompetent managers are Former employees often complain of poor management within the company. The problem is that Google attracts strong technora. Very often they do not see much point to develop your emotional intelligence, according to a former Manager of technical projects of Google.

"Maybe they like the technical complexity, because people are too complicated, he says. — Often in Google to leadership positions do not put those employees who know how to lead, and those who seem smarter than others or just deserve a promotion."

Agree with him and another former employee, claiming that middle managers at Google are focused solely on metrics and not paying attention to other factors. "They don't know how to breathe new life into the team, and rely too much on the reputation of Google in the hope that it will do the job for them".

There is no life after GoogleGoogle is like Neverland where people never grow up. After working at Google for several years, employees lose touch with the real world. "In Google you are feeding and doing everything to make you happy enough to never wonder about what goes on behind the walls of the company," philosophizes another former "gurgler".

"In this environment of endless work, amazing promotions, big money and the incredible people you once caught myself thinking that for several years eat only in the dining room Google, only communicate with the Googlers, wear only branded t-shirt Google, write letters about Google Google-background and completely forgotten what it's like to be independent from the big G and the whole environment you strengthens the idea that to want something else- not normal," says the former sales Manager from Google Joe Kanell.

Agrees Katie Levinson: "lifestyle cultivated by Google, makes its employees completely unable to work in other companies. You secretly wonder if you could work in some other place and did this work."published

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