Hot pepper fermented in spring water


This way you can pickle peppers in the barrels, in glass lined containers and stored either in the cellar or in the refrigerator.

Take a jar preferably with a wide "throat" (for that would the wooden circle, which provided full immersion of peppers in brine, was really quite small size – cut for regular banks such a small circle — not solid ..)), rinse it with boiling water.

Pepper wash, to make each pepper through the puncture with a knife. The bottom of the canister and each layer of the pepper need to shift herbs ( cilantro, parsley or ripe umbrellas of dill ( the stage when the seeds of fennel has been formed, but still green — optimal), add the garlic in whole heads liberated from the top layer of scales and roots. You can add to each jar black pepper and (or) pepper.

Pour boiled and cooled brine from the calculation:

1 litre water

70g of salt (about 2 tbsp. of salt )

either make the brine, in spring water, in this case to boil the brine is not necessary, simply dissolve the salt in the spring water

During the first 2 (of 4) days, the banks with the pepper should be kept at room temperature (the temperature must be at least 18-20C), and then place in the fridge or cellar there and store.

2-3 months ( 40 days) peppers will be ready to use. Sometimes the process of digestion at room temperature may take longer – up to 5 days, it depends on the room temperature where the pepper.

The Bank in this period of intense fermentation should be put in a bowl or on a tray, pepper set is quite heavy oppression! It is important to compress the pepper. Further, when the pepper will be stored in the fridge or cellar oppression may not be very heavy (if well-pressed pepper in a period of intense fermentation, on the wooden circle in the future, when the pepper will be stored in the refrigerator or cellar to install and oppression do not have)

Salt you need to use a stone, not iodized, large)

Keep the pepper if there is no cellar, be sure the refrigerator.

After a period of intense fermentation at room temperature, pepper in a jar cover with a clean wooden circle should have a diameter less than the mouth jars and cover, cotton cloth (ideally canvas) or parchment paper is strongly tied with twine that would be in the Bank was free access of air. Wooden circle and oppression and matter, which is covered with pepper, it is necessary, as plaque formation (of mold), wash and scald with boiling water, nelet need to remove from the surface of the brine, and when needed, add fresh brine. In General to make sure that the cucumbers were completely covered with brine refill it as necessary (sometimes it is necessary to prepare a small quantity of fresh chilled brine) and the time to remove the mold from the surface. This is the standard care for the pickled vegetables, which are not hermetically sealed and stored cold (in cellars or refrigerators) .



Sterilize jars


Preparing hot peppers:

in each pepper to make a through hole (across pepper) with a knife.

On the bottom of cans to put ½ of the Basil for 1 banks next, lay the pepper, the remaining Basil, black pepper and whole garlic heads, peeled only from the top of the scales and roots.

During laying of the pepper it should be laid as tightly as possible ( just very hard to compress by hand, because infusion of boiling water in the jars pepper much settles !!
The marinade should by this time sluggish to boil.
By this time you need to prepare boiling water in amounts far exceeding the amount of marinade ( for example, 2 jars with a capacity of 1,3 - 1,5 l you need to prepare the marinade 2 to 2.5 liters of boiling water – about 5 liters).

Pour cans (Packed peppers) boiling water and cover with special lids for the subsequent draining of the boiling water ( a kind of cap with holes — perforated ), if there are no caps, this manipulation can be done using a small metal sieve. To withstand 4 minutes, drain the boiling water and re-fill cans with boiling water for 3-4 minutes, drain, (again, fill –drain, but the authors of the post, for many years, produces this procedure 2 times).

Pour the marinade and sealed either hermetically or tin lids, or screw caps (screw-in) or plastic (in this case, to keep banks either in the cellar or in the fridge). Pepper marinated so all is to store in a cool place, although the authors they feel great and at room temperature, if closed hermetically.

Marinade: 1 volume of vinegar 6% + 1 volume of sugar + 1 volume of water (ie, for example 1стакан vinegar + 1 Cup sugar + 1 Cup water).

Either the marinade to make a less sweet on sugar 1 volume + 2 volumes of vinegar 6% + 3 water volume ( volumetric composition of this marinade was inspired from Saloniki and was very pleasant to the taste) .

Vinegar is better to take wine , and Apple, in any case, the vinegar needs to be natural fruit! In any case, don't even try to replace acetic acid!!

On each jar, 1.5 litre :

Basil red or green – 1-2 bunch (about 100g of green weight, it can be a little less).

garlic – 4 to 6 heads, clean only from the top layers of scales and you can't understand the share –

garlic should be whole heads;

black peppercorns – 1 h spoon;

salt – 2 liters of ready-made marinade to take 1 tablespoon of salt.

Any other herbs and spices! published


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