The best ways to turn a crop of plums in winter plum wealth

In the winter we miss summer. We miss the warmth and fruit of abundance... Every jar of canned fruit February day — as a godsend. So today, looking at the plums strewn with tree branches in his garden, the hostess could not help wondering how much variety of plum Goodies to prepare for the winter to delight your family in the cold snowy months with a piece of warm summer?

Plum is such a marvelous, rich in flavor and color of berry, that can be done without repeating, dozens of different workpieces. To the entire harvest from the branches moved to the jars and bags, and none of the berry not offended that grew vain, we offer several completely different ways of preparation for plums of different varieties and different degrees of ripeness, from unripe until overripe. So, what can you do with a crop of plums?

To dry (zavyalit)Dried plums — great in taste and very useful presets. Prunes, low calorie, contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and potassium it contains and a half times more than in bananas, which for this reason is very touted. And the most interesting and topical fact — prunes slows the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. How not to prepare such useful dried delicacies for the winter?

For drying, you should choose only fully ripe plums, when they are themselves beginning to fall from the branches. But it is still important to know which varieties are suitable for drying, and which are not.

Suitable for drying varieties: Hungarian (Sochi, homemade, Italian, and bulska), and garden plum — Catherine, Raisins Acik and others.
Unsuitable for drying: Abrikosovaya, Mirabel, great blue, early blue, egg yellow.

Suggest in preparation for drying all selected fruit for 30 seconds in a pot with boiling weak soda solution (15 g of baking soda to 1 liter of water) and immediately washed in clean water, but such disinfection and not to — the choice of the hostess.

Two ways of drying plums
  • In the sun, outdoors. To do this, selected the berries are spread out in a single layer on a prepared surface, trays, baking trays, sheets of plywood, and the like. For uniform drying, and that plums are not moldy, they are regularly overturned. After 5-6 days of exposure to the sun the semis move into the shade, where they dosushivajut.
  • In dryers, electric and gas ovens. As plum — the fruit is juicy, "forced hot drying is carried out in 3 stages:
Laid out in a row on trays of plums dried in the oven up to 4 hours for small (+40...+45°C) temperature and leave for 3-4 hours to cool the fruit of the Second drying occurs at a temperature of +55...+60°C for 4 hours, and then again leave the plums to cool the Third drying occurs at a temperature of +75°C longer for 8-10 hours. If for a few minutes before its end to raise the temperature to +100°C, prunes will get a nice shiny look. Ready, the prunes should be pliable to the touch, soft and elastic, not dry, but not wet. The juice from the fruit should not stand out even when strong pressure is applied.
Dried plums served with meat and chicken, added to baked goods, desserts and fruit salads.

Samaritaine plum — perfect blanks for subsequent use in its natural form, for winter compotes, desserts and pastries.

Best acting frozen (after thawing) well-ripened dense plum "juicy" varieties with a high sugar content, strong skins separated by a bone. In a specially conducted studies have the highest capacity to hold the juice when thawing showed varieties of Hungarian Caucasian, Kuban legend and Stenley, so they can be particularly recommended for this method of procurement.

Fruit for freezing should be well washed and dried. Dried plums can be in General, but if you're going in the winter to use them not only geography, but also for baking or as a dessert, it is better to make smooth cuts and remove the seeds — they're after thawing will "priglyadnee".

Prepared plum to be placed in special containers or in plastic bags, squeeze out the excess air in the freezer! At -18°C they are well stored for years.

Your opinion about frozen drain in the winter makes For Bogdan in the following video:


Make saxophony juice is a versatile and very useful preparation for the winter. Especially if you do it with the flesh — then we will retain all the valuable substances, carotene and insoluble pectin. The process of juicing is simple, and will easily cope with it any, even the young mistress.

Recipe prune juice with pulp
  • Plum — 2 kg
  • Boiling water — 450 ml
  • Sugar — 100 g
Prepared with ripe and overripe plums release from the bones and adding water, heated to +75...+80°C. After a short settling (to a maximum of softened fruits), fruit or wipe through a sieve or passed through a juicer. You can soften the plums and the other way — hold them over the steam for 5-7 minutes.

In the resulting thick liquid was added water, which was warmed plums, sugar (or ready-made syrup), bring to a temperature of +85°C, pour into prepared jars and roll. At the request density of the juice "regulate" water, the sweetness is also a good choice. Get either a thick juice with pulp (juice and puree), or liquid. In winter it is possible to prepare jelly is simply divine!

To prepare jam, marmalade, pastilong for jam, marmalade and pastes will juice puree, which is prepared according to the recipe for prune juice with pulp. In fact, all these blanks are of different degree of processing mashed plum pulp, but in appearance and taste, they vary greatly. And it gives a great imagination for preparing a completely unique and unique winter treats.

The classic recipe of plum jam
  • Puree: plum — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 500-600 g
Sweet mashed potatoes boiled on a slow fire with constant stirring to reduce the weight by a third. Cooked in a copper basin in a saucepan of stainless steel or aluminum. Here's a hint: first reduce to puree better without sugar and when the mixture noticeably thickens, add sugar and boil further till it is ready. If a drop of jam on a cold saucer bottom is not poured the jam is ready. Its hot pour into sterilized warm jars and immediately roll them and send them to cool, or leave under the cloth (gauze) coating for a few days before the appearance on the surface of the crust, then the banks close parchment paper, tie and store the jam in this form.

And from ripe and overripe plums slatkovodnih varieties can be cooked jam without sugar — it will still be tasty, sweet and fragrant.

Recipe for plum jelly
  • Puree: plum — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 500-600 g
Cooked recipe for juice plum puree is cooked in a pan with a thick bottom, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until then, until the puree starts to lag from the bottom (this happens when the mass is boiled by about half).

Sweet ready mass is spread in form on dishes or baking sheets with parchment paper and leave to dry. When the jelly dries, on request it can be given different shapes, cutting with a knife or special notches. Store the treats in glass containers and cardboard boxes.

Recipe plum pastes
  • Plum — 1 kg
  • Vegetable oil
Cooked recipe for juice plum puree is placed in enamel basin or pan and boil on low heat to reduce the weight by half.

The cooled mass is necessary to fill the trays, or any other form, the laid parchment paper and greased with vegetable oil, layer 1.5-2 cm and put in the oven, preheated to 70°C. When the mixture is compacted, and get it rolled in the tube. It turns out original and delicious.

Candy is perfect for tea. Does not contain dyes and harmful preservatives, it will become a useful and tasty treat for the whole family!

Samaraneftegeophysica plum somehow enjoyed our Housewives are not very popular. And absolutely nothing, because they are extremely tasty and can become a real highlight of your winter table. Just imagine that you meat will be served this unusual and delicious side dish! More original and, mind you, cheap snacks it is hard to imagine.

Recipe for pickled plums (from Sergey, Gurenko)
  • Plum — 10 kg (best of all — the Hungarian, not very ripe, dense)
  • Sugar — 3 kg
  • Wine vinegar — 0.5 l
  • Bay leaves — 40 g
  • Cloves — 20 g
  • Ground black pepper, ginger, cinnamon.
 The marinating process is extended for 5 days
In any selected capacity (plastic, glass, wood, porcelain) layers to fall asleep plums as follows: a layer of plums on top of Bay leaf and cloves, again a layer of plums and spices on top again, the top layer of Bay leaf and cloves to cover.
Make a marinade of 0.5 liters of vinegar and 3 kg of sugar (the density is not even scary) and pour this hot syrup over plums. If they are not completely covered by the marinade, not scary — to follow their own juice compensates for this.

The next three days, 1-2 times a day (preferably 2 — morning and evening), drain the marinade, bring to the boil and again pour over the plums. Try as much as possible to be careful with fruits: do not stir, and shake a little capacity, to plums is not "bloody".

On the fifth day to put pickled plums in the prepared sterilized jars along with spices, bring to boil the marinade and Gulf banks to the top, roll up or sealed lids. Flip the jars on the lids and wrap.

Plums make a wonderful taste. And the extra marinade can be used for cooking meat on skewers! Try it — the result is worth it!

Pickled plum you can in one day (hot fill) — these recipes a lot, too. And in the next video the original recipe for winter harvesting pickled plums... with garlic!


Pickled plum with garlic great as a side dish to meat or as a proper appetizer. The taste is unusual, you have to like)

To make jam, plum Camarena always very tasty, it is readily used as a filling for confectionery products and design the most exquisite desserts. Besides, adding to plum apples, lemon, butter or chocolate, you can get just the masterpieces of culinary art! Therefore, having in house harvest drain, not to prepare for the winter a few jars of jam would be unforgivable.

Cooked jam from the plums in several ways, you just need to choose the most acceptable for themselves. And we offer the original recipe for plum jam that is sure to appeal to both children and adults a sweet tooth.

The recipe for "Plum in chocolate"
  • Plum — 2 kg
  • Sugar — 1 kg
  • Cocoa powder — 40 g
  • Vanilla sugar — 40 g
Dense ripe plums (preferably Hungarian) cut into halves, remove the bones, add half (500 g) of sugar, mix gently and leave for a day, to drain let the juice.

Through the day, add remaining sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar, stir (carefully, without damaging the slices of plums) and cook on small fire for 40-60 minutes. Cooking time depends on the ripeness of the fruit: the riper the plum, the faster it cooks. Ready jam hot pour into warmed sterilized cans and sealed (roll up).

Instead of cocoa in the boiling process, add the dark chocolate — we offer vacationers the recipe looks like this:

  • Purified from the seeds plum — 1 kg
  • Chocolate 75% — 100 g
  • Sugar — 750 g
The cooking process is the same.

If your kitchen is the slow cooker or bread maker — the process of making jam is even easier: simply lay the products according to the recipe and put the bread machine in the mode "Jam", and the slow cooker to "Soup" or "Stewing"

The following video is a wonderful recipe jam from plums with walnuts. Perhaps he can also lay claim to the hit of the season)


Plum gimnasia hostess ask the question, what distinguishes a jam from the jam because the ingredients are the same and both products are similar... In fact, there is a difference, and it lies in consistency. In the jam unlike jam, berries boiled in sugar syrup to a gelatinous consistency.

Recipe plum jam
  • Plum — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 1 kg
  • Citric acid — 1/2 tsp
  • Water — 1/2 — 1 Cup (depends on the juiciness of the plums)
Remove the seeds, cut the plums into quarters, lay in a saucepan and cover with hot water. After boiling with continuous stirring to boil for 20 minutes on low heat. In small portions add sugar and cook for a further 35-40 minutes, removing as needed the foam. In the end, add citric acid, pour hot into prepared warmed jars and cover hermetically. The finished jam has a beautiful and rich color and original taste.

We must know that the amount of sugar in the jam directly affects the caloric value. So you can select sweeter varieties of plums, significantly reduce the addition of sugar, up to complete refusal from it. In Romania, for example, a "sugar free" jam "Magiun" is among the most favorite)


To prepare wine, brandy nalepkovo is considered one of the most delicious alcoholic beverages you can make at home. To make it suit almost all varieties of plums, but, according to experienced "livedaily", the most successful are Hungarian, mirabelle, greengage, egg and canadian plum.

An important condition for high-quality brandy — careful selection of the fruit. Even one damaged drain can significantly impair the taste of the finished beverage, so the raw materials for brandy — ripe, high quality fruit.


Plum wine recipe (from alcofan)Plum, pitted — 10 kg
Sugar — 4.7 kg
Water — 1 liter

Cut plums into halves, remove seeds, lay the processed fruit in glass bottle, add water and sugar and leave in a warm place for 3-4 days under the cloth (gauze). As soon as there are signs of fermentation, the capacity to immediately establish a water seal and leave for 20-30 days for complete fermentation. Then carefully filter the wort, squeeze the pulp, the entire filtered liquid to pour in prepared bottles, tightly seal them and put in a cool dark place for aging.

After 2-3 months the wine is ready. In sealed bottles it may be stored in a cool place (cellar) at a temperature of +5°C up to several years.

The following video is a master class in cooking at home brandy from plums

We are just a little "run" on the subject of harvesting plums... "Behind the scenes" still have thousands of wonderful recipes for compotes and jellies, stewed and pickled plums, candied fruits, sauces and combined blanks...

Plum is an object of culinary inspiration. You just try to make something with their hands from it — and forever will love this Sunny juicy berry that can bright taste and rich color to give you in the snowy January greetings from jangling fun summer, making the winter day a little warmer.




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