How to speak with light — a review of smart cartridge VOCCA

Today we will introduce you to the "smart cartridge" VOCCA, which opens the possibility of voice control lamps in your home. Determine why you need it, look, how to communicate with him and in him to twist and select counterparts — under the cut.

The idea and marketing

A multinational team of developers and marketers, "among the simple Russian guy" Vladislav srebnik, ignited the idea to make people's lives better and brighter. But not just as a "lighter at will". In 2012 appeared the first prototype of the smart cartridge VOCCA, who two years later "dumped" on Kickstarter.

At the end of the campaign it participated 1 057 people who donated $82 397.

And on the website and in the press releases the team VOCCA agreed in advance to answer questions, which, obviously, would ask: what cartridge is different from the smart lamps? Especially those concerns related to the second product — VOCCA Pro, which developed the app. And guys seriously did your homework, putting a convincing thesis in the form of rhetorical questions?

  • You're a little kid and trusted smartphones and you're not reaching for the switch?
  • You experience temporary problems with mobility?
  • Came from the supermarket and both hands busy with the bags?

And if you want, I can probably score a dozen more reasons to buy VOCCA, not smart lamp is Luminous, LIFX or Philips. Also the portal Directgadget emphasises that it is necessary to distinguish this product from other types of smart lighting because the user does not waste additional time to take several steps: to get a smartphone to open the app to see the sync status — press "on" and instead simply speaks the desired command. LIFX and Philips is not accidental mentions by EnGadget in its release, and just about VOCCA wrote almost all the leading Geek media, even the Israeli GeekTime.

VOCCA — oddities

Smart socket VOCCA, or an adapter for the adapter between the socket and lamp, and this, of course, many will see the inconvenience. The specificity of the case is such that it may not fit in a modern ceiling, and from ceiling shallow can bulge outward.

Just as smart sockets, whether or Orvibo Xiaomi — only "attachment", visibly increase the size of the device, a little "killing" convenience.

Thus, referring to the documents of the United States governing Energopolis, VOCCA decided to adapt their devices only for compact fluorescent lamps and energy saving (LED, CFL), said on Kickstarter. However, the good purpose of saving energy and reducing harmful emissions in Russia, for example, can be met cool because until now the bulb is one of the most popular "lighting". And the cheapest!

At least the third issue that struck me: the use of such ammunition in our home chandeliers, where standard 5-6 shades. It is not clear whether VOCCA time to react and recognize the sound and turn on or off?

VOCCA — features

Key competitive advantages VOCCA are:

  • No need to configure the device. He works out of the box and voice activated.
  • Easy. To control the cartridge need to know only two commands: on/off
  • There is no need to synchronize the cartridge with either Wi-Fi or with the app via Bluetooth
  • Works with standard bulbs, not smart, and you are not "hooked" on set
  • No additional cables
  • Durability and autonomy.

Externally VOCCA — white and somewhat design the "onion" standard size E27 and similar "thread" for lamps. On one of the sides she has a built-in microphone.

Each individual cartridge adapter sold in individually designed packaging with a list of the main characteristics, advantages and main team.

If you think about it, this device could be a conceptual canopy in any minimalist interior of modern apartment!

And this is also emphasized in the video teaser and photos Kickstarter campaign:

There's also indirectly alluding to the fact that for better perception of your voice commands more correctly "issue" VOCCA in a spacious, open ceiling. In this sense, my home is not an ideal situation, as most chandeliers — closed.


Despite the fact that inside electronics, the cartridge is heavy, and weighs 81 grams without the box, so for the safety of the chandelier can not survive.

Voice command and control

VOCCA 1 distinguishes command, which turns on the light, and puts out: "Go VOCCA Light". It is logical to have less to remember. That VOCCA ready for work he will give the diode a signal:

Your switch must be in the on state, otherwise VOCCA, of course, "immune". The courage, in the headphones, you can listen to:


The voice recognition module and the speech VOCCA made together with Sensory INC, known on the market since 1994 as one of the leaders in this direction. VOCCA works based on innovative technology TrulyHandsfree ™, which is used in the technology leaders: Samsung, Intel, Motorola. The technology is characterized by high accuracy of perception and low power consumption.


  • Working voltage: 90 -250 In
  • Bulb type: E27
  • Power consumption: 0.25 W
  • The maximum capacity of the installed lamp: 30W
  • Effective working distance for voice commands: approx. 4,5 m
  • Weight in box: approx. 120 g
  • Dimensions: 92 mm in length, 65 mm in diameter.
  • Working temperature: 0-70 Celsius
Intermediate conclusion

So, VOCCA — smart-adapter, or adapter for the bulb, which opens the possibility of voice control. In order to implement this feature, you should leave this switch in working condition two and memorize voice commands. To say they must be at a distance of 10 to 15 ft. 4, 5 meters, otherwise there may be errors.

The fundamental philosophical idea enclosed in the concept of VOCCA: improving the user experience in the process control of things in the "Smart home". In this case, the developers rethought the role of the smartphone and the usability of the devices, with it tied, such as smart lamps.

VOCCA can be useful for elderly people, people after injuries; in the house where there are children, and can also serve as a good interior solution in some cases. In the same hotels. Also VOCCA can be a fun and unconventional gift, a souvenir of the man.


One version of VOCCA had to be equipped with a Bluetooth and be accompanied by the application and this version still waiting for many of the participants, what they write on the official page of Facebook and in the comments on Kickstarter. However, the company does not waive its promises, and at the same venue about a month ago it was stated that in the near future, all new versions will start to be shipped.

I must say that now believe in it more, as more recently in Google Play and AppStore appeared the long-awaited apps: IOS, Android. However, apparently, while VOCCA PRO goes on pre-orders, as on the official website you can buy a "basic" version of the smart cartridge.


The app opens access to several additional functions, which according to the developers, does not violate the concept of "bessmertnika control" VOCCA, as the phone is still not required systematically, but only if you wish to change something or improve.

It is worth mentioning that the appearance of the current software much at odds with the teaser a year ago while maintaining the functionality declared.

Counterparts and antipodes

Currently direct replica I have not found, however, widely known class of smart bulbs with the "voice control" or reaction to the sound, often cotton. Despite the seeming gain in price, they have your drawback limb, as sooner or later they will have to buy a new lamp.

A selection of these devices can dig up though on Aliexpress: from RUB 174; 665 RUB; 1 742 RUR/party etc.

Can not forget about smart lights that are controlled from a smartphone or remote, and among them those against whom directed their marketing efforts VOCCA: LifX or Philips. Despite the request "not to identify and not compare", think of the many mentally repeatedly compared them in the same row. Here's some prices on lamps, including our Luminous.

The lamps are controlled using a special app, where you can change the saturation, color, enable and disable them remotely.

Among peers, however, conceptually different, comes to mind is that the Emberlight recently introduced and successfully acted on Kickstarter: 2 621 people have donated to the project $301 212.

Emberlight — Wi-fi cartridge also adapted to CFL and LED, a concept which appeared a year later VOCCA: in 2013. Works in tandem with a special smartphone app where you can set the necessary settings on/off. To control the light in your house from anywhere in the world. It can also be configured to advance and when your smartphone will be in the home network, the light will light up. Currently, pre-orders can be issued on the official website for $49/EA.

The price of VOCCA

Buy VOCCA basic version on the official website, and in this case, the cost of 1 cartridge adapter is: $39.70.

Also buy VOCCA on our website Medgadgets 2 699 rubles. Again, let me clarify that at the moment both sites only "voice version", but the VOCCA Pro is either not yet exist or are shipped to those who pre-ordered. Something vague there.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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