12 win-win methods of harvesting apples for the winter

In the past summer, and here it is — the gracious fall Apple time!

When ripe, the red, green, and Sunny yellow-striped apples move from the trees into baskets, bags and boxes and go-go all imaginable modes of transport in our houses and apartments.

And when rare, the hostess grabs his head — where to put the great mountain chubby, bristling with ripe fruit juice! What to do with them?

What kind of apples "survive" until spring

Today we will share with you ideas on how to best handle the harvest of apples and make a win-win for taste and originality of the winter the "Apple" of the workpiece. So, what exactly will the apples survive until spring?

Dried apples

This is probably the oldest method of harvesting apples for the winter.

Dried apples — delicious product they can without any additional processing is "just so"... Well, who does not remember pleasant aromatic acidity midway and podrulevymi the sweetness out of the corner of Apple dried fruit?

But to cook dried apples in the winter is possible and compote, and dessert, and a filling for pies.

Suitable for drying all varieties of apples, which makes this method of harvesting is extremely convenient. There are no restrictions either in the form of fruit no color or even the integrity — of any corrupt worm, the stress, or cut the apples can be cleaned from defects and be used for drying.

Apples can be dried


in special kilns

in electric ovens

in gas ovens.

If you are fastidious about the color of dried apples, can sliced apples to hold in the weak saline solution (1 incomplete teaspoon of salt per liter of water) for 3-4 minutes — then when drying the apples will remain light, without the characteristic "paravane".

Store dried apples in glass jars or in paper bags until the next harvest.

How to dry apples at home, described in the following video:

Pickled apples

For the RET are not suitable for all varieties of apples. The most preferred autumn and renesemee varieties Antonovka ordinary, kalvil [Apple] snow, Pepin Lithuanian, Kuban Anis, Autumn striped, Granny, and others.

It is important that it was unpainted varieties, and Mature, healthy, without defects of apples.


The process of urinating simple, reminiscent of the salting and pickling.

The easiest recipe of the RET

Put in 3-liter cans leaves of black currant and cherry on the apples with a ponytails series, shifting each row of fruit leaves. Pour brine, cover with a cloth (gauze) and leave at room temperature for several days to ferment. After the foam settles, you can close banks nylon lid and stand in the cold.

After 2 months, the apples will be ready.


Water — 5 liters

Sugar — 200 g

Salt — 1 tbsp. spoon with a slide

A lot of recipes where the taste of apples "regulate" with rye flour, honey, dry mustard, tarragon. Some Housewives make the pickled apples with cabbage or cranberries.

In the following video father Hermogenes, cook Danilov monastery, will tell you how to prepare the pickled apples in honey water

Puree, jam and marmalade

Puree apples is a gentle air product, which is one of the first give the baby the infants and that their life will be present in the diet of almost everyone.

Prepared puree is simple and fast.

Recipe applesauce

Apples - 2 kg

Sugar — 150-200 g

Peeled and serdtsevidok soak the apples in water so that the top of the apples were not covered. Bring to a boil and cook for 5-8 minutes depending on the apples. (Early fall apart faster)

Once the apples seethe, drain them in a colander and drain off the water.

In the remaining pulp add sugar and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Density puree can be adjusted by using Apple cider broth, which stacked with apples.

Hot lay in sterilized jars and roll up. Flip over to cover and wrap to cool.

From 2 kg of apples is obtained almost three 0.5 l bottles of puree.

For baby food the sugar can not be added, then puree need to pasteurize.


If Apple sauce to continue to boil, it will thicken and turn into a product jam. As a rule, relative to the initial amount of puree the finished jam will be approximately halved. Properly brewed jam perfectly kept without any sealing, for this sugar it should be no less than 60-65%

For jam apples and cook (like mashed potatoes), and bake in the oven. In mashed through a sieve (or blender) mass, add the sugar and boil, stirring, over medium heat from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the thickness needed.

Lay the hot jam into the prepared and warmed jars and cover hermetically. To cool down, flip on cap and wrap.

Recipe of Apple jam

Apples — 1 kg (weight already cleared, apples)

Sugar — 500 -700 g


The cooking principle is the same as for a jam. But marmalade is recommended in the water where the apples are cooked, put a pouch with a peel and Apple "serdtsevinnoj" with seeds in them, most of the pectin that will contribute to the solidification of marmalade. After cooking, the pouch is removed and the apples are scrubbed and, after the addition of sugar, boiled to desired thickness.

The recipe for Apple marmalade

Apples — 1 kg

Sugar — 500-700 g

The more sugar the thicker marmalade!

Marmalade can be soft and dense. To get the sheet marmalade, his shift in a flat shape and either leave to air for drying, or dried in the oven at 50 º C for 1-1.5 hours.

Jam and marmalade

Apple jam — everyone's favorite treat.

Given the huge number of varieties of apples, it in itself turns out different every time, and if you take into account the imagination of our mistresses, it's clear winter will be something to exclaim!


We offer you the original recipe of Apple jam, where the additives to the apples very unusual.

Recipe of Apple jam with walnuts and spices"

Apples — 1 kg

Walnuts — peeled 150 g

Lemon — 1 medium

Sugar — 180 g

Bay leaf — 2 leaves

Black pepper — 3 pieces

Apples cut into small slices, cover with water, add a little lemon juice and a few lemon slices, the sugar and Bay leaf and, stirring, cook on a low heat for 10 minutes. Then get the lemon and Bay leaf, add the chopped walnuts and cook for another 15 minutes. At the end optionally, you can add peas pepper.

Make a fragrant delicate jam with spicy notes.

The following video is also a recipe for an amazing and unusual jam from apples Apple masterpiece "



Jam prepared in the same way as jam. Only cook until then, until the liquid has become jelly-like consistency. Classic jam contains up to 65% sugar, then it is well kept.

Apple compote

Compotes are undoubtedly the most popular drinks, which are harvested in the winter.


They are prepared in several ways:

Option 1 In the boiling syrup boiled 2-3 minutes sliced apples stacked in sterilized jars and pour boiling syrup. 3-liter jar add 1 — 1.5 cups of sugar.

Option 2. Put in jars prepared apples (whole, halves, slices, slices), a third of the banks, pour boiling water for 5-8 minutes to warm up. Drain the water into a saucepan, add sugar, bring to a boil, pour into banks and roll. Some Housewives do not double but triple the hot fill. Sugar in a 3-liter jar — 200-300 g is a good choice.

Option 3. Put in jars apples, pour warm water and pasteurized at a temperature of 85 º C 1 liter jars — 15 minutes, 3-liter — 30 minutes. Can without sugar.

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the richest source of these essential human elements as calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, boron and magnesium. Especially the "rich" Apple cider vinegar potassium — 200 grams of cooked from fresh apples cider vinegar contains 240 mg potassium. Therefore, people who aspire to healthy nutrition, to prepare Apple cider vinegar for the entire year — just a matter of honor )

Recipe Apple cider vinegar

Apples — 0.8 kg

Water — 1 l

Sugar (honey) — 100 g

Yeast cake — 10 g (or dry rye bread 0 — 20 g)

Apples to grate on a coarse grater, add water, sugar, yeast and leave for 10 days in an open jar at a temperature of 20-30 ° C with periodic stirring with a wooden spoon. Then strain, add to desire more honey or sugar at the rate of 50 g per liter of juice and leave until the end of fermentation for 40-60 days in a warm place under a cloth (gauze).

The finished vinegar to filter, store in the fridge.

To enhance the flavor in Apple compote add red or black currant, chokeberry, cherry, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, dry white wine or lemon acid on a knife tip.

Apple juice

In the presence of a juicer, the process of juicing does not cause any difficulties. Squeeze the juice from the peeled (or unpeeled) apples, added sugar (for 1 liter of juice — 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar), the juice brought to the boil and immediately poured into the prepared dishes. The Bank or the bottle rolled and placed under the wrap. The juice can be stored up to 2 years.

Apple cider vinegar

Infusion and tincture

No wonder they say that a summer day feeds a year. As in the example of apples — summer day can not only feed and water. And not only juice and compote of apples makes a wonderful homemade alcoholic drink. Moreover, it can be prepared as alcohol (vodka), or through natural fermentation.

It is believed that the most suitable for this purpose are sour apples, as they are more juicy.

Recipe homemade Apple brandy

Apples — 2.5 kg

Sugar — 2 kg

Vodka 0.5 l

Water — 8 l

Fill a jar, sliced (peeled and seeds) of apples, pour water and vodka and put in a warm place (sun) for 2 weeks. If at the end all the pieces have risen to the top and float, strain the fermented liquid through a cheesecloth (the residue left on it), add sugar and again leave in a warm place for another two days.

Then the Bank transferred to the cold for 10-12 days, then bottled, corked and allowed to stand in a closed form in the cold for at least a month. At the end of this period the liquor is ready to drink. Total cooking time — up to 45-47 days.


And the following video describes how to prepare Apple liqueur moonshine

In "Apple" notebook mistress

Apple jam is ready when the fruits become transparent and the syrup was covered in a film of slightly rugose

Apple jam is ready if a drop of hot thickens immediately on a cold surface

The jam is ready, if by the wooden shovel on the bottom of the tank, where it is brewed formed a "path" that slowly fills with mass.

If applesauce, or jam made without sugar, billet necessarily sterilized

The most delicious fruit drinks out of sweet and sour apples to make alcoholic drinks, it is better to take sour, and Apple cider vinegar — only the sweet varieties.

For marinating fit more apples sweet varieties

See how much you can make from apples!

But this is not all that it is possible to prepare from these wonderful fruits for the winter, because apples can be pickled, place them in condiments to the dishes, candy and jam, jellies and candied fruit...


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