Ghost town

It's been two years since the earthquake in Japan, the most powerful in the history of the country. A large area around the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" is still a restricted area, whose inhabitants will never be able to return domoy.

Namie town, located on the Pacific coast, famous for its magnificent scenery, woods and mountains. But the 21,000 inhabitants were evacuated from here in 2011. People longing for his native land, turned to Google to show them what state is now gorod.

At the invitation of local authorities to the project Google Street View, which allows to see panoramic views of streets, arrived in the Japanese town of Namie, former residents were able to see their abandoned houses, and all the others to feel the effects of a natural disaster. This sinister virtual tour of Japanese ghost town. The former fishing port - a "house" for 140 fishing vessels. (© Google, Inc.):

Collapsed House. (© Google, Inc.): 8,111,403

Velostoyanka from the train station. (© Google, Inc.):

Nature slowly begins to capture the town of Namie. (© Google, Inc.):

Cemetery. (© Google, Inc.): 4,537,041

Shops and vending machines. (© Google, Inc.):

Fishing boats made by the shore tsunami. (© Google, Inc.):

Collapsed House. (© Google, Inc.):

Abandoned house. The roads are being overrun with grass. (© Google, Inc.):

Broken boat and abandoned building. (© Google, Inc.):

In the reflection you can see the car project Google Street View camera and a special 360-degree, who conducted this survey. (© Google, Inc.):

Mangled car. (© Google, Inc.): 4,086,126

Severely affected the building during a natural disaster. (© Google, Inc.):

The building on the right - the former restaurant. (© Google, Inc.):

One of the few well-preserved buildings of the city Namie. (© Google, Inc.):

Not far from the Pacific coast. (© Google, Inc.):

Ruined, but surviving house in the area, which was badly damaged by the tsunami. (© Google, Inc.):

Volkswagen Beetle. (© Google, Inc.):

Wrecked cars and tractors. (© Google, Inc.):

Most of the roads in the ghost town of a dead end. (© Google, Inc.):

Collapsed House. (© Google, Inc.): Cars, scattered across the field. (© Google, Inc.): 1,212,522

(© Google, Inc.):

Black crows on a bridge. (© Google, Inc.):

Abandoned tractor, overgrown with grass. (© Google, Inc.):

The school building. Look inside. (© Google, Inc.):

Inside the school building. (© Google, Inc.):

Inside the school building. Computer class. (© Google, Inc.):

Inside the school building. On board the inscription "I love school Ukedo and always come back here." (© Google, Inc.):

Inside the school building. In 2011, this room held graduations, as evidenced by the remaining banner. (© Google, Inc.): 9,548,915



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