Insect control in the past

For centuries, various insects brought a lot of trouble to people, as they are often carriers of all kinds of diseases. Flies, lice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and others. - They tried to fight on all continents at all times. So with the help of which it was possible to our ancestors? Traps for fleas, 1751-1850 gg., Kitay

Such traps smeared inside the adhesive when the fleas or other insects got there, the inner part is pulled. Agree, pretty good way to deal with pests, especially during the plague. Traps for insects, 1851-1900 gg., Angliya

And it is the British equivalent of the Chinese invention. Only here is the essence of the design is quite different: insect pests crawl on the ribbed surface of the inside, but from there could not get out, because inside the trap was perfectly smooth wall. Brass fumigator, 1741-1850 gg., Frantsiya

In such a device is placed inside various herbs, and then set on fire. After that was used for its intended purpose. Brass fumigator, 1801-1900 gg., Ispaniya

His was a fumigator and Spain. And these fighters with the plague were used in Europe 17-18 vv

Fly Swatter, 1900-1930 gg., Velikobritaniya

Modern fly swatter is not very different from the British muhoboek beginning of the last century.



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