34 of the world's richest man

The financial and economic magazine and one of the most respected and well-known economic publications in the world - Forbes published a new ranking of the richest people in the world. I suggest you look at the most colorful personality, and find out who topped the list. New Zealand: Graeme Hart
Condition - $ 7 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 191
Status Hart last year increased by $ 2 billion. His company «Reynolds Group Holdings» produces packaging materials and brings an annual revenue of $ 14 billion. Hart also owns «Carter Holt Harvey», the company for the production of paper, packaging and consumables Oceania.

South Africa: Johann Rupert and his family
Condition - $ 7, 6 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 173
Rupert amassed his fortune in luxury goods. He owns a company based in Switzerland «Compagnie Financiere Richemont», which includes such brands as «Cartier», «Van Cleef & Arpels», «Jaeger-LeCoultre» and «Montblanc». Also Rupert last year earned $ 4 million on the buffalo - bred them in private reserves.

Austria: Dietrich Mateschitz
Condition - $ 9, 2 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 136
Mateschitz is the creator of «Red Bull» - the world-famous energy drink. Over the past two years, sales of energy rose by 16%. Mateschitz also owns stakes in two football teams, racing team, "Formula 1" and the luxury resort in Fiji.

Denmark Kilda Kirk Christiansen
Condition - $ 10, 2 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 119
Christiansen - grandson of the inventor of the children's designer «Lego», he managed the company for 25 years until his retirement in the year 2004. He now owns a controlling stake in the company and is the Vice Chairman of the Board. Christiansen also invests in «Merlin Entertainments», which last year went to the year. He also owns a number of entertainment venues such as the Museum of Madame Tussauds.

Netherlands: Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken
Condition - $ 10, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 113
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken took over the leadership of the beer company «Heineken» after the death of his father, Henry Heineken, inheriting his entire fortune. Carvalho-Heineken lives modestly. Unlike his father, who loved fame, business woman prefers to live a quiet life with her husband and five children.

Singapore: Robert and Philip Ng
Condition - $ 11 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 106
Ng Brothers have inherited from his father, the company under the name «Far East Organization». The company owns more than 700 hotels, shopping centers and apartments in Singapore and Hong Kong. The total value of real estate - $ 6 billion. Last year, the company acquired a lot of real estate in Australia.

Czech Republic: Petr Kellner
Condition - $ 11 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 106
Petr Kellner founded the fund for loans to establish businesses. Through the fund, he acquired a controlling stake in an insurance company and privatize it. He recently announced that it sold its stake in the insurance company for $ 3, 6 billion. This year, Kellner also bought the Spanish giants «Telefónica's Czech» for $ 3, 2 billion.

South Korea: Lee Kun-Hee
Condition - $ 11, 1 billion |
Place in the list «Forbes» - 102
Lee Kun-hee is the chairman of the company «Samsung», which accounts for about 20% of Korea's GDP. In 2008, he resigned as chairman in connection with charges of tax evasion and breach of trust. Later, he was acquitted and returned to the post in March of 2010. Shares «Samsung Electronics» grew in January-2013, even more by increasing its equity capital.

Philippines: C Henry and his family
Condition - $ 11, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 97
C owns a large holding, which recently merged with the entertainment industry «SM Prime Holdings», and now the company is worth $ 9, 3 billion. Shares of its holding company «SM Investments» fell last year by 30%, but he signed a contract for $ 1, 2 billion and reclaimed land in Manila.

Thailand Dhanin Chearavanont and his family
Condition - $ 11, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 97
Chearavanont participated in more than half of the commercial transactions concluded in Thailand in 2013, the year, totaling $ 31 billion. He expanded the conglomerate of the core business of «Charoen Pokphand», and now his company is engaged in the food industry, telecommunications and retail trade.

Malaysia: Robert Kuok
Condition - $ 11, 5 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 95
Kuok made his fortune in the production of palm oil and sugar cane harvesting fields in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Shares of his company «Kerry Properties» fell in 2013, the year, but the biggest source of his wealth still remains «Wilmar», the world's largest palm oil.

Switzerland Ernesto Bertarelli
Condition - $ 12 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 92
Ernesto Bertarelli inherited his father's company Serono «SA», engaged in the production of the drug to fight multiple sclerosis. His family sold the company in 2007, the year of $ 9 billion. Today, he invests in «Kedge Capital» and «Ares Life Sciences», as well as co-chairs «Bertarelli Foundation», whose main activity - the protection of the marine environment and scientific research to improve the quality life.

Ukraine: Rinat Akhmetov
Condition - $ 12, 5 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 88
The property is located at the energy company DTEK Akhmetov and steel production, "Metinvest." In recent years, his wealth decreased due to weak demand and falling prices for steel and iron ore assets. Akhmetov also once referred to the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych ally, which caused him to drop a certain business.

UK: Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor
Condition - $ 13 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 81
Grosvenor Wealth is concentrated in the company «Grosvenor Property Group». His department owns real estate assets on five continents. Cavendish is also the sixth Duke of Westminster. It is owned 190 acres of land in the district Belgravia close to Buckingham Palace. In addition, his family owns 96,000 acres of land in Scotland, 32,000 acres in Spain and thousands of other places in England.

Cyprus John Fredriksen
Condition - $ 13, 6 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 76
John Fredriksen - oil tycoon and owner of the company «Frontline Ltd». In 2005, he invested in the business of deep-water drilling «Seadrill», where annually receives $ 400 million dividend. He also engaged in fish farming.

Colombia: Luis Carlos Sarmiento
Condition - $ 14, 2 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 72
Sarmiento began to work in the construction industry and then expanded his empire to the provision of financial services. His company «Grupo Aval», which he still heads to his 81 years old, currently controls a third of all Colombian banks.

China: Wang Jianlin
Condition - $ 15, 1 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 64
Jianlin owns 75 department stores, 85 shopping centers and 51 five-star hotel. In 2012, he bought the American cinema network «AMC» and put shares on the New York Stock Exchange at the end of last year.

Chile: Iris Fontbona
Condition - $ 15, 5 billion
Place in the list of Forbes - 58
Fontbona Iris and her sons have inherited one of the largest copper mining company «Antofagasta». It also owns resorts and investing in energy, transport and port services.

Australia: Gina Rinehart
Condition - $ 17, 7 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 46
Rinehart inherited his wealth from his father, received his mining companies. She - executive chairman of «Hancock Prospecting». This year it expects to complete the development of one of the world's largest iron ore mines. The company is also engaged in oil and gas.

Japan: Masayoshi San
Condition - $ 18, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 42
Masayoshi San founded «Softbank», the largest in Asia, the Internet provider. In the past, he has also acquired 72% of shares of «Sprint» for about $ 21, 6 billion, and invested $ 1, 26 billion distributor of mobile phones «Brightstar». «Softbank» also bought a controlling stake in the Finnish venture for the production of computer games «SuperCell» for $ 1, 5 billion.

Russia: Alisher Usmanov
Condition - $ 18, 6 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 40
Usmanov became rich in the iron and steel, but since then significantly increased their assets. He has a stake in one of the largest mobile operators in Russia, start-ups in Silicon Valley and an even greater share in «Facebook».

India: Mukesh Ambani
Condition - $ 18, 6 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 40
Ambani is the head of the largest companies in India «Reliance Industries». Although withdrawal from the offshore KG-D6 field has reduced the cost of the company, which resulted in a loss of $ 2, 9 billion last year, Ambani plans to invest $ 25 billion in their businesses in the next two years.

Brazil: Jorge Paulo Lemann
Condition - $ 19, 7 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 34
Lehmann in 1971 founded the «Banco Garantia» and sold it in 1998, the year for $ 675 million. Now he owns part of the world's largest beer company «Anheuser-Busch InBev». His private investment company «3G Capital» has also recently bought «Heinz».

Saudi Arabia: Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud
Condition - $ 20, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 30
Prince became chairman of his own company back in 14 years. Bin Talal owns shares in private and public companies in the US, Europe and the Middle East, mainly through the «Kingdom Holding Co». «Forbes» evaluates the equity Prince of calculating the value of assets owned by the «Kingdom Holding», as the analytical data is not open. Last year, Prince filed a lawsuit against the publication of assessment of their condition.

Canada: David Thomson
Condition - $ 22, 6 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 27
David Thompson - Chairman of media and publishing company «Thomson Reuters». His grandfather, Roy founded the company in 1934, the year. Family business managed by a private holding company «Woodbridge», which owns 55% of shares.

Nigeria: Aliko Dangote
Condition - $ 25 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 23
Dangote has risen by 20 points in the ranking - last year he was among the 43 richest people in the world. He increased the state at $ 9 billion, announced in April that will be engaged in the oil industry and take funding from local and international lenders to build a private petrochemical complex in Nigeria. Dangote made his name as a businessman, whose interests were linked with the sugar, flour, salt and cement.

Germany: Karl Albrecht
Condition - $ 25 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 23
Karl Albrecht served in the German army during the Second World War, and then together with his brother built a successful company «Aldi Sud» - a network of cheap supermarkets. Currently, it has 4,800 grocery stores in nine countries, including 1,300 stores in the United States. Its approximate revenue in 2013 was $ 50, 54 billion. The network will continue to expand in the United States and Australia.

Italy: Michele Ferrero
Condition - $ 26, 5 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 22
Michele Ferrero owns European chocolate company «Ferrero». It was they who created the «Tic-Tacs», «Kinder», «Nutella», and, of course, «Ferrero Rocher». Unlike most Italian billionaire, Ferrero prefers to stay in the shade and just loves making chocolate.

Hong Kong: Li-Ka-shing
Condition - $ 31 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 20
Lee Ka-shing - the richest man in Asia. He owns one of the largest companies in the world, starts out as a manufacturer of plastic toys and flowers. Now working for him 260,000 employees in 52 countries. Its shares in «Hutchinson Whampoa», «Cheung Kong» and «Husky Energy» brought him dividends in the amount of $ 1, $ 7 billion in the past two years.

Sweden: Stefan Persson
Condition - $ 34, 4 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 12
Persson is chairman of a network of retail stores cheap «H & M», which are in Europe and the US. «H & M» founded in 1947, the year his father. Persson increased their wealth by buying land in England. He also received 25% of the shares of «H & M» in the past year.

France Liliane Bettencourt
Condition - $ 34, 5 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 11
Liliane Bettencourt and her family became richer this year, thanks to growth stocks cosmetics empire «L'Oreal» 9%. Betancourt is now no longer involved in managing the company, founded by her father. But her grandson has a seat on the board, and the family will increase its stake to 33% due to the planned purchase of 8% of the shares «Nestle» at the end of this year.

Spain Amancio Ortega
Condition - $ 64 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 3
Amancio Ortega, the richest in the world retailer, began his career as a manager in a sewing workshop. He recently stepped down as chairman «Inditex», famous because of the performance brand «Zara», which sells clothing at low prices. But Ortega still holds a 60% stake and began to build up a portfolio of real estate with an estimated value of $ 5 billion.

Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu
Condition - $ 72 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 2
Carlos Slim was the richest man for four consecutive years until Bill Gates (Bill Gates) this year, finally, it is not overtaken. His condition is decreased, when the shares «Minera Frisco», his mining company, fell last year by 50%, together with the cost of gold and copper. «America Movil», the biggest asset of Sliema, also fell from the last estimate of $ 36, 3 billion.

USA: Bill Gates
Condition - $ 76 billion
Place in the list «Forbes» - 1
The richest person in the world do not even graduated from college. Gates quit Harvard University as a freshman, when he had the idea to create a «Microsoft». He resigned as chairman of the «Microsoft» in February, when the new CEO Satya Nadella took over the leadership. Gates engaged in charity through funds such as «Giving Pledge», and some of the world's billionaires have promised to donate at least half of their own capital to the fund.

Source: www.forbes.ru


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